Live Update Bugs 05/15/2019

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, May 15, 2019.

  1. EQ Dev Developer

    Please post about any new bugs found in the update. This thread is not for discussions about anything other than bugs and how we can reproduce (and therefore fix) them.
  2. Qbert Gallifreyan

    On Brekt, in Stratos:

    Level 122 doug (nekkid human) giant-sized raid mob named Iceweaver Sjeon (looks like that name for an npc is used in Kael normally, which could explain the giant-size, i guess).

    He has some quest text, but doesn't follow through on his promise to send me to Kael :p

    Edit: the same npc can be found in Mearatas.
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  3. Papasears New Member

    cant even get into the game, keep getting a verify email loop
  4. Silverstone Journeyman

    Due to the recent slow nerf to belts, I decided to break out my old Fabled Willsapper and Hammer of the War Machine. I cleared 2 spots on my bandolier and put them in. I am unable to make "Hotbuttons" with these items. It allows me to change items through the bandolier, but am unable to make them into Hotbuttons for my bar. I click on Hotbutton and I get an Error message.
  5. Darzag Elder

    I can't log in. I keep getting " A connection to the server could not be reached. Please check your internet connection..." It is obvious that I have internet...or I couldn't be writing this.
  6. Imukai Augur

    Edit: Nevermind - user error. :) All is good.
  7. Omegga Elder

    Found Iceweaver Sjeon in Mearatas in Human Model. He seems to want to give a group mission and raid.

    [Wed May 15 16:35:14 2019] You say, 'Hail, Iceweaver Sjeon'
    [Wed May 15 16:35:15 2019] Iceweaver Sjeon says, 'Hello, tiny one. You may just be the creature I need to speak with. King Tormax ordered me to leave Kael and seek [assistance].'
    [Wed May 15 16:35:16 2019] A Norrathian diplomat begins casting Elushar's Mark.
    [Wed May 15 16:35:16 2019] You say, 'assistance'
    [Wed May 15 16:35:17 2019] Iceweaver Sjeon says, 'It is to our shame that we need assistance, but the truth cannot be denied. Our city is being overrun by these,' he pauses, seeking the words he needs and failing to find them. 'This horrible magic is claiming our fallen kin. It is hard for us to strike them. We revere our fallen and seeing them walking again has cause some to hesitate. That hesitation has cost many lives. I would beg you to come and speak with our King. He wishes to speak with some of the so-called heroes of Norrath. You look like one of those. [Will] you come with me?'
    [Wed May 15 16:35:19 2019] You say, 'Will'
    [Wed May 15 16:35:20 2019] Iceweaver Sjeon says, 'Good. In order to teleport you into the keep I must know if you plan to bring a [large] or [small] host.'
    [Wed May 15 16:35:22 2019] You say, 'small'
    [Wed May 15 16:35:22 2019] Iceweaver Sjeon says, 'I can send you to see King Tormax in when you are [ready].'
    [Wed May 15 16:35:24 2019] You say, 'ready'
    [Wed May 15 16:35:24 2019] Iceweaver Sjeon says, 'May Rallos guide your sword arm.'
    [Wed May 15 16:35:26 2019] A Norrathian diplomat begins casting Elushar's Mark.
  8. Absor Developer

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  9. qweasy Augur

    Planes of Power is missing from my AA filter on several characters on multiple different computers.

  10. Ozadar Journeyman

    Was in POK. Attempted to gate to Guild Lobby and EQ became unresponsive. Can't even login again. Another great moment in EQ botched patch pushes.
  11. Gremin Augur

    That could be more than just their patch. Are you using a custom ui, if so did you get the new version if its available? Have you tried reverting your ui at character select screen to the basic one and logging in?
  12. Ozadar Journeyman

    Link dead twice and an XP death. Can't even log in now to resurrect myself.

    Using the classic UI since the beginning.
  13. Bamboompow Augur

    The Tower of Rot Heroic Adventure " Brenaleen's Scheme" has some issues and is unplayable to completion. Rubble blocking lower level does not disappear after hail of Brendaleen once inside the instance. The upper level can be cleared of bandits and the crystal looted but will actually repop with gnolls from the static zone or undead. Worth a look, please.
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  14. UberDru New Member

    Getting Not a valid corpse message. Corpse was rezed, didn't poof and can't hide it cause its my own corpse.
  15. Cailen Augur

    Night's Endless terror does not stack with Illusion benefit greater jann
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  16. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

  17. Concerned Druid New Member

    In Strange Magic, HEX is killing the player who stays closest to him even when the other in the emote runs to other side of room right at the emote. Not Good.
  18. Skalde Elder

    Is there new emotes added to Prince Ralaifin raid or are they doing some new damage emotes? Getting hit by a random zonewide AE that isn't avoid the los emote when doing the crystal clicks and other things that never ever happened before.
  19. Lianeb Augur

    They did lose The light! The heat! emote for about a month or two. It is back now, not sure if that is what you are experiencing though, but it has the potential
  20. Morigaine Lorekeeper

    It seems the changes made to Danger Zone group mission in GMM can cause crashing. A friend and I were running this and both had a character crash to desktop. I'm not sure if we can reproduce and haven't tried yet. The mission was in the very early stages and we hadn't even fired a ballista yet.

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