List of EQ Resources for new and returning players on TLP

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    TLP resources for new and returning players compiled by Magus Imperialis Magicus Discord Link
    • P99 Wiki – The P99 Wiki has wide ranging information on most aspects of Classic, Kunark, and Velious. Be aware that some aspects are incorrect for the TLPs but the site is frankly cleaner than most EQ sites.
    • ZAM – The de facto site for everything EverQuest related. Be aware, site looks incredibly messy and bad without a good ad blocker or premium (Premium is like $1 a month)
    • EQ Traders – EQ Traders is the de facto site for everything to do with EverQuest trade skills. Also has TLP specific recipes available.
    • EQ Interface – Tired of your UI? Come here to fix it.
    • EQ Items – Great for finding best in slot items for your character. Also has spell vendor locations available.
    • Raid Loot – Similar to EQ Items but more focused on raiding information.
    • Magelo – A great site for spawn point information, loot, as well as creating test characters to check out your potential stats.
    • EQ Resource – A resource. For EverQuest.
    • Brewall’s Maps – Maps that can be downloaded and extracted to your maps folder for in-game maps.
    • Gam text trigger – Do not use parser from this link - is broken currently. See below link for Gam Parse.
    • Gam Parse - Updated v ersion of Gam Parse
    • GINA – Anoter text trigger program. The go to on the TLPs. Seriously, if you’re a class that charms or has stuns. Set a trigger for charm breaks.
    • EQ Raid Targets – Info on EQ Raid targets up through Gates of Discord
    • EQ Advanced Loot Guide – Video
    • EQ Stats - Another database site with items, spells, etc.
    • Official EQ Site – Official EverQuest site still with active forums
    • Official EQ Discord – Invite to the Official EverQuest discord
    • Zone ID List – Provides a list of zone IDs for use in /who commands.
    • Steve Prutz EQ Map Preserve – A further resource for maps from Classic, Kunark, and Velious. Offers several alternatives per zone.
    • Lore of Norrath – EverQuest Lore for the roughly 30 people who are interested in that. Well put together.
    • Almar’s Guides – Has many useful guides – including TLP specific trade skill guides
    • Updated Group XP Numbers
    • EQ Command List - List of EverQuest / commands.
    I've seen posts here and there with a smattering of some of the links here but never really seen an exhaustive list. Still super open if you guys have any hidden gems I've missed!
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    That's a pretty solid list.

    My main caveat would be for people to treat EQitems with a large helping of salt. It gives a good list of suggested items per slot but the rankings are kind of suspsect and often contain out of era drops that you can't actually get on TLPs

    I remember back on like Phinny, wasting a few hours camping some named spider in Velks only to find out the item he supposedly dropped had been removed for that server :eek:
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    You can't who by zone name.
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    Unable to edit after a certain amount of time fyi~

    good to see my list helped you along the way :p
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    Ya, didn't know about the lack of edit time at time of posting.

    Minpire, I'm sure you're list is lovely but I've had this one for a while now :p
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    either way, i think our list is are Very Essential to directing people in need xD

    I added your post into my signature to help people even more :p
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    The LORE link was amazing thanks for adding it.

    Wish everyone A Happy New TLP launch whichever server you choose!
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    Nice. Wouldn't be a bad idea to sticky this.
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    This should really be stickied/updated. So much good info for newer/returning players.
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    You can't go wrong for some very good quest walk thrus here (not just for paladins but it is the link I have)
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    Nice. These are the must haves for me every TLP I bust out a subscription to Zam for a couple months.

    Brewalls and GINA are standard.
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    I made this a long time ago for setting up, using, and troubleshooting GINA. Anyone is free to use it as they please.

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    New TLP item tracker discord is up, and it looks like they are also working on the searchable webpage again too!