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  1. Zarsil Lorekeeper

    Normal response
  2. Zarsil Lorekeeper

    Guess This issue will be ignored for another year and a half....
  3. Malbro Augur

    First you need to click off the default setting, then right click and then choose the coloring you want
  4. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Well, GM's weren't in this thread. Of the Dev's posting, I do not know anything about the issue (remember I have been away for a while), and your post does not give any information but "broke," so I do not feel qualified to speak on it. And Hludwolf is a coder, so it is not in his bailiwick.
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  5. svann Augur

    IDK if you would call this a bug exactly.
    The quest Purifying the Purifier tells you to go to drogan and get 3 of the ore they gather. So I got 3 dronan ore. Quest guy wont take it. Looking it up on the web it needs Drogan ore not Dronan ore. There should be only 1 kind of ore, or dont make them the same spelling except 1 letter, or maybe specify in the quest which ore he wanted. It does not even say get Drogan ore. It just says get their ore.
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  6. Glooping Elder

    Dronan Ore is used for Methods of Sarnak Destruction (Kor-Sha Lab Partisan 2) while Drogan ore drops specifically from the slaves. I agree it can be a little confusing (and was during beta) since you see ore and think its the right stuff. However both ores are uses in separate quests.
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    Back about 1 page
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    Donno how much more Info I can add friend
  9. Prathun Developer

    Tested hand-in of items 18051 (Stupendous Tome) and 5126 (Hero's Khukri) to Arch Duke Xog in East Cabilis on Live and Beta servers and the quests worked correctly for me. I received experience, coin, the Lord of Pain's Khukri. The text from the hand-in looks OK. I was not able to reproduce your reported issue.
  10. Zarsil Lorekeeper

    Ive tried it almost nightly for the last week on the Vox server and no dice
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  12. Zarsil Lorekeeper

  13. Zarsil Lorekeeper

    Ill check it again tonight when I log in but for the last week its been not working.
  14. Zarsil Lorekeeper

    Strike Two I guess

    Greetings ******
    I'm sorry to hear that you are still having issues with the Crusader's Test of the Lord. Unfortunately the in-game support team currently does not assist with the testing of bugs. If there is an issue with this quest, then it will need to be corrected on a global scale. I've gone ahead and reported your concerns regarding this quest to our QA and development teams for review. If it is not functioning as intended, then we hope to see it fixed soon. In addition to that however, I would also recommend submitting a /bug report detailing your findings to ensure that our development team is made further aware of the issue. While these submissions don't receive replies in the same manner as a petition, rest assured that they are reviewed regularly by the members of our development team that are responsible for future changes and bug fixes. This command can be used while in game at any point by typing /bug in your main chat window. You can also visit our bug tracking website at and post the bug there. Regrettably I am unable to grant any rewards from this quest, or progress it if it is not updating properly as this is not something within the scope of a GM to correct.


    ** *******
  15. drEvil Journeyman

    Speaking of stuff that has been broken for years. Can any devs confirm or deny the Effect: Guardian's Boon being restricted to 1hb attacks from NPCs only? I would think the effect would say that in the description if it was actually intended. This has been broken since OoW originally launched as the effect has almost no use at it stands and certainly had no use when it was "in era". The effect should likely work just like the anguish warrior BP click works, which reduces hits from ALL attacks from NPCS, not just 1hb attacks.

    Item :
    Armsmaster's Breastplate

    Thanks =)

  16. Prathun Developer

    I see. Your faction with Crusaders of Greenmist isn't high enough to complete the quest. The message he's spitting back is clearly incorrect, though, and it looks like the correct text was overwritten at some point. I'll try to find the original message and restore it.

    Edit: The Mac server data has the wrong message too and this text was overwritten long enough ago that it's not stored in our change logs. Furthermore, the messages displayed in classic content when you handed in quest items to an NPC with insufficient faction was generally something like "Thanks. I'm keeping this." as the NPC ate your items. That's not a thing anymore, obviously, but the texts in classic have not been changed to reflect the changes to the way NPCs handle items they can't use due to whatever reason, returning them instead of destroying them. Updating those texts is a cleanup fix that we can look into for the future, though of course it's not a high priority one.

    If I'm reading the faction chart right, it doesn't look like there's a way to raise Crusaders of Greenmist by killing NPCs, but it can be raised by completing some quests for NPCs on that faction.

