Ligament Slice causes mobs to run?

Discussion in 'Melee' started by Myca775, Jan 30, 2020.

  1. Belexes Augur

    Cray cray? What in the name of Hades does that mean? Do you mean crazy?

    I don't see why. Mob turns and moves slowly away from me, it dies quickly. If I am moloing, the mobs I molo last less than 30 seconds face to face anyways. If they turn, it they are almost instantly dead.

    Better yet, if intimidation procs and they freeze, I move behind them.

    I usually pick good camping spots where I don't sweat mobs moving 15 feet before they die.

    I ain't moling mobs in ToV or anything really hard. I do molo mobs in Sathir's Tomb with my rogue. I have had no issues with aggro from mobs that try to run. I usually pick a good spot to camp. In Sathir's. I pull to the door way just before the big room with all the sarnaks in it. Easy to pull singles with a rogue. Healer merc keeps me up just fine at 113 and now 114. I can do 2 at a time if needed, just not very often.
  2. Myca775 Journeyman

    Mobs don't run from me, between my stuns and my mages air pet they don't go anywhere and they're dead in about 10-15seconds anyway.

    I don't just "Refuse" to use a skill cause I don't know how to work with it, it has good debuffs I was just verifying what others have said about causing mobs to run cause it hasn't happened to me yet. I never said I LOVE when mobs run obviously if it was happening too often that I couldn't control id stop using the skill but like I said it doesn't happen for me. Use your skills , stun the mobs, if mobs run while you're grouped don't use skill but im going to continue to use it especially while I 2boxing.
  3. Myca775 Journeyman

    Exactly, a skilled rogue knows what to do.

    I also molo in ST and lately in Ry'gorr Mines they aren't that tough of course I only go for the 114 and below ones to make kills faster and yes I still use Ligament when molo and still have yet to see a mob run , or walk away cause it will be snared, and id just stun him anyway.

    Until Ligament Slice becomes an issue i'm going to continue to use it.
  4. Zipe Augur

    That is not a fear and neither a bug... it's how Blind works.
    Previously, when the AA weren't merged, I stopped using it because of that blind could lead to potential wipes, like you mentioning. Now that they are merged I just take the risk...
    It's not random... what's random is the direction that the mob runs to while blinded.
    A blinded mob won't run if he have his target (or adquire new target?) on the melee range. He is not fleeing or being feared nor intimidated... he is just running on a random direction trying to find his target, and the direction is random because the mob is blind.
    I remember there was some debate on how it worked a pair of years ago due to Flash of Light usage for tanking on low levels... but can't really remember the author.
    If you want to test how it works is easy... just Blind a mob and run away from it, two things will happen: he'll be lucky and run towards you or unlucky and run to a totally random direction.

    TL;DR if you don't want them to run away just stay on melee range at all times.
  5. Coronay Augur

    They run even if multiple people are in melee range tho
  6. Belexes Augur

    Once I hit 115 and get some more AAs under my belt, I will be try moloing in ToV. If it takes more than 45 secs to molo a mob there, then I will just duo with my SK. That would be more efficient, since I am assured of only attacking from behind on rogue. They will die faster. I guess I could tank with rogue and pair him with the ranger. Might be faster than with SK. :)

    This ligament slice deal hasn't been an negative for me, only a positive.

    When you are soloing with a rogue and a healer merc, you want to use everything that makes sense to use to ensure you have the back facing you as much as possible. You want to use everything you can that helps your dps. The less time it takes to kill a mob, the less time you are tanking it face to face and taking damage. If you have their back, you ain't tanking either. :) You want your healer merc's job to be as easy as possible. :)
  7. Myca775 Journeyman

    yep anytime stun is available I swing around to back, taking hits isn't a problem cause im finding im doing a lot of riposte assassinations, I also bait the merc sometimes by using Conditioned Reflexes, drops all agro and goes after merc leaving mob open for more backstabs, merc can take a few hits.
  8. Belexes Augur

    Yes, I use Conditioned Reflexes always!! I use it to let healer merc tank as well. It helps with moloing for sure. Once I lose aggro, I don't attack and let the merc get aggro built up so I get more back time before it turns back to me. :) Healer merc is wearing all tank merc gear.

    Yeah, still get a decent amount of assassinate procs from front if your hdex is up there.

    Conditioned Reflexes also really helps when your rogue is tanking more than one. I spam it when tanking more than one.The healer merc will almost always get a mob on it and gives you some time to take one out without dying and then once dead, you can go save the merc. :p

    I have a GINA trigger for Conditioned Reflexes so I know when to refresh it. It really helps.

    Rogues do have some defensive buttons as well. There isn't a accuracy penalty for Tumble anymore. I used to spam Dirty Fighting, but now I don't have to. I use Ligament Slice.

    Rogues have a lot of useful buttons.

    I also let mercs get aggro when using my ranger if the mob summons. I will pull it, let merc get aggro and then range it down. I get some good shots in before I have to resume tanking again. Good chance it dies before I have to tank.

    I am gonna try using a tank merc with the ranger and see if I can keep him up with heals, so I won't get summoned as much. I always keep two heal spells mem'd. If I can keep a tank merc up on headshootable summoning mobs, I will be sh**ing in some tall cotton!

    Here is some more insight on the recent changes. Patch notes from Nov 20, 2019.

    - Rogue - Removed the accuracy penalty and increased the melee damage guard for all ranks of Tumble.
    - Rogue - Consolidated Absorbing Agent to be ranks of Twisted Shank. The combined ability now increases your target's incoming poison damage, reduces the effects of healing, and deals damage for 1 minute with a 90 second reuse time.
    - Rogue - Consolidated Dirty Fighting to be ranks of Ligament Slice. The combined ability now directly inflicts blindness, reduces your target's accuracy, movement rate, and armor class for up to 90 seconds when activated.
  9. Legionarius - Xegony Elder

    Ligament Slice has a Blindness property, it's not fear. Most mobs are immune to it though i'm guessing.

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