Live Update Bugs 01/05/2018

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. Yinla Augur

    Channel is now back to normal

    Whatever caused us to not be allowed to join the channel still needs fixing.
  2. Angahran Augur

  3. Angahran Augur

    Could we please get 'Wet Clay' (useless foraged item from Overthere) made stackeable ?
    It is at least sellable, unlike the Frigid Energy Shards from Eok (which did stack).

    Not a bug, but is there any possibility of getting the advanced loot filtering added to forage ? so we can stop filling our bags with useless items ?
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  4. Schadenfreude Augur

    I killed over 30 animal/golem mobs in OT and didn't see a single TS component so adding them to the forage table would be excellent. Kunark Conflagrant Powder especially seems too rare compared to previous expansion potion drops.
  5. Riou Augur

    Ring of Scale Hero's Resolution AA Rewards earned before the 12/19/17 Patch do not seem to have been added to the Toons who have earned it, causing the Toon to NOT be able to hit 25/25 if they earned any before that Patch. Only the ones earned After that Patch seem to be added properly.
  6. Imak Augur

    Confirming Hero's Resolution bug. I should be at 25/25. There is nothing incomplete in the Ach Window which would increase my Resolution any further. Currently sitting at 22/25 due to RoS Savior rewards being claimed early December not increasing ranks of the AA line.

    Hero's Fortitude and Hero's Vitality both seem to have increased normally for me.
  7. Pfaffe Journeyman

    Cleric Mercs overwrite Rk. III combo Skin and Symbol with Assurance Rk. II

    Mercs XP go negative and don't gain XP continuously

    Skyfire and Gorowyn drakes are targeting me with aura although I'm FD - they aren't aggroing me while doing so - obviously either a bug or kinda late to change the pattern for FD, don't you think???
    When I get killed and getting rezzed within seconds after I loose complete control. No mouse clicks, no keyboard function for discs, spells, skills except ctrl + x for camping

    Gorowyn sickly chokidai mission - mission gets bugged in the friendly chokidai part when either go invis or FD.
    Please don't suspend or bann me for exploiting that mission. My group had to reget the mission yesterday within 10 mins because we got stuck caused by the bug discribed above.
  8. Sad Panda Elder

    It is not bugged, the mechanic is intended to stop when you FD or Invis because it would make the event to easy. It forces you to fight at the times you are required.

    The workaround you seek is to have a separate group mez or kill the two mobs that agro near the event start and the two guardian dogs that path in your way. Then you can just walk around freely with no agro and only have to kill the mobs to get the event moving, the sarnak broiler that your "friend" walks back to, and the three unique lavalisk mobs that spawn on the ramp.
  9. Huna Journeyman

    Did a fresh test copy and now it added an e to the end of my characters name.
  10. kizant Augur

    One bug I ran into the other day with the Gorowyn sickly chokidai mission is that the adds spawned on the wrong player. I started the quest, did all the updates, and had the chokidai as pet on my wizard. Then when it got to the step where you leave with the egg I left the wiz and chokidai in the starting building and ran just my enc out to the add spawn spot. As soon as I got my enc to the spot they spawned.
  11. klanderso Developer

    This is intended. When test copying a character and the name collides with an existing character you don't own, it'll add a vowel or x to the end of the name of the character being copied.
  12. Natal Augur

    Confirmed that the merc experience bug still exists after the patch.

    Checked on my three main toons on logging on today, in all three cases experience progress had been reset from 70-80% into an AA to apparently zero (actually less, since it takes considerable play time to get it positive again).

    What seems to be happening is that when you log back in, merc AA progress is being randomly being made negative instead of positive, which means that to level an AA you need to grind through all of the negative value, then through all of the positive. If you don't finish the AA in the session, you risk it going negative again and you have to wade through it all over again. S
    ometimes it happens, sometimes it does not, for no obvious reason, and I have tried all sorts of things before logging out - nothing stops it

    This making progress in merc AA very difficult unless you play for long enough to earn a complete merc AA in a session (and as you all know, that takes a long time).

    It is very frustrating, I have lost countless merc AA in the last month since RoS was released because of this bug.

    Could the devs PLEASE look at this, or at least acknowledge that there is a problem so that we know they are aware of it. Or someone who has contacts with them let them know, because it is not clear if they know about the bug and there is no way to communicate it to them if they don't read these boards.

    {Excuse the font changes, cutting and pasting does weird things with the forum editor}
  13. Derd Augur

    Well it's in the test patch, which is only for test. So you won't see it on live for at least a week.
  14. Sindaiann Augur

    Transfixing Stare is operating in a way that I can only describe as unintended.

    The Stare line historically is never a spell line I have ever experienced mezzing the caster and its the one I use faithfully and always have. The Wave line was the one that had a chance to mezz the caster.

