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  1. Toysoldier New Member

    I am new to TLP servers, and just like a lot of you fresh on the mischief server. I am just wondering what the secret to leveling fast is? I am doing fairly well but I see that a lot of folks are already well 40+. What is the secret in leveling so fast in classic EQ?

  2. plowers Journeyman

    Static groups, leveling paths, exp potions, mages and enchanters, and lack of sleep
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  3. Kylo Classic Augur

    Groups. You get so much bonus xp in a group that it's silly to play solo.
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  4. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy

    for all those people, this is the 8th time they have done it in 5 years. Don't worry about them, take your time, enjoy the scenery.

    Welcome back.
  5. Nykara2 Elder

    Really don't have to kill yourself to level like others do. Still plenty of time to get there.
  6. Gnothappening Augur

    Don't forget staying ahead of the curve or being way behind it. If you are in the first few groups to a level range you get a zone uncontested. That is a huge bonus.
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  7. Visitor Augur

    solo player can only do so much, but a full group, with some tank a lot of DPS, and some healing, can be on constant yellows - low reds, - faster kills , and move on to the next station of slaughter. With Group XP bonus and higher value mobs it goes really fast, - add the 50% bonus and 25% potion bonus.
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  8. yerm Augur

    1. Always be killing. The #1 deterrent to leveling speed is moving around too much. This was especially noticeable on the selo grind which had a ton of options - the fastest people just hunkered down even if at times it was garbage zem zones like HSM or GD and just clobbered stuff.

    2. Form groups of 6. I currently 4 box on rizlona and it's almost impossible to notice the loss in xp from adding 2 people completely afk. Even if the pugs you add are weak players they just need to contribute SOMETHING to help your xp gain. Obviously if they're so bad they get you wiped it hurts, but in general, just group up to 6 and if they have a pulse you'll get more xp than on your own.

    3. Class balance is seriously lopsided at this point in time. If you are running weak classes (melee, especially untwinked) you are going to be dramatically slower than a group with pet classes. It upsets people to say it, but having classes like enc/dru/nec/mag will make a massive difference, and if you're inviting multiple rogues and rangers etc and they aren't your puller they're adding a lot less than one of the more powerful ones, to the point where you may be killing less than half as quickly as another group your level. Do remember #2 though if given the option between rogue or empty slot!

    4. Loot does not matter. If you are killing for loot at the cost of xp rate, you will not make up that xp difference no matter how nice the items you get. You will probably end up with less loot too than if you'd just gotten 50 and then back farmed. If you are killing mobs 10 levels below you like lr or nro while in your 20s because of the easy named, or farming something like evil eyes with massive downtime, you will most likely fall behind. By ALL means do camps with good named while leveling through them, but don't get hung up on them once the xp starts going dry.
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  9. Pyur New Member

    Solid list. #1 can't be overstated. Unfortunately, it is far easier if you can stick with the same full group as you level. If you end up LFG, then you will inevitably end up fighting over mobs in overcrowded zones. Convincing a pickup group to go to a less popular zone where you can kill continuously is nearly impossible.
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  10. Toysoldier New Member

    Thanks all, was just curious on how others did it.
  11. Numiko Augur

    How did that old song go?

    Eat, Sleep, Play EQ, Repeat!

  12. modsiw Augur

    1. Buy stacks of rat ears in Commonlands from vendor.
    2. Put them in shared bank
    3. Give stacks of rat ears to Rephas in QHills.
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  13. TheTone Elder

    That's how you level alts, not your first. It costs something like 1500pp to get to level 25 that way... no one has that coin until like day 2 at least.

    It's fairly easy to get to 50 if you just use all the tools possible and do the things others have mentioned. Make an optimal static group, use every potion available, have your leveling path mapped out, and grind for 30+ hours.
  14. Bullsnooze Augur

    Like with anything, proper planning is paramount.
    • Plan your group composition for optimal speed.
    • Plan your leveling path for XP efficiency.
    • Plan your grind sessions accordingly.
    When these are hashed out, the end goal comes easy.
  15. Greasus Ogrejesus New Member

    Agreed on 1, 2, and 4. As much as it troubles me, agreed on 3, as well.

    Honestly, 4 feeds into 3, however, in that loot matters if you're a melee. Fortunately, Mischief's ruleset allows for a melee to obtain gear quickly (e.g. get into an UR FP group and, if you get the right keys, you will get some decent in-era weapons), but you're still behind those pet classes that need not rely upon gear to pump DPS.

    And, as to those pet classes, there's an overabundance of them in Classic always /lfg.

    If you're a solo (non-boxed) player, I'd add that if you scheduled a solid amount of time to play, then do not wait for groups; instead form your own. Also, you need to be demanding of your LFG recruits at a certain level (usually 30+) as the camps at that range are seized quickly by others. The last thing you want is to have your group ready to go at the ZI, but the cleric wants to chat with everyone before moving, wizard says "brb," etc. They can BS or BRB after the initial camp break. Granted, with the Mischief ruleset, arguably, you could move off the usual level track (UR->LGuk->Hole), but if you're solo, you likely will get the most bites from those three zones and spend the majority of your time there.
  16. ntellect Augur

    Why rush to max level? honest question from someone who always plays on TLPs but never had a max level character. What do you do once you hit 50 (If you don't plan on raiding)? I always thought in EQ the journey to 50 was the game.

    Hoping to hit 50 for the first time on Mischief. Already 32 because I'm having so much fun.

    Definitely agree on hanging out in the popular zones. I can't tell you how many times I wasted my play time running here and there only to end up back at the popular zones. I'm parking in LGuk now.
  17. Tweakfour17 Augur

  18. Mrjon3s Augur

    Rush to max lvl to raid which is easy to do on TLPs with AoCs you can almost always find a guild that raids at your times.
    Still playing on another TLP so getting to max level fast gets you back to grinding AAs on your main.
    Grinding for Kronos at 50 or just wanting to relax and not have to deal with bad pugs anymore.
  19. nagash101 Augur

    Static group, leveling paths, exp potions, MONKS and enchanter, coffee, and lack of sleep.
  20. Aiona Augur

    Sounds pretty accurate, haha