Live Update Bugs 02/15/17

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  1. svann Augur

    Dont take this wrong but - tor a cloth helm it sure has alot of plate classes on it!
    Also: no brass focus! wtf
  2. svann Augur

    Tank mercs only show 0% haste unbuffed, so if a rogue is getting 100% haste from a hidden item thats not bad.
  3. Merkutio New Member

    Still haven't seen any Dev response to the change in Druid spell line at the lower levels not meeting the intended DoT improvements as outlined in the March 2016 Patch Preview. In the preview it stated:

    "We looked at updates to those lines and increased their damage in a much more aggressive scale than we used to. This should mean that a new DoT will perform better than itself plus two previous levels of the same spell under the old scale."

    While it appears that the changes are fine at about level 73 and above, its a big nerf on TLP as similar spell lines no longer stack. For example as pointed out in a similar post on the TLP forum:

    Level 10 Stinging Swarm went from 32 a tick to 42.
    Level 24 Creeping Crud went from 49 a tick to 60.
    Level 32 Drones of Doom went from 71 a tick to 89.
    Level 40 Drifting Death went from 91 a tick to 127.
    Level 52 Winged Death went from 122 a tick to 155.
    Level 63 Swarming Death went from 225 a tick to 259.

    Based on the "itself plus previous two" rule, Swarming Death damage s/b in the neighborhood of 438 per tick (225+122+91) with an appropriate increase in mana.

    C'mon guys, druid lives matter too.:)
  4. svann Augur

    The translocator and the boat both are not working to send me to timorous deep from butcherblock. The translocator used to respond to a hail with a link to send me to timorous deep but now she just says the boats are working. But they arent. Stood on the shuttle for 15 min and nothing. This is on Bristlebane.

    edit: something weird. It works on Shirak but not on Svann. And no, Im not invis or sub lapsed.
    edit2: FV is same. Ended up binding my wiz in timorous deep then porting my bard over.
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  5. Belexes Elder

    My group managed to complete the infiltration HA but I didn't see the bonus. There was a bonus offered by Clayton Teek for Monday Feb 20. I got 3 AA for beating this insane version of the Kor-Sha Lab HA. Not sure what the bonus gives you?
  6. Koryu Augur

    Are you working on the epic ornamentation quests? Translocators specifically will not cast teleports on you while you have An Epic Request active.
  7. svann Augur

    Ok thats it. Kinda dumb. They trying to make you use the boats that havent worked in the last 10 years?
  8. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Yeah well. Still going to be cloth. There are actually an equal amount of cloth classes, plate classes, and chain classes that can use that item! It can only be one type.

    I'll look into the brass focus.
  9. Mowens Elder

    On Phinigel in PoK people are able to now buy spells that were only available via parchment / glyphed rune word turn ins. The spell vendors bugged?
  10. Mattnaik Lorekeeper

    Any chance anything will be done about this or are those of us that used melee mercs prepatch just SOL?
  11. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Now as in since earlier today, or now as in since PoP launched?

    And can you please give a specific example? NPC names will be very helpful.
  12. Zapsos Augur

    As in earlier today, they "respawned the zone" for some reason and the 61-70 spell vendors popped, Wanderer Kedrisan (druid spells) and Mystic Pikor (Shaman) are just two examples

    Seems like a roll back is in order, and quick
  13. Zapsos Augur

    Oh yeah...It happened about an hour ago
  14. Mowens Elder

    The specific class vendors in the library in PoK - they are now selling spectral parchment and ethereal parchment spells, and hundreds of players are exploiting it. They just seemingly appeared this afternoon. At least one NPC is Elementalist Siewth. This has not been the case since PoP launched, only today.
  15. Gidono Augur

    Cavalier Cerakor
    Channeler Alyrianne
    Elementalist Siewth
    Heretic Ceikon
    Illusionist Acored
    Mystic Pikor
    Pathfinder Naend
    Primalist Loerith
    Reaver Muron
    Vicar Diarin
    Wanderer Kedrisan

