Live Update Bugs 03/22/17

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. EQ Dev Developer

    Please post about any new bugs found in the update. This thread is not for discussions about anything other than bugs and how we can reproduce (and therefore fix) them.
  2. Randragon Augur

    TDS Boats and others are stutter stepping through the zone. Also I zoned from Brothers Island into Thuliasaur and I was on the boat underwater, as was the boat.
  3. Cloudia Augur

    This isn't a feature? The boats in barren coast have been running mast deep in the ground for at least a month. Weird pathing they stop at the kerran docks on lake now, then cruise thru the pirate caves looking for passengers.
  4. Omegga Elder

    Delving into Frostcrypt : Killed all 3 named and we didn't get the drop to open the door.
  5. Livie New Member

    Since the patch (15th) and verified that it has not been fixed the quest Into the Temple B cannot be completed.
    Already petitioned about it asking for a fix or at least to get the clicky needed to zone to Demi Decay.
    Ran the quest 3 times, cleared the whole zone.
    3 drops are needed.
    Eternity and Select Verses of Sul drop fine.
    Torn Page has never droped.
  6. Spellfire Augur

    Torn Page is a ground spawn.

    We run the task today for new alts and it worked fine for us.
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  7. Malbro Augur

    Guild hall anchors STILL do not work.
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  8. EQ Dev Developer

    This was hotfixed shortly after your post.
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  9. Gialana Augur

    I also reported this bug I came across last night in game, but I'm not sure I selected the correct category. Yesterday, one of the bonus HAs was "Endless War" in Bixie Warfront. My group wasn't able to complete the 7th step. In case it matters, the steps we received were as follows:

    Get a bixie disguise from Infiltrator Nallai
    Steal the bixie battle plans inside the hive
    Get in the northwest bixie trenches to avoid the cliknar bombers
    Loot cliknar gas pouches
    Report to Scout Jugzz in the southeast cliknar trenches
    Recover bixie wings from cliknar soldiers in the southeast cliknar trenches
    Help General Sagrinta slaughter 100 cliknar

    In the last step listed, we completed 70/100. General Sagrinta walks around one of the trenches, gets ambushed by a swarm of cliknar, quickly displatches them, and falls to the ground in exhaustion. The players must then kill 3 more cliknar that attack the General before she will get up and move to the next ambush spot.

    On her 3rd stop, she fell partially into a rock ramp out of the trenches. When the 3 cliknar we needed to kill spawned, we were invisible. I briefly saw one of the mobs in the wall of the trenches, but then it was gone, along with the other 2. I believe they fell through the geometry. We were able to track the mobs to very near the x and y position of General Sagrinta, but "/tar an_" returned that there was nothing with that name nearby. After trying to find or target one of the mobs for 20 minutes, we left.

    The only thing I can think of that might have helped is if we weren't invisible, but the mobs should not have fallen through geometry in any case.
  10. Annastasya Augur

    Confirmed the boats in Barren Coast are still Land sailing all over the place. Think they should be banned for zone disruption ;)
  11. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    This has been fixed internally but requires internal testing and a major patch (not a hotfix nor an emergency update.)
  12. Naugrin Augur

    I've had TLs fail a couple times. Click on yes...then you "zone" to the same zone you are in. Kind of like using the gh portal to go to banner when you are not in the DZ.
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  13. Velos E Raptor New Member

    curious they workin on the anchor bug in GGHs
  14. Maccuul Elder

  15. Jaera Augur

    Halls of Testing drakes (Casalen, Grozzmel, Krigara, Lepethida, Midayor, Tavekalem, and Ymmeln) are applying an additional 6.5 day lockout to the 'Halls of Testing Drakes' lockout when killed inside of the Temple of Veeshan instance (Phinigel Server). This results in a 51-52 day lockout for the Halls of Testing drakes if all relevant drakes are killed, with an additional 6 day 12 hour timer added if the non-relevant drake Zemm is slain as well.

    1. Get the Temple of Veeshan instance from the Agent of Change in Western Wastes.
    2. Defeat any one of the aforementioned drakes to receive a 6d12h lockout "Halls of Testing Drakes."
    3. Defeat a second of any of the aforementioned drakes.
    4. The lockout timer for "Halls of Testing Drakes" will have increased to 13 days (minus the time between the two drakes)
    5. Continue to defeat the drakes and gain additional timer, up to 52 days minus the time between the first and the final drake.

    Expected Behavior:
    Previously, defeating any Halls of Testing drake caused a lockout of 6d12h to be applied to all characters involved in the instance, and defeating further drakes did not affect this timer.
  16. Jaera Augur

  17. Ishtass Augur

    You need to rerun the patcher. There was a fix that didn't require a patch, but causes this if you don't run it.
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  18. Jaera Augur

    Thanks Ishtass, this resolved my issue.
  19. Boze TLP complaint factory

    Beastlord slows and hp/mana regen appear to be on the same recast timer now. Not sure how long it's been around or why they would be on the same timer. Specifically seeing this with Sha's Revenge and Spiritual Dominion on Phinigel.
  20. Eilelyen Journeyman

    Lots having issues with Guild Hall Anchors (Primary and Secondary) unable to port to them, also there is an issue in Frontier Mountains at the Scorched Wood Zone Line area where there seems to be an invisible wall that you can only get around on 1 side. If exiting from Scorched Woods you tend to have to hug the left side of the wall to get through and if entering Scorched Woods then you hug right right side to get in.