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  1. RangerGuy Elder

    Meanwhile on live a druid with a bard and enchanter can have the largest damage dot ticks in the game.
  2. Prathun Developer

    Can you provide a location of this area?
  3. Koryu Augur

    In the raid event Doorstep of War, when you get to the phase with Flame Assaulters, Gorenaire stops targeting players/sarnak/allied defenders and only targets NPCs in the city area.

    In the raid event Atrebe's Vault, the Shock of Lightning debuff doesn't have a spell icon. You can see the timer counting down in an otherwise empty buff slot and hover over that invisible icon to see the spell's name.
  4. smash Augur

    Bugged this in game,but move up a bit in West part of the fM, and you cannot get out of there, unless you move Down to the entrance to SW.
  5. Belexes Elder

    I know of an area by the Sarnak Fort. It is against the west border on the south side next to fort wall. Got in there when pulling that Drill Sergeant on that side. It is straight west of that NPC. Hope that is good enough.
  6. Ocbeefy New Member

    Typing /loc gives me: 2726.71, 3934.31, 139.99. That's the entry and exit point.
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  7. Metanis Augur

    RE: Merc gear. The command /outputfile inventory does not enumerate any gear placed on a merc.
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  8. Astley Augur

    Prathun, Ngreth, Jchan, or another dev...

    Do you have any updates on the progress in fixing of the game-crashing bug that is hitting the Phinigel server exceedingly hard since the Planes of Power unlocks?

    Issue tracker reference above for the issue, that appears to have been in game for quite awhile, but now with the addition of all the expedition lockouts for PoP raids, every raid guild that is clearing through the Elemental planes and Time has people suffering through repeated crashes when getting new lockouts, zoning, and at other times.

    Is there an ETA or future resolution on this? It's been a month since these issues started really being noticed by the server. Some say they may be linked to some junk files being created in the EQ folder? We have a 6-page thread in the TLP server forums so far with additional information, and would appreciate additional Dev response.
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  9. svann Augur

    Aug AC not adding up right in mantle of delirium. It starts with 202ac and if I add Jonas Dagmire's Skeletal parrot (40ac) it should go to 242 but it only goes to 228. If I put the parrot in Mantle of the Rhino it adds properly, so I think the Mantle of Delirium is the one that is bugged.

    Then again, when I look at my character sheet AC I get 2/1 more AC with the Delirium, so maybe its just a display issue. Confusing.
  10. Waut New Member

    Aye, boats in barren coast and buried sea, crashing through land and under the water. In one instance had to gate out, couldn't move.
  11. Jumbur Augur

    Not sure if it is a new bug, but I only just discovered it today.

    I have the charm white dragon's tooth and noticed that there is a display bug associated with the charm scaling.
    Non maxed, it still displays max heroic stats, but it only adds a fraction of those to my stats on my stats-pane. the added heroics do increase when the the charm grows(the increase is not visible on the charm, only on my stats-pane). I suspect that the bug is that, it displays max heroics on the charm even when it shouldn't.

    I originally thought that even a "minimized" charm was supposed to give max heroics, since that is what it displays...? this doesn't seem to be the case...
  12. JChan Administrator

    We found out about this bug on 2/21 and we're able to get reproducible test cases on that date. It's been fixed internally, but due to the nature of the changes we can't deploy them without bringing down all of the worlds and running a full update of all of our executables. Additionally, due to the scope of the changes we need to wait until the Test Server gets the update to make sure we don't introduce zone / world stability issues with the changes.

    Presuming everything goes OK on Test Server, the fix will be in the next live update.
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  13. Astley Augur

    Thank you for the update Jchan, and I am glad to hear it will soon be resolved.

    Just curious if there is anything more that we should do to improve getting issues like this fixed in a timely manner in the future?

    The Issue Tracker post was created on 5/31/2016.
    The thread in the TLP forums was started on 2/5/2017 as the leading progression guilds began to experience it.
    I posted the issue to this forum after nearly 2 weeks with no Dev response to the growing thread in the TLP forums and Ngreth responded to my post on 2/17/2017 that it would be sent to the right people.
    But now you say it wasn't known about until 2/21/2017 to begin getting fixed? That's still a couple of days where a major stability issue was left unaddressed.

    There was a lot of work that needed to be put through to get the instancing of PoP going on this server, and all of the Devs who responded when we had the PoP testing thread going were great because there were a lot of broken issues that were able to be resolved. But it does feel a bit like once that was done, little attention was given to concerns of the community of the TLP servers regarding problems as they come up.

    We've had some issues recently with the rollout of the PoP expansion and communication from Devs regarding exploits and fixes for other issues. Is there a proper channel we should be going through for getting concerns addressed?
  14. Prathun Developer

    Confirmed and passed information over to art team. Thank you!
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  15. Gialana Augur

    Not a huge deal, but I like to sort guild members in the guild window based on the date last logged in. Unless I'm mis-remebering (and that's always possible), before this patch, I would only have to set this ordering when I first zoned into the world. Now, my ordering gets reset every time I zone.
  16. JChan Administrator

    Having a high number of votes in the issue tracker certainly helps get things onto our radar. In general, additionally having clear reproducible steps in the ticket helps us make an official ticket internally to get things fixed. The issue tracker is a community run site so it doesn't directly connect to our internal systems and requires us to manually periodically check it.

    Also, all Devs review the Bugs reporting threads that we put up after each update. We don't all necessarily read every thread on the forums all the time. Having a link on those bug reporting threads to the issue tracker ticket helps get an issue reviewed. Note that things that don't have enough votes and spamming the bug thread with the same issue repeatedly will get the post deleted and a possible suspension / ban from the forums. (Basically, you can report old things that are "new" due to upcoming expansion unlocks or are related to things we are about to release, but don't abuse it to the point of spam.)

    For this issue in particular, going back over our records Ngreth and Absor did send it over to the correct people on 2/17 and I was mistaken on the date that we were made aware of it. We were made aware of it on 2/17, but we didn't realize the impact of the issue and update the Issue Tracker ticket until 2/21.
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  17. Talliex New Member

    I had the same issue today that the customer in post 91 had.
    Is there a new keyword or is it broke?
    Saying "signs of a struggle" is not working

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