Liquid Courage mission

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  1. Tucoh Augur

    Going to attempt this tonight, anyone know what the preferred method is to maximize a chance for a helm, and avoiding it going to a merc (if that's still possible)?
  2. Tucoh Augur

    Successfully completed the mission and received the helm. I'm not sure how everything works but I'll attempt to breakdown our progress as much as possible to fit the pieces together.

    We approached the mission without attempting any special strategy to get the helm. We went to the quest NPC straight away and then farmed the armor pieces on the bloodtusks. After 33 kills of mostly bloodtusks and a few Gindan's and one Tamrelian, we finished the armor pieces, made the brew and then started the escort right away.

    During the escort quest I checked to see if Buzoan would aggro mobs, he did not and my bard died and was booted out of the zone. After completing the escort quest (Comprising of a total of 12 kills including Gordash), we traveled to the bloodtusks again and popped lessons. About 25 minutes later the task dropped. Literally two seconds before we were booted from the zone, we received the message that the bard bot (of all players) was granted the helm trophy. The kill log shows that we killed exactly 90 bloodtusks after killing Godash.

    So, the above is a pretty confusing string of events. 135 kills in total. 102 kills after starting the escort quest, 90 after killing Gordash and 91 consecutive kills with everyone in the zone. The most confusing part is the time sequence of being dropped from the quest, getting the helm and getting ported.

    Based on our experience and what's written in this thread the weak hypothesis that I'm operating under is that one needs to have ~90 consecutive kills in the zone without anyone leaving or joining the zone in order to trigger the helm spawn.

    I'm hoping the helm isn't still sometimes deposited to mercenaries.
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  3. Thrillho Augur

    Managed to get a helm yesterday after 73 kills.

    Group comprised of myself, bard box, and 2 mercs. Didn't drop any mercs, didn't let either of us die, didn't leave the zone. Got to the part in the task where I needed to collect armor. Went out to the zone-in area and killed giants. Got all armor pieces, and stayed killing in the same spot. Luckily the helm went to my main (didn't realize it may not). Turned in armor, made the brew, escorted the dude, kicked task.
  4. Prathun Developer

    Grats on the helm, and glad to hear the mission is working better this year.
    The function that grabs the list of the PCs in the zone does not grab mercenaries.
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  5. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    After seeing Tucoh and Thrillho were able to get the reward, I decided to give this yet another try, and I also received the reward. Gamparse indicates that I got the reward after 74 kills. Here are the tidbits:
    • 3-boxed SK, Wizzy, Druid. Wizzy already had helm reward from previous year (so frustrating that you can't specify who receives the reward!).
    • After handing in the sword, I returned to the zone-in area and killed sheartooth.
    • After 30 kills I screwed up and both the SK and the wizzy died. The druid evac'd (zoned).
    • I did not drop instance, but rezzed the SK before it respawned. After about 44 more kills, I received the reward on the SK.
    So you might actually be able to "point" the reward to a specific toon by zoning the OTHER toons out (to reset their kill counts). <shrug>?
  6. Tucoh Augur

    Did this another three times.

    I still don't fully understand it, but the last try I just hailed the minotaur, then set up shop killing the ravager lion creatures in the SW corner which are super easy and respawn quickly to get armor, turn it in when you get it, do the alcohol bit and then keep farming the ravager lions.

    It appeared that dying did not reset the counter if I didn't leave the zone and neither did my merc dying and being revived.

    The last time took 20 minutes in total, and you don't get a tasktimer so we did it back to back.

    I suspect what NameAlreadyInUse said could be possible, that you could zone out a character to reset their personal timer, but who knows. If I had a fresh box team and just wanted to get the trophy on the tank I'd try it.
  7. GoldenFrog Augur

    Similar to other previous - I took quest up to "Acquire Armor" step. Then moved to zone-in and just killed Ogres/Skeletons... whatever.

