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  1. Omegga Journeyman

    I have the same issue with slayer and also in the Collection achievement for the zone, if I have 1 or more sub achievments done it is not showing up. checked unless I had the whole achievement done.
  2. Xorsazis Elder

    Something else which is bugged on achievements:

    It has me as completed for Torturer's Tools (Chardok) but upon inspecting the item Disciplining Flash-barb, it said not collected. Before patch I had tried to collect it and it reported I already had collected it. I was able to re-collect it clicking it today.

    Also, you can tell it's affecting the non-filled because the housing achievement for the 4 collections in the zone is not showing checkboxes for completed achievements.

    In this example, I have Torturer's Tools completed but it is not showing as completed in Di`Zok Keepsakes.
  3. Jondalar Elder

    I hit quote and that's what I got. Also you edited your post AFTER i hit reply.
    The fast dot does still have the no raid boss distinction. However its slightly less mana than it was.
    1952 vs 2085. And it is slightly more dmg 7300vs 10901. So slightly less mana and slightly more dmg. This is not "substantially" more dmg as quoted in the patch notes.

    I was wrong about reef crawler though. But you can't claim that is substantially more damage on the swift dot.
  4. Hludwolf Developer

  5. Rondor Journeyman

    Today after the patch, after zoning in to EOK-FM from EOK-SW via the tunnels, I encountered an invisible wall blocking my ability to walk out of the cave in EOK-Frontier Mountains. I could see the cave exit but could not walk through the invisible wall, just near the succor point. The character was on a mount at the time.

    I then cast Egress (Druid) and when I landed back in zone I was able to walk freely out of the cave.

    This is new. Prior to the 2017-03-15 patch I could zone in to EOK-FM from EOK-SW no problem and walk out of the cave.
  6. v01d Journeyman

    Wizard DD crits are broken. I'm not sure how else to say it. I've parsed it out, hundreds of casts, pre-patch and post-patch, and post-patch, crits are basically gone, using the same spells on the same mobs.

    It's such a stark contrast, it's hard to believe no-one else has noticed. Phinigel TLP. Level 60-65 spells like Shock of Magic and Strike of Solusek. Not a single crit in hundreds of casts, dozens of mobs since the patch. Not one. Something is seriously broken.
  7. Sancus Augur

    It may help to post the parse along with the appropriate crit rate (or at least the available crit rate AAs) on phinny. Just ran a parse on my Wizard on live servers and, while it isn't long (about ~1500 hits), it's right around the 48% it should be:

    /tell Wizard Wizard -vs- Combat Dummy Caza: -- DMG: 79831029 -- DPS: 122440 -- Scaled: 122440 -- DirDmg: 79831029 -- % dmg as normal: 25.7% -- % dmg as critical: 74.3% -- Non-crit rate: 52.6% -- crit rate: 47.4% -- Attempts: 1528 -- Hits: 1528 -- Accuracy: 100% -- Avg Hit: 52245 -- Max hit: 511754 -- DMG to PC: 0
  8. Rondor Journeyman

    Update to my above post about a new invisible wall in EOK-FM in the cave coming from EOK-SW:

    I found that this new invisible wall covers nearly the entire cave exit but not quite. The left and right edges of the cave are not blocked by the invisible wall. So as a short-term workaround, a player can hug the wall to get out of the cave, or to go in.

    But long-term this should be looked at. The /loc is -2572, +3786, -346 in "frontiermountainsb". This is immediately to the west of the zone's succor point
  9. smash Augur

  10. v01d Journeyman

    It's less than 1%, post patch. It was 16%, pre patch.
  11. Narogg Augur

    Loaded my 56 wizard with 8 aa on live. went to newbie zone . went thru an entire mana bar and didnt get a single crit.
    Used spells enticement of flame and ice comet

    vs- Combined: A savage cave kodiak: -- DMG: 5993 -- DPS: 71 -- Scaled: 71 -- DirDmg: 5963 -- Environmental: 30 -- % dmg as normal: 100% -- Non-crit rate: 100% -- Attempts: 17 -- Hits: 17 -- Accuracy: 100% -- Avg Hit: 352 -- Max hit: 808 -- DMG to PC: 254

    Are you sure its not an aa thing that enables crits?
  12. Brazox New Member

    I ran about 10% tonight 199 casts, 20 crits across Tears of Ro, Strike of Solusek and Shock of Magic. Not a large enough data pool to certainly say either way, but not bad enough to be anything than a bad crit RNG night.
  13. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Don't know if it is a new bug but I just got a message while siting in pok that my voice of clairvoyance spell was overwritten. Strange because I am a paladin and not an enchanter. :)
  14. Sindaiann Augur

    I never used the word substantially ever. Fact remains that Serpentil's is more damage now than on 01/17/17. Also you are wrong again. The raid boss distinction was removed from Serpentil's. If you cared to read my first post you would of saw that.

    *hint* I even put the prudent info in the color red and bold it for you for ease of comparison!
  15. Jumbur Augur

    While I don't have any hard info, chat-lag on AB seems to peak around 8 PM (UK time).
    It seems to affect our own private chat channels at least. I don't use the general channels much, but I guess its there too.
    As stated. this has been a problem at peak raid time for months, but it was much worse last night.

    Try to run some benchmarks on chat-channels at peak time, especially channels with lots of members.
  16. Jondalar Elder

    I was agreeing about the raid distinction and posting without coffee. I never said you said substantially. As i said in the post above that was in the patch notes.
  17. Siny Augur

    The lag has now been happening for sometime on AB. It generally doesnt happen in the day time but becomes a lot more noticeable during raid time.

    It isnt just the raid instances cause symptoms can include denied access to zones (usually resulting in the player being sent back and having to run across the zone again).

    Theres isnt usually any change in the ping, which with my current connection is usually 40-45ms.

    I personally wasnt badly affected last night, but the raid as a whole was. Some ppl in partcular were complaining of very bad lag and there were a lot more disconnects than usual. The raid leader also had a lot of difficulty using the raid tool.

    With regards to the chat lag, at one point last night I sent a test tell to my other account and it took over a minute to appear. However a bit later on I was seeing no lag at all when having a conversation with another raid member. And I believe this it is the general case that it isnt a constant lag but lag as a result of spikes. These spikes also ocur in guild chat, raid chat and channel chat -noticable during bidding for loot and when countdowns suddenly jump from 10 to trigger, killing tanks in the process(infact on these evenings, once the lag was realised, we had to start our discs super early to allow for it).

    Sometimes it isnt just chat lag. We have had large spikes that have basically wiped the raid in one go.

    So far today I havent seen any lag, although the lobby crashed this morning when I logged i my enc to do some enchanting.

    Im sure if you sent someone to monitor our raids, you would be welcome. The raid leader could then tell you the problems as they are happenng.
  18. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I can confirm this. It looks like if you are small enough, you CAN sneak by.


    I'll let the Art team know.
  19. Imak Augur

    Completed Tsaph's Day Off. Used 3 players, and all 3 players received the reward item Zueria Slide. Two of the players got the related 18th Anniv Achievement, the third player did not.

    Oh, and also, saying "Ready" to the High Magister after the task has been completed will still port you to Dreadlands.
  20. svann Augur

    Fippy's Revenge not enough items drop. Killed till nothing on track but Fippy and was short 3 scalp 4 teeth.
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