Live Update Bugs 05/18/17

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, May 18, 2017.

  1. Wyvern Lorekeeper

    Crippling Incapacity Recourse

    Does not land on my necro pet

    I have nothing blocked or I stand next to pet & mob.
  2. Ellron00 Journeyman

    Crypt of Sul some mobs have the wrong skins and also the quest The "Vial" messenger is not working on the a bokon when i use the flask on them they are not being blessed also no update to quest when i kill them.
  3. Catashe Augur

    Spider mobs in LDoN Frozen Nightmare are tiny humans.. the old spider models didn't actually go in..

    and FYI don't know if a bug but Fire beetles in Tox Forest on TLPs ain't the old models either
  4. Funktions Lorekeeper

    Same thing for Scarabs in Misty Thicket. Struttin around with human models.

  5. Ishtass Augur

    You don't know... maybe a giant scarab burrowed into that human's brain... :eek:
  6. Dzarn Developer

    Thanks for the report, it looks like ranks 4, 6, 13, and 26 specifically aren't granting the increased damage that they should. This should be fixed in the next full patch.
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  7. Omegga Elder

    An ashenbone broodmaster is missing for the Plane of Hate List.

    Lady Vox and I assume Lord Nagefen still boot those over 55 from zone. Not really a bug, but makes it tougher to complete the raid achievement. Unless we will get credit from the Hardcore Heritage Raids.
  8. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Not necessarily a bug but:
    "Achievement: Hunter of Freeport Sewers" (new classic hunter achievement)

    All three named in Freeport Sewers are not active on TLP servers as of LDoN unlocking:
    Montegue the Jackal
    Bad Ash
    Gooey Ooze

    I presume these named were locked to a further era due to their loot being quite not-classic but any chance they could be set to Luclin or Planes of Power era, otherwise this "Classic Hunter" achievement (along with the meta-achievement for classic) won't be completable for quite a while on most TLPs and will never be possible on Agnarr.

    "Achievement: Hunter of the Lavastorm Mountains" has the same issue,
    Lavaspinner Protector
    Is now flagged to what I assume is Dragons of Norrath, preventing it from being hunted in classic or any era Agnarr has access to.
  9. Gidono

    Here is Ngreth's response to me on this subject. I asked "Is there plans to make some of these new classic achievements work with the different versions of the zones for progression servers? Like for instance under Everquest > Hunter > Hunter of The Plane of Hate (Enchanced) is Plane of Hate B which comes out with LoY. So most of the NPC's in there won't be around until LoY on progression servers."

  10. CatsPaws I don't like titles

  11. Prathun Developer

    Have you patched since 5/18? The updated mistythicket_chr file should have fixed the problem.

    The issue with Frozen Nightmare is fixed internally. Both mirb_chr and mirh_chr had an extra carriage return at the end of the file, which evidently causes problems. If you want to see the spiders in Frozen Nightmare correctly before the next update, open these files in a text editor and delete the 2nd carriage return, save the file, then zone in.

    Will take a look at the NPCs in Tox. Thanks!
  12. Funktions Lorekeeper

    Spot on! My mistythicket_chr was last modified 5/8, patching has brought it up to 5/18 stamp. Just checked and scarabs are now displaying the correct model.

    Apologies. I wasn't aware there were non-essential patches I could still play without. I'll be sure to run the patch more frequently going forward.

    Secondary question regarding the recent rare achievement mobs. Are the ones in Freeport Sewers spawning correctly? I spent several hours there and wasn't even seeing the PHs I have seen reported online for either Montegue the Jackal or Bad Ash. Talked to some others that have been achievement hunting on Phinigel and they noted the same observation. Hard to tell if it's just a case of "rares are rares" or if this one has an issue with the PHs.

    Thanks, Prathun!

    Edit: I see there is already discussion about the Freeport Sewers above. If they aren't in the game period yet should the whole achievement even be included? I spent quite a few hours hanging there camping those rares entirely unaware that they're out of era.
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  13. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I need to add a Prophecy of Ro unlock for this one.
    That one is optional (note how it is tabed over) so while that NPC (and a bunch of others) may never be available on Agnarr, it will not be required to complete the achievement.
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  14. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I found the issue. This is completable on Phinny, Lockjaw, and Ragefire! It should be completable on all servers next full live patch.
  15. aiha Journeyman

    Lxavnom Labors stuck on Step 4: Open the Chest.

    Hail Mers, task updates. Open Chest, loot chest, task doesn't update. No alt currency/xp/etc.

    Not sure if this is a one-off fluke or what, will try to run again and update.

    Update: Ran it again and worked fine, different instance/task. Not sure if it's specific to a certain version, but the one that bugged on me was vs Rats (Collect Religious Texts and Rat Tails).
  16. Fanra

    Game Update Notes: May 17, 2017
    [Thu May 25 19:31:22 2017] Ingersolla couldn't be added to the raid because they have a Mercenary in their group.

    Bertoxx server.
  17. GoldenFrog Augur

    Achievement: Ruins of Kunark -> Hunter -> Kunark Slayer.... contains check-mark "Hunter of The Ruins of Old Paineel or The Hole".

    However the actual sub-achievement is under "EQ -> Hunter".

    The Kunark check-mark doesn't check when you do accomplish "EQ->Hunter->Hunter of The Hole"
  18. Siny Augur

    .Housing bug has hit AB again (contents not anchors). As before we are going through a period of increased lag (more than the normal lag that we have been suffering). Happened sometime after our raid last Tuesday (23rd) and todays raid (Sunday). More than a few have realised that their trophies are missing and will no doubt be raising cases in due course. I will be raising another case in the morning once Ive checked all the rest of my houses.
  19. Siny Augur

    Case raised #293947
  20. Orbital101 Augur

    Yael supposed to be the raid target but Yael doesn't spawn on live anymore. It might become a sub achievement or be completely removed next patch.

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