Live Update Bugs 03/15/17

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  1. Metanis Augur

    Confirmed again this afternoon the first time I logged in today. Of 3 chars with mercs today only the wizzie merc with a "Sorcerer's Extravagant Earring" failed to register the HP and Mana of the earring. The other 2 mercs (healer and tank) with appropriate extravagant ears (soother and defender) both registered the ear's stats without a problem.

    Once I lifted and replaced the wizzies ear then it too saw the additional stats.
  2. Shredded New Member

    Likely an old bug but where is the disease focus bracer for SK in the Selrach's set?
    If nothing else can we get Disease allowed on the current poison bracer?
  3. smash Augur

    Because disease no longer on bracer, but on range item.

    Change that happened with EoK.
  4. Daykin Journeyman

    Posting here because I believe it's a bug.

    Adjustments to shaman and druid dots have pushed some below original output while removing stacking. This is for spells on current TLPs (E-bolt, Plague..etc) that have dropped below original damage for these spells since last patch. This doesn't seem like it was intended as the patch notes say they're still supposed to be higher.
  5. Aeular Journeyman

    New timestamp feature: custom color, instead of matching, seems to never take.
  6. Kinadorm Augur

    This seems to happen just about every queen raid when multiple warcasters spawn. If you go purple to the ae and get healed the client sometimes thinks that you died and locks out your mouse control. You can still interact with the keyboard and move the mouse but clicking on anything does not register. The only way to regain mouse control is to zone.
  7. Zarsil Lorekeeper

    Crusader's Test of the Lord... Arch Duke Xog will not take Stupendous Tome and Hero's Khukri to complete the quest and give Lord of Pain's Khukri.... Apon turn in he has some off the wall babble "" 'You won't be getting any response from Thelin. Ever since his injury he has been in a deep [coma] with no sign of ever recovering"" "belonging to a quest in Plane of Tranquility for Thelin's Torment (Access to the Lair of Terris Thule).....
  8. Fanra Augur

    [Sun Mar 19 21:56:10 2017] Your Offensive Discipline spell on Denlar has been overwritten.
    [Sun Mar 19 21:56:10 2017] Your Ironfist Discipline Rk. III spell on Kensing has been overwritten.

    I'm a druid. Denlar is a warrior. Kensing is a monk.

    Needless to say, druids don't have Offensive Discipline or Ironfist Discipline.
  9. Zaph Augur

    Dunno what "you've" done, but since the last patch there's a terrific hellava memory leak going on from eqgame.exe
  10. Sharnhorst Journeyman

    Issue with Shaman spells; according to patch notes:

    *** Spells ***
    - Shaman - DoT spells that were consolidated in the last update are now less efficient and will do less damage than before. They will still do substantially more damage than before they were consolidated.

    This is not correct on TLP servers; all currently available poison DoT spells are doing substantially LESS damage than before they were consolidated

    Reported here:
  11. Jumbur Augur

    I got this as well:
    I sometimes get a message that my gift of mana(105) on "playerx" has been overwritten.
    I am a wizard and gift of mana is not a spell I can cast on other players...
  12. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    On beta. The data and code are the same for this, at least as far as I know. The issue was reported on test but I could not duplicate it on test or beta.
    One thing I have not checked is if any of the guards do a de-spawn respawn trick, in which case they would not spawn with the loot (the loot is added at startup, which is why there is "always" enough, not on NPC spawn) My test would not have seen this as my test was to re-pop every 3 minutes for 150 minutes and look at the log of dropped items. There were 150 scalps and 300 teeth.

    I literally copied the behavior from original Qeynos into the instance. I did not look for despawn behaviour, but I will now.

    there are 31 NPC's including Fippy and the Adds with the warrior and mage guild master (neither Fippy nor the adds count)
    The bankers also cannot drop teeth or scalp, so 26 that can drop the parts.
  13. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Hey! Look what I found!

    1141 Depop Night 9pm
    1142 Depop Day 7am


    I apologize for this oversight and I will alter these NPC's

    If you watch game time and you don't take too long, you can avoid this in the short term while I fix this and find out when I can get it hotfixed.

    Those times are in GAME time not real time. So the "best" time to launch the instance is 7:10 am game time... will give you 42 minutes to let the instance spool up, zone in, and do the mission.
    (a game hour is about 3 minutes real time)
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  14. smash Augur

    Thanks for finding out.
  15. Hludwolf Developer

    I need more info to investigate this. Please PM me your character name and server, approximate time and zone.
  16. Zarsil Lorekeeper

    Since I see a gm here and am hopeful this will be seen be him, Can we get acknowledgement that gms know the greenmist quest line is still broke? After like 18 months of broken npcs in the quest line, last patch or so ago the missing mobs were finally fixed and spawning now. However the quest is still broken all to pieces and mixed together with a quest from planes of tranq.
  17. Omegga Journeyman

    Sionche Heartsinger is back on Bertox but when we get her mission and say ready we get the message The way is blocked to you. Perhaps you could enter if there was a reason to come here.
  18. Axxius Augur

    And still no achievement. So you fixed the missing emote but did not fix the ach. Come on, guys! :rolleyes:
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  19. Koryu Augur

    For the Ancient Dragon raid event, there's a set of drakes that spawns at 0%. You can kill the dragon and all other event mechanics stop, but you still have to fight the drakes. You only need to kill the twisted drake, and the rest despawn. Something about this seems wrong. Either the drakes are an extra set that shouldn't show up, or the Dragon is supposed to be locked until all the drakes are dead.

    For the Atrebe Sathir raid event, the rift bubble is really aggressive about kicking you away. You can have it attempt to fling you multiple times at once; I have "The power of the rift bubble flings you back" up to 9 times in the same second. It seems like there is damage attached to this fling (which I can't find in the spell file), and that damage gets applied multiple times depending on how often the rift feels like hitting you.
  20. Axxius Augur

    No, it's just spamming /say with the kick messages for everybody who is getting kicked out. Just like the shieldbearers used to spam everybody. If it kicks 9 people you all get 9 messages. :rolleyes:

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