    Basically all the 61 thru 70 spell vendors in PoK library.
  16. Koryu Augur

    Spent some time using a Rogue merc in EoK HAs last night and noticed a few things. The merc was level 105 with the Rising Fury AA at 8/10, he was set to Burn stance, and he had Berserker/Shaman support. He's a Rallosian Orc model, if that matters (but shouldn't, the models are supposed to be just a skin).
    • He had an average of 19K DPS.
    • His average melee hit was 3423, with a max melee hit of 3972.
    • His average backstab was 16061, with a max backstab of 20949.
    • Barrage combat ability hits should show as much higher backstabs (50K non-crit), so he's not using Barrage. This means he's also not getting the Aggravated Barrage recourse buff that would improve his damage output.
    • He never performed a double, triple, or better backstab. Only one backstab was ever reported within the same second of the log file.
    • He never once cast Thief's Eyes or Thief's Vision, whichever he is supposed to use.
    • His endurance meter never dropped below 100% that I noticed, and he never said anything to the group about activating abilities (like when tank mercs announce using Fortitude or Final Stand). I'm not sure if he is using any disciplines at all.
    • Offhand hits landed at about 76% the rate of the main hand hits (I can tell because the Orc model has a shield in his offhand, so all offhand attacks are reported as bashes). The difference is probably flurries, assuming the merc can flurry.
    • He used a proc called Bite of the Shissar Poison Strike, which triggered at a rate of one third of the procs he got from the Shaman's Roar of the Lion.
    • His attack rating seems really low, at 2500. A fellow raid geared Rogue with no attack buffs has over 3700 attack, and he had to remove 11 pieces of gear to get down into the 2500 range. A group geared Rogue (better baseline for a merc) had 3200 attack.
    • As mentioned before, the merc only has an unbuffed haste of 100%, so it looks like he still isn't using the hidden/innate haste item.
    • Haste buffs also aren't fully applying their effects to the merc. Talisman of Celerity I (+60%) is putting his haste at 150%, and Hastening of Prokev (+68%) also puts his haste at 150%, so it looks like the merc is hitting a cap.
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  17. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    Looks like rogue mercs are broken pretty severely if they aren't using most of their abilities. I have been using cleric and caster mercs for years myself so I haven't had a rogue merc in a long time. Hopefully they can fix them without breaking something else.
  18. Koryu Augur

    Wanted to add a couple things about the Rogue merc, since I got a little extra info.
    • Rogue merc's base attack is actually 2300, I forgot that Enchanter haste has an attack bonus.
    • It looks like the new Assassin's Extravagant gear adds 150 attack per piece, so all 4 equipped would bring the Rogue merc up to 2900 attack, still far below an actual group geared Rogue. The merc would actually need 2 more item slots that don't exist.
    • Verified that Bard overhaste affects the merc just fine, adding the expected +25%. He's hitting a maximum of 175% haste, though.
    For fun, I decided to do a comparison to tank mercs, and that's when things got both weird and disappointing.
    • Tank baseline haste is displayed as 0% instead of 100%. So are they slowed, and they can never reach 100% haste for normal attack speed (Enchanter 68% + Bard OH 25% = 93%)? Is merc haste stacking being handled differently from player haste? Is the 100% baseline on the Rogue merc due to his hidden/innate haste item? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    • Tank average melee hit was 2627, with a max melee hit of 3425. Compare to the previously mentioned Rogue at 3423/3972. Those numbers are low values in general, and there's also very little difference from what the Rogue merc hits for.
    • Tank merc averaged an amazing 3700 DPS.
  19. doomcasters Augur

    The erudite character model in a standard robe has a graphic glitch where their butt sticks out when sitting.

    Currently only fix is hero forge armor ornaments.
  20. Imak Augur

    a rogue merc begins to cast a spell. <Bite of the Shissar Poison>
    a rogue merc begins to cast a spell. <Bite of the Shissar Poison Strike>

    In parsing a week's worth of logs, those are the only abilities the rogue merc uses, ever.

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