Live Update Bugs 03/22/17

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    This has been fixed internally. For now, yes hug the wall, It will get patched out in the future. (I have a post about this somewhere in this forum with a picture of the gap)

    (Edit: only the zone line issue is fixed)
  2. Hludwolf Developer

    This is being investigated
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  3. Zarsil Lorekeeper

    Found another thing...Turning in the PVP book to the POD on blue servers isnt turning us red...I and a few friends have turned in the books to the POD to become red, It says we are red but we tried in many zones and we cant attack each other....Becoming PVP on blue servers seems to be down...Thanks in advance...Zar
  4. Fanra Augur

    Doing the Bristlebane Day task, "Let's Have Some Fun! (Level 90)", I looted Music books from Yodeling Gorillas.

    The next task step in my Quest Journal says, "Deliver the Music Books to Bolbo Gleemaker in the Plane of Knowledge".

    However, the text under that in my Quest Journal has a paragraph saying, "A mysterious jester named Bobo Gleemaker has asked you to gather some ingredients...", but then under that it says, "Give the Fire Extinguishers to Bobo Gleemaker in the Plane of Knowlege". Are music books able to extinguish fires? ;)
  5. Fanra Augur

    [Tue Mar 28 13:43:44 2017] Your task 'This Ain't Right [90+]' has been updated.
    [Tue Mar 28 13:43:44 2017] You have received a replay timer for 'This Ain't Right [90+]': 0d:5h:31m remaining.
    [Tue Mar 28 13:43:50 2017] You have completed achievement: Bristlebane Day - The Repercussions of Fun
    [Tue Mar 28 13:43:56 2017] You have successfully been granted your reward for: This Ain't Right [90+]
    [Tue Mar 28 13:43:56 2017] The system is currently unable to grant your reward for: Unknown. Please try again later.

    Although it says it is unable to grant my reward, I did get the Mini Jokester. The reason for the unable to grant reward may be because I had a mercenary (system may have tried to give the merc the reward).

    Or because I had another character in the mission who was in the guild hall the entire time, I only added them to get the three necessary to get the mission. The character in the guild hall did, however, get a Mini Jokester.

    Bertoxx server.
  6. Jumbur Augur

    Not a new bug, it has been there some months now:
    Lcea raid, doorstep of war:
    The sarnak waves(before the giants) seems very "irregular", we sometimes get a double-sized wave, and it seems to be random.
  7. Mortium Elder

    During the Handmaiden quest in TBM, you cannot hand in the Baton of Office to the Mayor at the end of the quest.

    Have tried redoing the quest 3 times so far and no luck. Can't progress through TBM without this!
  8. Koryu Augur

    Anniversary Mission: Pub Crawl

    Step: Roll in the muck under the bridge at the bottom of the Greenblood
    The Greenblood what? River, I assume. The emote that occurs is "You are covered with aweful, rotten-smelling muck." That should be spelled "awful." Also, this step does not update when you receive the emote and faction buff. It does not update until after defeating Leelou and her bouncers, which is misleading. I was doing circles in the river trying to find a location that would properly update the task, until I gave up to see what would happen if I pushed the quest anyway.

    Step: Give Brasse her stein.
    Cannot be done unless both you and she are drunk, not sure if this is intentional.
  9. Cadbane New Member

    First 3 Mercenary Tasks for EOK Kor-Sha Laboratory in the achievement window are the ones from Chardok....

    Both list these tasks
    Clearing Loose Fodder
    Friends of the Enemy
    Sowing Confusion
  10. Sorein New Member

    Is anyone else getting this issue? I was playing EQ and Boxing 2 guys on my computer and my computer is no push over. Out of the blue it went to black screen and looked like my PC was going into Power saving mode or something. I don't even have that turned on.. I dropped down to 1 guy on the PC to see if i was taxing my video card but no same issue.. my computer makes a sound as if it is getting an error but i never see my screen just a quick window saying power saving mode. This only seem to have started just after the last patch.. This happens about 5 min or less after playing.
  11. Tinihenax New Member

    Fate rewards the bold quest doesn't spawn chest after second hand in. I'm on AB.
  12. heals New Member

    The downloaded file is incomplete or was corrupted. An update may be in progress. Please try again in 20-30 minutes.

