Live Update Bugs 02/15/17

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  1. Mojoslinger Elder

    so was it intended for fast dots not to stack with regular dots? because the shaman fast poison and disease dots are blocked by Reef Crawlers Blood and Breath of Hemocoraxius
  2. ~Mills~ Augur

    I think the question at hand was did the devs really intend for druids and shaman to be dps classes. Not priests who could add some dps. Cause right now its not necros who should be using dots in many cases.
  3. Zunar Augur

    Beastlord feral swipe AA has even more misses now than before.
    It regularly misses hits now.
  4. Caemien Elder

    To be more clear: I have noticed that both HSta and HWis are providing no extra benefit to merc healers or tanks. Not sure about other stats.
  5. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I see the issue with these Errands. I'll consult and see when a fix can be implemented.
  6. Gidono

  7. Hludwolf Developer

    Investigating this, was it locked when you died? Or did it lock after you died?
    I tested in griegs end just now in a locked pick on Phinny and was ok. Tested with all combinations.

    Player Name? You can PM to me if you want
  8. Renshu Augur

    Not sure if it was locked when I died, but it was locked not long after I died. I had a box in the pick. I ran my char back to GE and as soon as I tried to pick over (and couldn't), the corpse poofed. Instead of having a targetable corpse in the group window, it was shaded red, like being out of zone on my box's computer.

    Also, I tried a /consent to see where my corpse was, didn't get a message on the zone. No corpse in Shadowrest. No corpse in the main zone either.

    Char is Volts.
  9. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I am also working on this, but it is more than the 6-8 spells people have listed, so I'm taking the time to do it as correctly as possible with the information we can gather.
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  10. Hludwolf Developer

    Which character saw the corpse poof?
  11. Rakknar Elder

    Exp gained while grouped with fellowship players sharing exp seems broken. In about 300 Chardok kills my bard got 50 AA. As soon as I disabled his sharing he got 5 AA in 6 kills. I shut off all sharing and exp became reasonable albeit less than pre patch fellowship exp.
  12. PathToEternity

    Thank you Ngreth !
  13. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    If I was to guess they are upping the utility of these classes as these wis casters healing has been supplanted somewhat by healer mercs. Not the whole story I am sure but possibly part of it.
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  14. Mattnaik Lorekeeper

    Old Melee DPS merc gear from COTF had 2 weapons (both the same, primary/secondary). When converted to the new gear they convert to shoulders. So I am effectively out a piece of merc gear cause I can't equip two shoulder pieces.

    Any compensation planned for this scenario?
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  15. Gidono

    Excellent. Thanks for the response!
  16. Renshu Augur

  17. Khat_Nip Meow

    One thing I noticed yesterday and am also experiencing today is that when I switch merc types or zone it no longer realizes the stats of the one new piece of merc gear that I picked up from a named post-patch until I take it out of the slot and put it back in.

    When I logged in after patch I converted my existing merc gear.
    Afterwhich I ran through the Goblins and Fools HA with my wizard merc until the end that I switched to cleric merc to kill Merchant Triala which dropped Sorcerer's Extravagant Earring.

    I applied this earring in its respective slot while the cleric merc was up. Now every time my wizard merc is up and I log, zone, or switch to cleric merc and back to wiz it doesn't recognize the stats until, as I mentioned before, I take it out of the slot and put it back in. Zone again and the same problem resurfaces.
  18. Lisard Augur

    posted on the other post...but the heroics on the merc gear are not adding anything to the merc. they are only receiving the face value of HP/Mana/End/AC....nothing else.
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  19. Jaera Augur

    Dynamic Zone Lockout Overflow Crash
    Reproduction: Get 75 entries in the Dynamic Zone window by completing events (Luclin and Planes of Power instances are sufficient) then continue to get lockouts
    Result: Intermittently, eqgame.exe crashes and gibberish lockouts are added to the Dynamic Zone window.

    Double Replay Timer Lockout
    Reproduction: Join an AoC- based instance (one that gives a Replay Timer), drop the Dynamic Zone, and re-enter the Dynamic Zone once all events are completed.
    Result: The lockout timer "replay timer" given for that instance is now doubled from 6.5 days to 13.0 days.
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  20. Nitehood New Member

    Boats are still pathing incorrectly in the Barren Coast.