Live Update Bugs 02/20/19

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. Dewey Augur

    Dots are now bugged. If a player cast a long dot on a mob and evacs. The mob does not loose agro. So you can't click to the camp or do anything for the duration of the dot. This also made it so that succor does not clear damage/agro. So even if you succor and you have a mob dotted, you'll get bugged mobs that agro you. The mobs will show up on your agro and go away. Giving you a constant ooc timer reset.

    The dot change also has effected rogues. It is no longer possible to invis your rogue if he has agro and has a dot on a mob. Since the beginning of eq if you had agro on a rogue you had to target yourself and hit sneak/hide to invis. Now with the change to dots this is no longer possible. This affects pulling in groups and dragging corpses. Since no matter how far away you are in zone you still have agro, you have to wait until everything is off the mob to go grab a corpse or other things.

    I perfer to use dots because that is what you give me as a rogue for my dps. However; if it isn't fixed then I will just have to disable my dots and not use them at all.
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  2. niente Developer

    This was an intended change, the idea was to associate DoTs with a player if the player was available, even if they had previously died. However, I didn't think about evac and legitimately wanting to lose association with existing DoTs. Will look into whether it should be changed back.
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  3. Orbital101 Augur

    That's what you get when you cap lvl 3(before claiming4) on both glove and boots for casters.
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  4. Barton Augur

    Please, do look into it.
  5. Havanap Elder

    Yeah, it's broken right now, in addition to the evac problem this also happens:

    I cast a long duration DoT on a mob. It kills me and wanders off slowly. I get a rez somewhere out of aggro range of the mob, but not too far away. I immediately get aggro on the mob again and it charges me. If I get a rez slightly further away, it doesn't fully aggro but the same behavior Dewey reported ie combat mode briefly active every time the dot ticks.
  6. Tutankamen Augur

    EXP in Overthere is now bugged. I've killed 20 mobs there without one %. a Level 3 in grp hasn't even progressed. Please investigate the issue with xp. I do not know if there are issues in other zones but I can confirm it in OT. Thanks.
  7. LLyan New Member

    When putting item in bank using Auto Bank button is not updating the Find Items report after the item is moved into the bank. It still lists the item as "HELD". Only after clicking "FIND ITEMS" again does the report update.
  8. Yinla Augur

    same thing if you parcel something.
  9. Fooba Elder

    I clicked claim reward on an evolving item, and all 4 augments in it were deleted. They aren't on the vendor recovery tab or in my parcels. Of course the petition auto response says to reacquire through normal gameplay, but some of these augs are extremely difficult to acquire.
  10. Tutankamen Augur

    Trial of Three is massively hosed. At entry into the center Dark Waters Sing aggroes immediately every time and casts blind over and over. Please fix this.
  11. Erashir New Member

    Palace of Embers task - haven't been able to spawn Flame Consuming Hand since the patch. Big bottleneck.
  12. Fooba Elder

    lvl 4 evolving ring has Form of Defense, but lvl 5 and 6 don't.
  13. Thundersnake Journeyman

    Instances are currently starting to be an issue, not spinning up at all or taking more than the average amount of time to spin up or having to drop task/quest and reget task multiple times. This is happening at an accelerated rate since the last Backend change made about 13ish days ago. Before it would start to happen at around day 9 of Server Uptime. Now it is starting around Day 6-7. I consider it to be a New issue because of this.
  14. Krylain New Member

    I logged on my Ranger Krylang the other day to go do some foraging and I believe he might be broken? In 18+ hours (on a side note... I have carpal tunnel so I often can only sit and hit 1 button while watching some TV) foraging I got 5 skill-ups from 211 to 216...

    I bought the AA to have a max skill of 250 at lvl 85 and the Extra Forage is a lvl 51 buyable AA. I usually forage with my Foraging Machette and took it off for a while to see if that was a problem, but it seems it wasn't. I have 216/250 (non-adjusted) and 236/250 with Machette. I only got skill-ups after reequipping the Machette and I have been in several different zones.

    Is my character just broken or is Foraging broken for skill ups past 200? It is going to take Forever to get him to 250...

    Forgot to add that the Main reason I am posting is because of:

    February 20, 2019

    *** Highlights ***
    - Dramatically increased the chance to gain skills when your current skill level is less than your class' skill cap from 5 or 10 levels less than your current level.

    Thanks for your time! :)
  15. GNOME_POWER Augur

    Forage is similar to tradeskill behavior.
    He has a lot of failures, but he will make an effort to 50.
  16. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    Works fine for me. You just mean regular old Overthere in Kunark right? What is your exact group makeup in terms of character levels?
  17. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    Foraging just takes a super long time to skill up. Tradeskills are exempt from the skill increasing bonus you mentioned, and I'd assume Forage is lumped in with tradeskills for the purposes of skilling up. I'd recommend you assign forage and /autoinventory to fire when you use your movement keys, and then just forget about it and let it skill up while you're playing. Just have to remember that /autoinventory key is there for those times you actually want an item on your cursor :)
  18. Wulfhere Augur

    The entire reason that Succor and Evac spells do a full zone out, zone in is to clear aggro. Originally, these spells acted like an in-zone teleport and aggro was retained. Players were annoyed by this old change as it caused unwanted zone load times.

    Ideally players want these types of spells to be an in-zone teleport to a "relatively safe" place in the zone and 100% aggro clear. Perhaps you have the mechanism to make that proper fix now?

    NPC DoT memory is a huge, adverse change to game play. I'm surprised it was allowed to happened without serious consideration and testing. This is game breaking and for what benefit?
  19. Wulfhere Augur

    FTP accounts that do not own TBM or EOK cannot gain rank 2 spells. The quest reward does not offer any spells when they click the requisite items. Possibly true for rank 3 spells too.

    Meanwhile clicking armor items works fine to award the class armors.
  20. CatsPaws Augur

    FTP/Silver accounts cannot scribe RK II spells on ANY expansion as RK II is only on paid accounts. F2P/Silver can buy an item from the marketplace that will allow them to scribe RK II.

    So in this case it will not matter if they own it or not since they cannot use it - the same as a prestige item.

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