Live Update Bugs 04/17/2019

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. Itaru Journeyman

    patch notes:
    Great, NET is now useless. Have to buffblock it.
  2. kizant Augur

    I like the change for NET. Less people will ask for it so more for me!
  3. Itaru Journeyman

    The patch broke a combat filter. I'm now getting spammed with pet damage. The "pet spells" filter does not work.
  4. Sad Panda Elder

    Just horrible lag in raid instances, never had issues til this patch.
  5. MadBull New Member

    Horn issue still exist in Defending Knowledge Task, is GM fxiing it ?
  6. Kiras Augur

    I'm getting horrid lag spikes when I kill a lot of mobs. Got them in Droga, Chardok, Kor'sha Labs. On the other hand, I didn't get lag spikes for killing some mobs in Tower of Sol Ro or PoWater. I suspect that these lag spikes are linked to the faction changes that some mobs give, because only mobs with faction have been causing it. Journal is not enabled. This is a new problem since the patch for me.
  7. Blewstar New Member

    I am still having this issue. No problem before the patch.
  8. Braikkarrii Journeyman

    Hi. Just reposting this bug here from a previous thread since I do not want it to get lost, and I did not see a fix related to it on today's patch.

    Rank 32 of the SHM AA "Malaise" is not casting anything. Per AA description, it is supposed to cast the highest level of Malosenete and the highest level of Fetid Decay that the player has scribed.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Purchase rank 32 of the AA "Malaise" on a level 106+ SHM character. The character should have Malosenete and Fetid Decay scribed.
    2. Attempt to cast the AA on any npc.
    3. Observe. Nothing is casted on the npc.

    Do the component spells need to be the same rank or can they be different? It does not seem like it should matter.
  9. Kiras Augur

    Update: I tried turning log off and it fixed it. Not a very good solution but it worked.

    So faction hits + log on = lag when a mob dies.
  10. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    Full update in the Test thread, but my 110 shaman who just purchased rank 32 and has all malo/decay spells did not have any issues.
  11. Hemick Journeyman

    Not a bug, but as a user of Audio Triggers for accessibility reasons can I request that future changes to the way chat is logged include an example of the new pattern? It's not nice missing an NPC casting gate because I didn't hear my ding :(
  12. WaitingforMoreEQ WaitingforTBC

    Mitigation of the Mighty appears to double dipping against spell damage.

    For example
    Banestrike at 60 does 300 damage
    Against a target with Mitigation of the Mighty IV it should do 240 damage
    It's currently doing 192 which leaves me to believe the 240 is further being reduce by an additional 20% damage.

    This appears to be happening for all versions of MoTM and for all spell damage. Melee damage appears to be unchanged.
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  13. Hemick Journeyman

    I'm noticing this on Mangler as well, waves of Frost Storm that were hitting the same MOTM mobs for ~300 last week are hitting for 185 tonight.
  14. Luvmy New Member

    I have requested Defending Knowledge - Anniversary quest 3 times now and the Horn is not appearing when it should be. I have noticed another posting issue with it, but they stated it disappeared. I have yet to see it appear when it should be. (I have /bug reported it also on an alt)
  15. Rafajafar New Member

    Can confirm, post-patch, log is making my UI lag.
  16. Braikkarrii Journeyman

    Just to add to my reported finding, Malosenete was Rk. II and Fetid Decay was Rk. 1.
  17. Braikkarrii Journeyman

    The effect "Overdrive Boon" is supposed to have the enhance proc damage AND occasionally cast Overdrive Punch. The Overdrive Punch part of the focus effect doesn't appear to be working.

    Steps to reproduce:
    0. To make testing this easier, set up an audio trigger for "Overdrive Punch" text.
    1. Wear any belt that has the Overdrive Boon effect.
    2. Melee with any weapon that has a modern proc damage effect.
    3. Observe. Overdrive Punch is never casted.
  18. Miena Elder

    Not sure if this is related to the above or not, but I'm unable to claim veteran rewards on two different lifetime accounts on newly created characters. The /played shows up with correct details of years/days but doing /veteran claims the accounts aren't eligible. Veteran claim appears to work fine on non-lifetime accounts.
  19. Lianeb Augur

    Don't bypass the Launchpad when you want to claim. After that it is fine to do so
  20. Vinjin Lorekeeper

    While it appears the Collector's Web Sac in Dreadlands is now dropping, the Collector's Iksar Witch Doll in Warsliks Woods is not. Probably the same issue as the with the web sac I'm assuming.

    This is on Xegony.

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