Live Update Bugs 02/15/17

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. Password1234 New Member

    For Clayton Teek's "Fate Rewards the Bold" bonus task, he teleports you to the wrong quest npc. He sends you to the Karth Punox in Demiplane of Decay, who doesn't give Fate Rewards the Bold, rather than the Karth Punox in Plane of Health who does.
  2. Nirreln New Member

    Same here, also would like to note Clayton is trying to assign tasks which I am not high enough to get(EoK HA?) and Captain Russell Cooper refuses to give his HA even though Clayton gave the mission bonus for "Clearing a Path" shouldn't all CotF HA be given out at 75?
  3. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Thanks for the complete information. This is mostly resolved, though we still need to do another fix at some point soon to fix the wizard 61-70 merchant.
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  4. Sindaiann Augur

    Figured I would post this here. Appears MercGear is only giving the display HP/MP/END and Heroics are not effecting those stats whatsoever, unless there is some hidden set bonus applied and heroics really mean nothing.

    As you can also see, the belt is not one of the "rare" merc gear items, so whether that plays a part in a "set" bonus, I have no idea, just appears odd heroics are not fluctuating the stats at all, unless they are calculated completely different then our own heroics.









  5. Warpeace Augur

    Also having to remove and put back all four Extravagant pieces to display 600 spell damage every time I unsuspend my merc. Heroics seem to do nothing at all on their gear so something is broken.
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  6. Jhenna_BB Augur

    I'm not sure if this is a new bug but it's an ironic bug caused by a bug :D

    The named beetle "Deathgazer" in Kor'sha Lab was not able to be targeted by myself (Ranger) or the Enchanter in group upon being pulled. The Monk that pulled it and the Paladin tank could target the mob, see it in xtar, assist for a target and do damage and cast on the mob just fine. The Ranger and Enchanter just stood and cheer leaded as neither could do any of the above. The merc healers functioned just fine. It was a slow agonizing win and crossed off Hunter check mark for the group. Very odd bug. Literally lol ;)

    I cast Auspice and Group Guardian of the Forest to try to get on the agro list and it not work. I also tried to fade and it was successful to see if agro could be reestablished to no avail. All I could think on the fly to try.
  7. smash Augur

    With the introduction of xp bonus in the daily hotzone tasks, has the xp there in general been lowered a lot ?

    Prior to patch, in Sarith it was around 8-9%, aa now as a hot zone task, the xp is 4% aa.
  8. Watajoke Journeyman

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  9. Metanis Augur

    Wizzie merc dps and aggro seems to be wildly variable. Also, every time I zone with the wizzie merc using the wizzie merc ear I have to lift the ear and drop it back before the merc assumes the stats provided by the ear.

    I don't run a parser but routinely see the wizzie merc aggro changes on the same mobs before and after zoning. I logged in this morning and started killing, wizzies would jump up to about 80% on aggro. Had a death in the group, zoned out of Kor-Sha into Gates to med and buff, upon zoning back into Kor-sha and lifting and dropping every piece of gear on every merc they now only approach 30% on the aggro meter and it's taking considerably longer to kill each mob. My wizzie mercs are very near max AA and they have all the Sorcerer's Extravagant gear in every slot. Their DPS is very disappointing to say the least.
  10. DimaREZBANKED Journeyman

    With this latest patch today, druids on TLP servers actually lost quite a bit of DPS. We're already a hindered class from classic through the first 6 expansions...

    Before the patch we were able to stack Swarming Death (37.5 DPS) and Winged Death (20.3 DPS), which would be ~58DPS in dots from the Stinging Line of DoTs.
    Now are we only able to cast Swarming, which makes our DPS 40.5. The mana cost went UP from 357 to 370, also. So we're doing less damage and it's not even cheaper to cast. Our fire dots are highly resisted, very high agro, and not applicable in many situations. I am comparing our magic line only. Please bump up the damge on Swarming to ~325/tick.

    These changes are not in line with shaman and necro dots, which have increased their ratio tremendously. I've played druid as my main since 1999, I've seen all the changes come and go, we're still an under-powered class in this era on TLP.
  11. Arsenyk New Member

    Is there a new keyword or is it broke?
    Saying "signs of a struggle" is not working
  12. Absor Developer

    Works on beta... unsure why it isn't working for you.
  13. Mowens Elder

    Hey Absor thanks for fixing Plane of Hate DZ! I was just curious if you could tell me if the shield of the immaculate still drops or we're super unlucky? Either way, appreciate it. =) This is on Phinigel, by the way.
  14. Ocbeefy New Member

    Unsure of where to post this (new player) so, I figured here was the best place. I have found a location in Frontier Mountains where I can get out of the normal playable area. Mobs can be pulled into here as well. Once outside, I can't target mobs and can't aggro them in any way. I tested this with Rampage, Area Taunt, and Stormstrike Blades. I can guaranteed get out and back into the area with ease. Tested my pull on a trash mob. Didn't want to be the cause of anything horrible. If this warrants a reply, I thank you for your time.
  15. Findawenye Journeyman

    Guild looking for Player still does not save the information. I put information in, click LFPlayers On, it gives me an expiration date. I log out to server select, come back, and its all gone.
  16. JChan Administrator

    This will be fixed in the next scheduled update. It's a guild side bug. Players searching for guilds using Search Guilds will still be able to find the guild.
  17. Babittle New Member

    This is the third time I have done the Lceanium Group Mission for the last achievement I need, "You Be The Hero". I can officially say it is bugged and hope for it to be fixed soon.
    All Sarnaks never even aggroed an NPC and waves were far away from the town. Tired of doing this over and over again with no achievement given. Please DB if you can Fix this bug and let people finish there challengers it would be really helpful. I have heard many people complaining of how it was fine and now it is broke. Can you guys fix it? Three times in a row ( With 6 hour lock outs) executed perfect and no achievement given. *Feeling Frustrated*
  18. Xeladom Elder

    Letting mercs or pets get kill shots can mess up that achievement.
  19. Babittle New Member

    Only mercs that were up were healers, and no pets at all ... so again it is broken and needs to be fixed.
  20. levster New Member

    As stated before in this and other threads, Druid DoT stacking is now severely broken on TLP's. Can a dev please provide some guidance as to whether or not this is being looked at? Are there plans to look at it some day? Are there any plans to fix it? If so, when?
    It's been 3 weeks since this patch and I have yet to see a dev address this issue. If a dev has posted information regarding what they're planning to do about druid DoTs on TLP, kindly provide a link. thank you!

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