    All dropped armor - plus after exactly 71 kills our SK was awarded the helm.
  8. Koryu Augur

    How long is it taking you guys to do those 71 kills? We did similar, getting the task to the point of collecting the armor, then grinding mobs. It took us 426 mobs total for 3 trophies, about 140 per trophy, double what everybody else is saying. Maybe a minimum amount of time has to pass as well before the script checks to award the trophy.
  9. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    My reward came about 1 hr, 8 minutes after the first mob died. 74 mobs, and a small hiccup in the middle.

    I then seem to have waited an hour before doing the escort for fun :)
  10. Thunderkiks Augur

    Did this mission the other night to get the trophy for my new bard and it took us 114 kills to get trophy. We got the armor and then did the escort up until the final guy then stayed around killing until it was rewarded. Finished mission after she got it.
  11. Tucoh Augur

    You got three from one mission? Thats funny i wouldnt have expected that was possible.

    The last helm we got took about 20 minutes and about 75 mobs. We also got the helm before getting a tasktimer, so we could repeat the quest if necessary.
  12. Koryu Augur

    No. It took about 45 minutes of killing for 140 mobs before we got our trophy. Then we would drop the mission, request and repeat the grind.
  13. Tucoh Augur

    Which mobs did you kill? We got two from the boars and two from the ravager lions.
  14. Koryu Augur

    For the first run, about half the kills were a mixed bag of trash in the East castle. But the zone has respawns and we lacked a class with Beneficial Dispel to deal with the BS buffs of War, so we moved on to boars in the SE corner. All kills for the next two trophies were purely from boars, but took just as many kills to get.
  15. Kravn Augur

    There has to be a better reward mechanic than just having it randomly given to someone in the group... especially for the time investment to achieve the bonus.
  16. Dropfast Augur

    I got the helm today for a friend and it was very easy. It no longer targets mercs or pets, that only happened when it was bugged. All I did was get the mission, turn in the sword, then went and killed 74 wrogs. It will skip over anyone who already has the helm since it's lore. I'm guessing it picks one person who doesn't have it and rewards to them. So the easy easy to get it for whoever you want is to just bring them and not your other 27 Alts. I also gave all the armor pieces to the person I wanted to get the helm just to be safe but not sure if that matters at all, probably not but I did it anyway.

    You do not have to kill at bridge, it has nothing to do with time, it has nothing to do with what mobs you kill. It's just a straight up kill count. Someone else said they got it after 73 kills, I got mine at 74 but I was killing fast so it may have just taken time to update. It could vary a little maybe but I doubt it, it surly does not take 140 kills. Save yourself countless time and just kill the easy mobs > Aka Wrogs or Boars. Took all of 40 mins and I was slacking.

    As for armor pieces, they too drop off anything in the zone so again, killing wrogs / boars is the fastest way to get them if you want to actually finish it. Hands are the rarest piece but still got them in less than 50 wrogs.
  17. Tucoh Augur

    Dumb question: Nobody died/entered the instance / changed mercs through all of your ~140 kill playthroughs, did they?
  18. Koryu Augur

    Sometimes a merc died because they do stupid things ("What's an assist ring? I don't need to wait for mobs to enter camp before nuking, even though the Puller is set.") and they are extremely soft. The 140 count was pretty consistent. Maybe next time we just won't bother with a merc, they're trash anyway.
  19. Findawenye Journeyman

    157 mobs in by Buzoan and still no helm... 4 1/2 hours wasted so far :(
  20. Tucoh Augur

    Nobody in this thread seems to know for sure how it works, but here's what I've done that works:
    0. Don't let anyone die or enter the zone after you hail the minotaur.
    1. Hailed the minotaur (I always seemed to do this with the character that didn't have the sword, but I doubt it matters).
    2. Set up shop killing the ravager lion creatures in the SW corner which are super easy and respawn quickly to get armor.
    3. Turn the armor in
    4. Do the alcohol bit.
    5. Don't do the escort bit
    6. Keep farming the ravager lions until you get the helm.

    Last time I did it, it took ~20 minutes and ~75 from zone in to getting the helm.

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