    Is this something that is considered an intended change or somehow unintended?

    I could not reproduce this recently however I was able to produce situations where I am resisting the Deep Sleep portion which indicates something is going on with Stare. Since RoS launch I have been mezzed by Stare a total of 2 times.

    I combed logs trying to find the few times it has happened

    [Sun Dec 24 18:05:11 2017] You begin casting Transfixing Stare.
    [Sun Dec 24 18:05:12 2017] A mature flame protector feels very sleepy.
    [Sun Dec 24 18:05:12 2017] An onyx skywing feels very sleepy.
    [Sun Dec 24 18:05:12 2017] You feel sleepy, very sleepy...

    [Sat Jan 06 21:18:14 2018] You begin casting Transfixing Stare Rk. II.
    [Sat Jan 06 21:18:15 2018] You feel sleepy, very sleepy...
    [Sat Jan 06 21:18:15 2018] A frenetic racnar feels very sleepy.

    [Wed Jan 10 08:29:33 2018] You begin casting Transfixing Stare Rk. II.
    [Wed Jan 10 08:29:35 2018] You resist the Deep Sleep VIII spell!
    [Wed Jan 10 08:29:35 2018] Combat Dummy Dena feels very sleepy.
    [Wed Jan 10 08:29:35 2018] Combat Dummy Caza feels very sleepy.
    [Wed Jan 10 08:29:35 2018] Combat Dummy Beza feels very sleepy.
    [Wed Jan 10 08:29:35 2018] Combat Dummy Azia feels very sleepy.

    [Wed Jan 10 08:29:57 2018] You begin casting Transfixing Stare Rk. II.
    [Wed Jan 10 08:29:58 2018] You resist the Deep Sleep VIII spell!
    [Wed Jan 10 08:29:58 2018] Combat Dummy Dena feels very sleepy.
    [Wed Jan 10 08:29:58 2018] Combat Dummy Caza feels very sleepy.
    [Wed Jan 10 08:29:58 2018] Combat Dummy Beza feels very sleepy.
    [Wed Jan 10 08:29:58 2018] Combat Dummy Azia feels very sleepy.

    [Wed Jan 10 08:37:18 2018] You begin casting Transfixing Stare Rk. II.
    [Wed Jan 10 08:31:21 2018] You resist the Deep Sleep VIII spell!
    [Wed Jan 10 08:37:29 2018] Combat Dummy Dena feels very sleepy.
    [Wed Jan 10 08:37:29 2018] Combat Dummy Caza feels very sleepy.
    [Wed Jan 10 08:37:29 2018] Combat Dummy Beza feels very sleepy.
    [Wed Jan 10 08:37:29 2018] Combat Dummy Azia feels very sleepy.

    Understand that I am asking this because I have literally never, EVER, saw this occur with any other Stare line spell.

    Thanks in advance
  15. Sindaiann Augur

    Had mine fixed by petition including screenshots of AA window and relevant achievements.
  16. Gregwarrian New Member

    Melee Merc at 6.00 aas at start of two Dead Hill Heroic tasks was 6.75 at the end of them. I then left the last task and noticed a bit later the xp was back to 6.0 accrued aas.
  17. Axxius Augur

    [9477] Glyph of Arcane Secrets is capped at lv 105 and doesn't work on lv 106+ spells
  18. Oxgoad Lorekeeper

    Something changed in the last year such that when you sell an item to a NPC vendor which they do not normally carry but they happen to have already bought from a player, the Qty. column doesn't update.

    As an example, if a player sells 1 fish roll to Cook Kosey and then I come along and sell 1 fish roll to him, it still shows that he has only 1 fish roll. The Qty. only updates if I close the window and reopen it.

    Additionally, if you then buy the supposedly last fish roll, the Qty. changes to make it look as though Cook Kosey now has an unlimited supply of fish rolls. Happily (or unhappily for some), this is not a functional exploit. It doesn't magically turn one fish roll into a meal to feed the masses. Cook Kosey is not Jesus, after all. If you then attempt to buy a stack of 100 fish rolls, you only get the actual number Kosey has in his inventory, which in this case is 1.

    The effect on gameplay is negligible, but I thought you might want to know about it. It's possible that someone else has already reported this, but I couldn't find it with the keywords I chose to search on.

    P.S. If a small group of drakkin now start worshipping Cook Kosey, I bear no responsibility.
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  19. Moege Augur


    Rogue is not assassinating dark blue sarnaks. i.e meat broilers/ citizen
  20. Gragenn New Member

    I know I for one put all the AA possible into forage, just for the off chance of getting TS materials. Otherwise, what did I waste the time for? I have enough berries.

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