    I am trying to download and do the patch for the game and I missed out of the free lvl85 because it wont go past

    Creating dranikhollowsb_environmentemitters.txt
    Creating dranikhollowsc.emt
    Creating dranikhollowsc.eqg
    *Warning: Retrying dranikhollowsc.eqg
    *Warning: Retrying dranikhollowsc.eqg
    *Error: The downloaded file is incomplete or was corrupted. An update may be in progress. Please try again in 20-30 minutes.
    Checking game installation...

  13. Omegga Elder

    The viral portion of the Gift of Laughter effect does not seem to be working.
  14. Mortium Elder

    Turns out that the Mayor was hiding. I found the proper Mayor and handed in and it was working perfectly.
  15. SevrinSevendust Elder

    I can confirm issues with anchors as well.
  16. Fnyanea Augur

    Yeah, fix this please, wiped our raid a few times last night cause of it.

    I'm not sure if its more mobs, the barriers not doing anything. But its alot harder than it was a few weeks ago.
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  17. Dzarn Developer

    Any player currently experiencing this bug please send a PM to me with your character name, server, and which plot your anchor is placed in.

    We're looking to narrow down the reproduction steps as some players who have reported this problem are only experiencing it intermittently.

  18. Kasthil New Member

    This issue still hasn't been addressed or even acknowledged, so I'm popping in here to remind you guys to take a look and let us know when we can expect an update. Shamans are now doing significantly less damage than we were. This has also been reported here:
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  19. Ryak Augur

    The reward for the Tinkering Mastery quest seems to be broken on Progression servers (at least as of PoP era).

    I was able to complete the quest and get the book rewards, but clicking the first book did NOT consume any AAs and it did NOT give me the first rank of the Tinkering Mastery AA. Instead, the book DISAPPEARED and I got NOTHING. At this point I am not allowed to click the 2nd rank book because it says I do not have rank 1 of the AA. Additionally, since the book disappeared without giving me the AA, I am not able to try clicking it again. I did not yet attempt redoing the quest to see if I am allowed to get another book or not.

    “Rylin Coil may be found at the bottom of the waterfall, at +1470, -190, -104.

    You say, 'Hail, Rylin Coil'

    Rylin Coil says 'Yikes! Don't startle a fellow like that! Have you come to peruse my fine wares or are you looking to be taught the arts of [tinkering mastery]?'

    You say, 'Tinkering mastery.'

    Rylin Coil says 'Very good. We gnomes should all learn this fine art. Those that do not, I am not sure if I should even call them a gnome!'

    You have been assigned the task 'Tinkering Mastery 1'.

    Create 1 Stalking Probe using tradeskills - ALL
    Deliver 1 Stalking Probe to Rylin Coil - Ak'Anon

    Make sure you have three free spots in your inventory, then hand in the probe.

    You have shown Rylin Coil your work.

    Rylin Coil says 'That looks very good! Here are the books you will need to learn Tinkering Mastery.'

    You receive Mastering Tinkering Mastery I, Mastering Tinkering Mastery II, and Mastering Tinkering Mastery III. Clicking the first will consume 3 AA points and grant you Tinkering Mastery I; clicking the second will consume 6 points and grant Tinkering Mastery II; clicking the third will consume 9 points and grant Tinkering Mastery III.”
    “This passive ability improves your Tinkering skill.
    Ranks 1-3 reduce the chance of failing Tinkering combinations by 10, 25, and 50%.
    Ranks 4-13 allow you to increase your skill past its Specialization level by 5 points per rank by learning more recipes.”



  20. Siny Augur

    Serious issues on AB with lag but it now looks to include corruption of housing resulting in the contents being lost (so far the house itself and the stuff in the yard seems fine but I havent yet checked all of the my houses). I will be raising a case for this, but i stronlgly suggest to everyone on AB to visit your house. Rent is paid and regularly topped up but I did also check parcels just incase.

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