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  1. cisabian New Member

    wind dancer, bloodcrest, isabeau are the boats pathing through the terrain inside barren coast
  2. cisabian New Member

    ravaging death is another one, cant edit my post for some reason also =/
  3. dwish Augur

    Yes, I think you guys need to double check and make sure this was changed correctly. I am seeing a lot more misses myself with regards to feral swipe since the change.
  4. Maedhros Augur

    My understanding is that they essentially combined several lower levels of the same line into one mega dot. I believe if you add the previous spells mana cost into the one spell, that it will indeed be more mana efficient. Shammys just got a massive boon.
  5. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I have confirmed this, but currently, I don't know what's up. It may take a bit to dig up the issue.
    In the meantime, persistence seems to work. The second time I got on the boat it did zone me to the buried sea.

    Thank you for the extra information.
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  6. Astley Augur


    Is someone looking into the issue with having too many lockouts causing crashes on the TLP servers. This may be affecting Live servers as well, but not noticed because they are not clearing through as much of the older content lockouts?

    With the number of lockouts from clearing the Elemental planes and Plane of Time, you can easily get over 60-70 lockouts on your character...

    These start to build up, and they even get some form of gibberish symbols in them. displaying thousands of days of lockout time. It looks like the gibberish disappears periodically, either it refreshes itself to display the proper information after a crash, or something else, but something is broken in there.

    One guildmate even said text which he had searched for in the bazaar window was showing up inside the 'gibberish' lockouts he had on his account. So the lockout screen may be overfilled or pulling info from somewhere it shouldn't.

    Ultimately, once you have too many lockouts, it causes many people to have their eqgame.exe file crash immediately upon the creation of a new lockout or while zoning, among other possible times.

    This makes the game incredibly unstable for any of the guilds that will be clearing content in the Planes of Power expansion.
  7. Ryak Augur

    This issue appears to have been reported in 2016 on the DBG tracker. I recommend you register and vote for it and encourage anybody else you know who is being affected by this crash to vote for it too.
  8. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I can forward the information.
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  9. Shaantara Elder

    If you look at this video by a different person, you can see it's not just in Barren Coast/Buried Sea.
  10. Taladir Elder

    I have identified a potential issue with Burning Affliction IV and other Damage over Time enhancement effects since the patch. I am a Shadow Knight and have Grimror's Sleeves of the Plagues ( and I've noticed two things:

    1. There is no "Your [item] flickers with a pale light" or similar activation messages as I see on my other equipment with spell effects
    2. There seems to be no enhanced damage

    I tested this with both Clinging Darkness (level 11) and Ignite Blood (level 61). Both meet the 24 second duration requirement.

    I filled out a DBG issue tracker:
  11. Metanis Augur

    Caster level 101 HP self-buff Shield of the Pellarus will overwrite the same rank of Shaman buff Doomscale Focus however the cleric HP self-buff Armor of the Ardent which is a level 105 spell will NOT overwrite the same rank of shaman Doomscale Focus. (No druid HP buff was involved to interfere either.)

    Not necessarily a bug but also not consistent behavior.
  12. telechir Elder

    It is not correct to say the shaman spells are more efficient because you cast one now instead of 2 or 3 from the same line. The previous spells in the same line were also updated and are also less efficient. If you make "A" less efficient and "B" less efficient and add them together, the total is still less efficient than adding them together when they were both more efficient.

    They are definitely less efficient now. This is not what was promised.
  13. Fooba Elder

    3 pieces of my healer merc gear were converted to sorcerer merc gear. So now I have 2 sets of sorcerer merc gear. Sweet.
  14. Astley Augur

    Reportedly on Phinigel server - Spell vendors in the Plane of Knowledge which previously sold the level 61 class spells when PoP launched years ago are suspiciously missing, and have not been in game since Phinigel unlocked PoP/LoY.

    They probably were removed because there are out of era items for sale on them, but in other cases, out of era items were flagged to be sold by the appropriate era, and vendors were kept in game without issue.

    Is this a fix that can be seen for the Phinigel server to make sure classes can get access to their lvl 61 spells?
  15. Ngreth Thergn Developer
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  16. doomcasters Augur

    Not sure if this is a bug although reporting it anyways.

    Wizard Dichotomic fire spell is only hitting for a fraction of berserkers. Is there some reason a wizard would hit for 100k - 700k while berserkers are hitting for millions with their ability that is supposed to be the equivalent?
  17. telechir Elder

    The Circlet of Umbra head armor from Frontier Mountains will not accept an armor ornament, even though it has an ornament slot.
  18. Qbert Augur

    It will, but it is a cloth helm, so you can't use for example . . . a plate ornament.
  19. Koryu Augur

    Rogue Mercenaries may still not be using their hidden haste item. A totally unbuffed rogue merc shows as only having 100% haste (unmodified), while a totally unbuffed player shows having greater than 100% haste due to worn gear (modified).
  20. Mowens Elder

    Wanted to add, the Agent of Change in South Ro is bugged, currently when you try to port up to Plane of Hate by saying 'ready' it gives you the message that "Perhaps you would be able to enter if you had a reason to come here" in red text and does not let you enter.

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