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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by roth, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. roth Augur

    Just got my ranger hands on a weapon with this proc. For that matter, this is the first time I’ve gotten my hands on a tap proc that was separate like this.

    Is there a reason why the healing component is not being boosted by AA’s or Heal Amt?

    The proc itself is for 2520 damage, heals 1800.
    With 1447 Heal Amt, 1556 Spell Dmg, and both Healing Adept and Healing Gift maxed, The proc is nuking for 2904 damage (13358 on crit, with Destructive Fury 21/24) but no matter what, its only healing for 1800.

    Is this a bug or something done deliberately, that things do not affect the heal?
  2. Jhenna_BB Augur

    It's a design choice. The combination of using Boon of the Seeress to boost Lifetaps with the ability to crit the proc and crit the heal portion (as you said augmented by and HA stat - but don't forger SD stat as well) by hybrids with force procs lead to the birth of Lifedraws in EoK. Going further with this design, more control with the healing portion seems to be at the crux of it all. They have full control making the heal portion not able to be augmented in anyway.

    Lifedraws are complete trash. They should be much closer in damage to other damage procs if that little healing is coming in.
  3. roth Augur

    Oh, I can see decoupling the healing from the damage. The way older taps work, any increase in the amount of the damage done increases the base damage of the heal. So, if this tap worked the way older ones did, then Spell Dmg increasing the 2550 to 2909 meant that the base heal was 2909, and Heal Gift, Heal Adept, and Heal Amt would all build upon that.

    What I was expecting though, was that the base heal would be capped at the 1800, and that the AA’s and Heal Amt would build upon that 1800 .. not that they would have absolutely no effect at all upon it. So Spell Dmg, critting, etc. on the nuke would not bump the heal, but the other means by which heals get bumped would still apply.

    And not seeing that, seeing absolutely no effect upon the tap at all by those things, confused me. That’s the entire point of those stats/AA’s, to boost the healing done.
  4. Bigstomp Augur

    Makes sense to me. It always seemed a little off that a weapon (the weapon is healing you - you aren't healing you) or a potion would heal a ranger more than it would a rogue for example.
  5. roth Augur

    I don’t care for that logic, because by it, procs should not be affected by AA’s or Spell Dmg either.

    I also don’t care for it because, historically speaking, since the introduction of the relevant AA’s and stats, they HAVE affected procs. Up until this one particular subset of lifetap procs, anyway.

    I find it more than a little strange that my berserker’s Curtaincaller, with its WEAKER lifetap proc (1500 point proc) should heal for only 25 points less than this stronger lifetap proc.
  6. yepmetoo Augur

    It is garbage, especially for for big 2her procs for knights.1080 dmg lifetap on Zealator's Ambition heals for more than Mercy over time by a wide margin.
  7. Bigstomp Augur

    Oh, I'm sure it used to work that way which is why they changed it.
    But logically a proc or drinking a potion (since the items are causing the effect) - should be equal no matter who uses it. Unless you get an aa that says procs proc more.
  8. svann Augur

    are you talking about vampire draw?
  9. kyong Elder

    Hybrids complaining while pure melee would never crit that 1/2 as much, and heal 1/10 or less. You're complaining that your 13358 crit doesn't heal for 13358 + heal amount or a double (or more!!!) heal of 30+k?? Is that how it worked? Jeez!!! Our proc % is way behind your spell dmg % and I'm curious as to why. Should spell % even work on this?
  10. roth Augur

    Oh, I understand that its very out of whack for a 12k crit tap to be a 12k base heal, which is then enhanced by factors.

    So yes, I understand the decoupling of the heal from the tap. Which is what I expected the “nuke for 2520, heal for 1800” to be doing.

    What I DON’T understand is why Heal Amt won’t affect this proc at all, while Spell Dmg will boost the amount nuked for. That’s the entire purpose of Healing Gift, Heal Amt, and Heal Amt - to boost healing that comes from the character, just as Empowered Ingenuity/Destructive Fury, and Spell Dmg, boost the nukes that come from the character.
  11. kyong Elder

    It should work and give you heal amount. They should change our spell dmg to be 1:1 addition to procs through new line of AA. Does your hybrids heal amount add at 1:4 or 1:1?

    Is Silken Trillium working for it with the +750 heal amount? While they're working on that, the heal on Brell's Strike should be made to work with Silken Trillium. I don't think it works.
  12. fransisco Augur

    The application of spell damage is based upon the casting time of the spell.
    The shorter the casting time (procs are instant) the smaller amount of damage is added.
    I don't know, but I Assume heal amount functions the same way.
  13. roth Augur

    As I remember ...

    The total added by Heal Amt or Spell Dmg is : (Cast Time + Recast Time) / 7
    That amount has a floor of 0.25, so procs (0 cast and 0 recast) aren’t 0. This also explains why the Winter’s and Summer’s lines of Druid/ranger nukes, back when the fire and ice portions of the spell had significant cast/recast times that were ignored by the actual mechanics of the spell itself, gained so much from Spell Dmg.
    Anyway, take that total and multiply it by Spell Dmg, or Heal Amt, to see what your stat is adding to your spells/procs, as appropriate. Bear in mind, that Spell Dmg and Heal Amt basically count as “damage bonus” - they are added AFTER any crit or focus or any other mod is applied.

    With 1500ish Heal Amt, I should not be healed for merely 1800 with that proc; I should be healed for around 2175 if healing AA’s are not going to work; I should be healed for a bit more with those AA’s.
  14. mmats Augur

    The heal portion has a max limit attached, whereas the damage does not.

    [47706] Vampiric Draw V
    1: Decrease Current HP by 2520
    2: Return 71.5% of Damage as HP, Max Per Hit: 1800

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  15. Ghubuk Augur

    If I remember correctly, during beta it was discussed the reasoning for splitting the heal portion off is so that it could still follow the old rules for being focused etc.
  16. fransisco Augur

    then maybe we have a bug
  17. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Ghubuk is mistaken. separated so it was not enhanced.
    We wanted to increase the damage with more control of the healing amount.
    I know somewhere in the next few posts will be something about how stupid we are and how horrible designers we are.
    So be it :)
    With how much people can proc and increase the amount proc's do, we did not want the healing to gain as much. The general "no focus" flag is all or nothing which would affect the damage on the proc as well, so this is our compromise to allow some restricted healing, but not restrict the damage done.
    This came about with the relatively large increase in weapon proc effectiveness.
  18. Cicelee Augur

    Well I think you developers are smart and do a great job designing the Game!

    Although I wish the healing part of that weapon would be affected for my bard, I do thank you for at least coming to explain the reasoning behind the decision. I may agree or disagree, but knowing the "why" makes it easier to understand and accept...
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  19. Sheex Augur

    So what you’re saying is, we can blame rangers and other classes with “proc every swing” abilities for ruining our procs? Sounds good sir. Dilly dilly!
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  20. Ghubuk Augur

    "mis-remembered", not "mistaken"...............:)
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