Live Update Bugs 04/17/2019

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  1. Vinjin Lorekeeper

    The issue with Summoning Emperor Ganik's familiar and pets is still an issue. If you have a pet already up and summon the familiar, it will immediately toggle /ghold on the pet. If you click off

    If you then click off the Summon Familiar Emperor Ganik buff, the pet window will disappear, even though the pet is still up. Suspending and then unsuspending the pet will bring the window back correctly.

    This is on Xegony and on my necro.
  2. Deloehne Augur

    Re: The lag with log on.

    It appears to me that the lag increases with the size of the log file. At 9MB the lag was barely noticeable. By 19MB it was much more obvious. My log file gets archived daily, so the log file size at the start was 0MB, and when I logged off it was 19.3 MB. We were killing in Droga all day working hunter. From 11:30 to 21:16 my logs have 525 kills, mostly with faction hits to 1858. I was and remain max KoS. Here are timestamps from group chat:

    [Wed Apr 17 15:02:49 2019] You tell your party, 'I get a brief lag just as mob dies now'
    [Wed Apr 17 15:03:30 2019] XXXXX tells the group, 'my lag disappeared when i hit /log off'
    [Wed Apr 17 16:53:57 2019] XXXXX tells the fellowship, 'so hit /log off if your lag is exponentially worse than usual'
    [Wed Apr 17 17:37:14 2019] You tell your party, 'Im getting the lag you had earlier.'
    [Wed Apr 17 20:56:06 2019] You tell your party, 'getting increasing lag with time'

    It goes without saying that playing with /log off will not be acceptable for raiding, nor will be the lag.
  3. AB_H'Sishi Augur

    Guildie had this problem yesterday evening. I told him to check the log file size - 1.15 GB -, then I told him to rename the big log file, so EQ started a fresh one.
    Lag gone.
  4. xxGriff Augur

    6th Anniversary task, Scavenger Hunt; reward Dusty Ceremonial Elixir of Scholarship. Why is this No Trade on FV now?
  5. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    Was changed several years ago. I believe that all existing elixirs (at the time of the change) were given a special trade flag while any new ones were made no trade. You are a little late to the party.
  6. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    Deloehne's experience mirrors mine. Freezing/lag very noticeable after patch. Removed all log files over 10M. Towards the end of the day, freezing/lag returned. Deleted log files again. Late in the evening, started noticing freezing/lag again.
  7. Xorsazis Augur

    While leveling AA's on my wizard yesterday, I had the 'Can Purchase' button enabled and while it usually adds items to the list as I gain AA, yesterday I had to disable and re-enable the 'Can Purchase' button to refresh the list.

    For example: I started out with 2 AA and list was blank. Did one mission, had 54 AA, but all the abilities 50 AA and lower were not shown in the list until I toggled the button.
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  8. Jaera Augur

    A possible solution for the lag related to the log file - add EverQuest's folder as an exception to Windows Defender. I noticed this happening on one of my box PCs, and adding the exception w/o deleting the log fixed the issue.

    1. Open the Windows Defender Security Center (search for it)
    2. Click "Virus & threat protection" on the left
    3. Click "Virus & threat protection settings"
    4. Click "Add or remove exclusions" (a link beneath "exclusions")
    5. Click the + sign
    6. Select the "Folder" option
    7. Select your EverQuest folder. If for some reason you don't feel comfortable doing this, you can probably get away with just selecting the logs folder within the EQ folder.
    8. Click Select Folder
    9. Close Windows Defender Security Center

    Note that this only applies to Windows 10.
  9. aiha Saryrn [Bertox]

    Non-Melee Killshots are being filtered out. Not sure if this is a bug or just a setting somewhere.
  10. Angahran Augur

    Did you read the thread you posted ?

    He was told to rejoin the guild. Impossible since he was the only member of the guild and had left it.

    If you know how someone can be invited into a guild that has no members in order to disband the guild please do share.

    There are two options, neither of which we as players can fix.
    1. If a guild has no members then automatically delete the guild (after a set amount of time, e.g. 24 hours.) and also release the 'guild creation flag' from the character who created it.
    2. Create a command to allow someone to join an 'empty' guild, e.g. /join <guildname>

    Also, there needs to be some mechanism for transferring guild leadership for cases where a) the guild leader no longer plays but is still in the guild, or b) they have left the guild but noone has gained the guild leader tag.
  11. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    This is a bug. We have a fix for it ready. I'm hoping for a hotfix/patch in the next few days.

    We are aware of this bug, but are still working on a fix.
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  12. Ngreth Thergn Developer

  13. Onamatter New Member

    GMM mobs loot table seems broken, only getting saltpeter, plat and small documents collectables
  14. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    If you are talking about basepop (Non-rare, non-boss. I.E. "Trash"), This is not a bug. They do drop more, but that more is very rare to ultra rare, so you won't see more than those things except... well, rarely!

    If you mean a certain rare mob/ boss mob. Please let me know which one.
  15. Deloehne Augur

    Already done for over a year.

    Edit: I just checked. Win 10 reverted the exclusion at some point. Reverted the reversion. Let's see how it works.
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  16. basingreg New Member

    Can't login to any servers. World server denied request.
  17. Onamatter New Member

    Yes, sry meant trash mobs in static zone, 200+ kills and have not seen any Gnomework adaptive plating or Couture ornaments, which i normally would see, unless their drop rates been change. I understand about the rares, thanks.
  18. Zunnoab Augur

    That alone would be a new bug. Log file size should be completely irrelevant to lag caused by it, unless one's disk is nearing full or something.

    The symptoms remind me of the awful lag having the "journal" on causes. I think someone said it's due to journal opening and closing the file over and over every entry or something, while the log doesn't do that?

    I had numerous people double check though, and journaling isn't on even if the lag feels similar to it.

    For a small handful of people, having the log on AT ALL not just on mob death caused issues. Something is clearly very broken going on. I wish I could guess what to provide better feedback.
  19. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I saw the Couture.. checking the plating... And I see them. At least on the internal server. Which server are you on?
  20. Anastasis Elder

    I had the same experience as Onamatter, I am on EMarr. I spent about 6 hours yesterday in GMM, and had not see any Gnomework Adaptive Plating. Another person in the same zone with me reported the same thing. Both of us only had Saltpeter dropped on "trash" mobs. We were both in static zone.