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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by ARCHIVED-Xranix-Saryrn, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Xranix-Saryrn Guest

    If I have no intention of spending any money on my account any time in the near future and I have already reached the 1000AA limit on my silver account, is it a bad idea to continue leveling all the way to 90? Like will AA exp be alot harder to get at 90 then it is in the 70s and will it be so difficult to continue getting AAs if I ever did decide to subscribe again that it will negatively effect my character overall? I know 1000 AAs isnt a good amount for a lvl 90 to have and that my character would not be able to contribute what he should to the group, but what I am concerned about is the difficulty in attaining AAs at that level as far as exp per kill goes.
  2. ARCHIVED-woolcox Guest

    probably doing more harm then good by doing this, at 90 with JUST 1000 aa, you will be forced to stick to groups or extremely lower level zones, and even then u may have problems.

    1. dps will be extremely low
    2. mobs will most likely hit for max dmg due to ca/cs not being capped
    3. if you cant get a group you will be stuck farming green/light blue, if dps is low, you will be banging head while trying to kill the green/lb mobs.

    all in all, leveling to 90 with just 1000aa is a horrible idea, you will need large ammounts of assistance, and not many people will want to take you into groups due to low dps.

    depending on class, results will be different sort of, end result will always be the same though, dps/survivability is too low to make farming aa at 90 with just 1000 aa outside of a group efficient.

    also in the 70s you have access to a few zones, which have massive ZEM, Griegs End, The Hole, Splitpaw, these zones should be usable well into the 70s, they have low hp mobs with high exp gains. you will probably need to go deeper into them to get the best exp the further into 70 you are.

    ZEM == Zone Exp Mod
  3. ARCHIVED-Nallae Guest

    I would say to get your 1000 aa's as you level up, I tend to leave my exp on a 50/50 split.
    dont forget too, certain good AA's for most class's will not be available untill you hit certain levels.
    as for effectiveness at 90 with 1000 aa's I think it really depends on class. You would not want to be Main Tank or Main healer, but support class's such as secondary healer or caster/dps may be ok as a silver account.
    A little tip too, if you dont want to spend a lot of money on your account, wait untill a double (or even better one of the rare triple) SC events, buy yourself a month of non recurring gold membership (will cost $4-7 is all) and grind on 100% AA for the month, then drop back down to silver.. all AA's over 1000 you earn while you are on the gold month (also try to plan this when there is a double exp weekend included!) you can keep when you are back being silver.
    I imagine over a year one could easily get thier silver 90 character several thousand AA's for a very minimal outlay of cash.
    Yes your going to have less DPS than someone with a gold account and 6000 AA's ..but doing this will cetainly eventualy leave you with a very effective character with just a small outlay.
  4. ARCHIVED-Falos Guest

    Some classes can function extremely well with only 1000 aa's (bards come to mind) but I doubt your class is a bard unless you had it grandfathered by being a previous subscriber or something.
  5. ARCHIVED-Gortar Guest

    My point of view is quite different. I personally had no trouble lvling a char to 90 with under 1000 AAs. You cant solo HoT zones (even with full T4 HoT gear+augs) with 1000 AA, but with a merc you can probably do T1 solo if carefully. The char I do this on, however, doesn't bother we hot. I tend to destroy large swaths of green/light blue mobs for xp (generally power lvling/AAing lower chars...). It is not a solution for a min/max extremist, but for a casual player its quite doable and enjoyable. I do have to say that getting AAs at 90 solo is much slower than grouping them at 90 and/or solo AAing at lower lvls. Just enjoy the game until you cant. Then decide if its worth money or pursuing something else. It is quite possible to enjoy the game in this way (IMO as I do it currently...).
  6. ARCHIVED-Khaul Guest

    Falos wrote:
    Bard would probably be the most effective of all classes (with enchanter #2) with a limitation of 1000 AA compared to the other classes. If just picking from the FTP classes. I would rank them from top to bottom most effective with 1000 AA #1 Wizard, #2 Rogue, #3 Cleric #4 Warrior
  7. ARCHIVED-Xranix-Saryrn Guest

    Yea I understand that having low AA will make me less desirable for being chosen for groups, but thats not really my concern. Hypothetically if joining a group wasnt an issue and I had friends that let me in their's regularly, is the amount of exp gained per kill at level 90 alot lower than what I would be getting per kill in the 70's? Will it take alot longer to get AA points in a good group at 90 than in a good group in the 70s?
  8. ARCHIVED-Borek-VS Guest

    As always, exp per kill is immaterial. What matters is how long each kill takes, and what support system you have (ie boxing, friends, guild groups, power leveling, etc). But the bottom line is that higher mobs take longer to kill, even if only because mob hp increases with levels faster than player dps does.
    Add to that the impact from task exp; back when HoT tasks gave exp, the kill exp was only a small part of the total, and most people leveled by sitting in the GL buying task adds.
  9. ARCHIVED-Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Guest

    Xranix-Saryrn wrote:
    You won't be any less likely to be choosen for groups unless you are passing out your AA count regularly. I only in the last few weeks got to 1400AA. It matters far more that you are good at playing your class, than it does that you have a ton of AAs. IMO, the only classes which someone can actually notice a big difference in AAs is tanking classes and healing classes. All other classes the only way they are going to really know is if you tell them; gear would be a bigger issue IMO, but since you can get T2 HoT gear without paying anything (ie not buying VoA), you should be able to reasonably survive.
    The key point is that you WISELY spend the AAs which you do get.

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