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  1. Aenoan Augur

    So I guess I've been away from the game long enough that I consider myself a bit of a born again newbie.
    When I last played my SK was around when Combine and Sleeper TLPs merged.
    And since they F'd me on my mercs making this game further in accessible to a returning playing. But personal grievances aside, where is a good place to solo as a 70 SK?
  2. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    Paw does well. Dragonscale Hills too.

    I use the old school eq hozone wiki allakhazam page as a zone guide sometimes. It's defunct as far as HZ XP, but the augs still drop. /achievement command will show they've added rewards for quest arcs, hunter achievements and so on. I'll go bang out some quests in each in level range.


    doing the actual Franklin Teek dailies are easy xp usually and can be a good source of groups of players in the HZ

    and non visible defiant gear back / shoulders / waist slots by melee or caster archetypes.
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  3. Aenoan Augur

    Cheers! I just hit PoTactics I figured I'd level down and see how things go, and try to remember what spells I need. Haha.