    It looks like the best option, and perhaps the only option, is the penance quest offered by Crusader Zixo in East Cabilis.
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  17. Sheex Augur

    Been ages, but iirc bone chips to Mozo or explorer knives from loio (if you don't mind torching kelethin factions) hit all major iksar factions, including Crusaders of the Greenmist, with the one exception being Brood of Kotiz (necro guild). That one has to be raised via slaughtering renegade iksars, a good place being the caves in Warsliks.

    Allahs seems to confirm as well:

    Faction Required:
    Legion of Cabilis (Min: Dubious)
    Factions Raised:
    Cabilis Residents +25
    Crusaders Of Greenmist +25
    Legion of Cabilis +?, +?, +100
    Pirates Of Gunthak +1, +?
    Scaled Mystics +25
    Swift Tails +25

    Knives are ~25x as potent as bone chips, but there are way less explorers available plus they hose faction(s) people might care about. Also if the player isn't Iksar or CT deity an illusion might be required iirc?
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  18. Zarsil Lorekeeper

    Bout to log in and hopefully i am able to check this tonite, Im confussed how I had faction to do all 5 6 or 7 previsious quests in a row and this one isnt working...But I am not doughting you for a sec Prathun. In fact you..You Prathun... You have my 100% respect and Thank yous for looking into this....Thank you Sir,,,,I will post my findings
  19. Zarsil Lorekeeper

    That got it,,,was the faction
    One million thank yous Prathun
    Thank you Sir
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  20. Babien New Member

    Just reposting as no mention of being worked or acknowledged thus far.

    Bard being able to benefit from Ranger, Rogue and Wizard synergy line still not fixed, currently must illusion to large race to use slam just to benefit from it Ranger and Rogue class, no way to benefit from Wizard as we don't have spells. Please fix this.

    [49713/49713] Outrider's Synergy I
    Classes: RNG/254
    Target: Caster Group
    Duration: 12s (2 ticks)
    Max Hits: 3 Offensive Proc Casts
    1: Cast: Outrider's Synergy Strike I on Skill Use (32000)
    2: Limit Skill: Archery
    3: Limit Skill: Backstab
    4: Limit Skill: Bash
    5: Limit Skill: Dragon Punch
    6: Limit Skill: Eagle Strike
    7: Limit Skill: Flying Kick
    8: Limit Skill: Kick
    9: Limit Skill: Round Kick
    10: Limit Skill: Throwing
    11: Limit Skill: Tiger Claw
    12: Limit Skill: Frenzy
    Text: Your skill attacks resonate with Outrider's Synergy.
    [49719/49719] Blackguard's Synergy I
    Classes: ROG/254
    Target: Caster Group
    Duration: 18s (3 ticks)
    Max Hits: 3 Offensive Proc Casts
    1: Cast: Blackguard's Synergy Strike I on Skill Use (32000)
    2: Limit Skill: Archery
    3: Limit Skill: Backstab
    4: Limit Skill: Bash
    5: Limit Skill: Dragon Punch
    6: Limit Skill: Eagle Strike
    7: Limit Skill: Flying Kick
    8: Limit Skill: Kick
    9: Limit Skill: Round Kick
    10: Limit Skill: Throwing
    11: Limit Skill: Tiger Claw
    12: Limit Skill: Frenzy
    Text: Your skill attacks resonate with Blackguard's Synergy.

    Bards don't meet the skill requirements for these, but I think this should count, I'm not sure why it doesn't -
    [41655/16791] Selo's Kick XV
    Classes: BRD/254
    Skill: Kick, Max Focus: 320%
    1: Kick Attack for 1050 with 10000% Accuracy Mod
    Text: You stagger from the surprising kick.
    Since bard songs are not spells, we don't meet the requirements for Sympathetic procs either:
    [33328] Sympathetic Force of Magic XIII
    1: Cast: Force of Magic XIII on Spell Use (Base1=10) e.g. Cast Time 2s=2.5% 3s=3.3% 4s=5.0% 5s=6.7%
    2: Limit Type: Detrimental
    3: Limit Min Mana Cost: 10
    4: Limit Min Level: 70
    5: Limit Type: Exclude Combat Skills
    6: Limit Effect: Current HP

    This excludes us from a variety of other things, like Chromatic Haze, Mana Flare procs, our own Arcane Melody procs, our own spell damage bonus procs, new synergies from other classes as mentioned, etc.

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