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    How does one solo at level 85 when a group of 6 gets destroyed by 3 blues in some cases, or 2 whites, or a yellow can one shot someone? I'm really confused by the scaling after 85. I tried to gear up with a group at 85, but everything destroys us. Defiant does no good..... all gear upgrades seemed locked behind stuff I cannot kill solo, or with a group. Buying stuff on bazaar is not an option, as cazic seems to have a lack of gear for these levels.
  2. Qbert Gallifreyan

    A lot depends on what you are fighting. "Blues," "whites" and "yellows" are quite different in different expansions, and further in different zones depending upon their abilities.

    Where have you tried?

    As far as grouping, once you are 75 you can do heroic adventures in Call of the Forsaken zones (with the gnome's adventures in Dead Hills generally accepted as the easiest of the bunch). Completing those adventures earns you currency to get gear at various levels from where you are and beyond.

    As far as soloing, it is difficult to suggest anything in particular because you have not revealed the class you play.
  3. FurianXO New Member

    Thanks, I think I tried the Dead Hills stuff (griggles?), but had some issues with the very first pull. I'll go back and try that out again. I'm a shadow knight.

    Ive been mainly trying areas that are meant to help with gearing 85+, such as HoT, Feerrott, and TBM (not going back there for a while).
  4. MarttinPH Augur

    Are your characters heroic? If they are skip the first part.

    The main issue is that EQ past 85 isn't really made to "catch up" by yourself. They designed it that you would need others people help to catch up. The amount of AA's needed doesn't help the matter either.

    From what I know, HA were nerfed to be extremely difficult, and developers already worked a couple hours this year, so don't expect that to ever change.

    I suggest starting with SoD progression. The heros journey will reward you items that will equip your characters to be ready for HoT Teir 1 content, but it may still be a little bit rough if you aren't fully using your groups skills.

    Then progress through each expansion getting the best group gear for each expansion and moving to the next.

    As for leveling, always level in the expansion with a max level closest to your level, otherwise non-level expansions are usually much harder as they assume you have all the raid/group armor from the previous expansion.
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    I did some SOD progression to get some gears past defiant but still had to rely on my mage to actually camp namds in feerrot. That was before COTF was released.

    Dead hills is not what it used to be and it seems they buffed those undead mobs by a lot. If you have to stick with HA, go for the ones in Bixie Warfront. They are still easy and a lot of quest steps can be cheated through FD.
  6. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    I was never able to do Gribbles at those levels (75-90). I am just a normal player, not super buffed or raid decked out.

    Also a lot of characters who boost to Heroic at level 85 find they get wiped in Feerrott which was supposed to be the "starting" zone for 85. Mobs are much much harder in expansions now. But if you wanted to continue in those zones then skip past Feerrott for now and go to the House. Right inside the gate is Ruppoc Rockjumper who hands out kill rot dogs and snakes right there. Good place with lots of respawns. Couple named pop in there too.

    But the biggest impact both exp wise and armor wise are the daily's given by Franklin Teek. If you are level 85 then ask for the levels 75 and 80 and 85. If you like one of them you can stay in it after you kill the 5 mobs needed and still get the hot zone exp. There are some nice augs that drop in all those hot zones also.

    I know you mentioned your not doing TBM anymore but did you get the good gear from there? It can be confusing but this is a nice rundown

    There is also SOD gear starting in Oceangreen hills. The quested gear is better than the dropped and there is a nice aug to work for there Bayles Heroic Crest.

    Remember its not just levels and HP that keep you alive, its augs, heroic stats (gained thru progressions) and other goodies that take a loooong time to earn
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  7. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Shadowknight is a strong solo class if well-geared, but as with any tank getting well geared can be a lot of work farming gear, click items and particularly augments, and as a soloer if you are not in raid gear you will need to be over-levelled to do the progression tasks of each expansion.

    The suggestion to work on SoD progression is a solid piece of advice, you will earn good level experience (from quests, kill xp is rubbish in SoD) & AA XP at 85 there and it will gear you up well for HoT, in HoT there are a whole bunch of decent augments to camp alongside the quests.
    If you are an all-access player you can also look at getting the Journeyman 5 Tier Mercenary quest done that should help you out with moloing (solo with a merc) a lot.
    The other option is working through the CoTF HA's and building up the currency from that expansion to gear your character up.

    Main thing I would advise anyone catching up though is join an active guild and ask if anyone is bored, sooner or later you might get a hand & you could be flying up the levels very quickly with the right help 85-105 can be done in a couple of afternoons by even average paced power levelling help from a couple of solid players.
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  8. Ayeam New Member

    i have the same issue(s). i have multiple classes at 85.
    this is good information until it gets to the first acronym.
    in order to translate the advice here, can some kind person include a list of acronyms for each expansion.
    thanks for helping
  9. Ayeam New Member

    i have the same issue(s). i have multiple classes at 85.
    this is good information until it gets to the first acronym.
    in order to translate the advice here, can some kind person include a list of acronyms for each expansion.
    thanks for helping
  10. catcattank Elder

    if you type /ach in game you can see all of the names of the expansions and go from there.

    I started a heroic ranger with 2 j5 mercs and a a5 merc (silver) using a monk for single pulls I was able to do TBM into the temple (b) as well as the gribbles as of 2/20/21. The TBM stuff was scary since some of the mobs were 91 (average group level 87) but I got my mirror fragment of anashti sul and bounced. J5 tank merc and heal merc on reactive with full buffs has been able to tackle the content with little issue. The tbm run was scuffed since I didn't buy any new spells for the monk since they were a throwaway heroic I made randomly.

    For non boxing I was just soloing (with buffs) at fort mech and valdeholm (hotzone) throne room area. It's decent'ish xp.

    Depends on the server, if you don't mind re-leveling, Firiona Vie had quite a bit of armor for sale for cheap I got full fear touched for 8k total on my SK.
  11. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    Yeah, it does get confusing at times. But you can always google it. Like "SOD eq" and it will bring back Seeds of Destruction. Or just "expansion abbreviations in eq"

    PoP = Planes of Power
    LoY = Legacy of Ykesha
    GoD = Gates of Discord
    OoW = Omens of War
    DoN = Dragons of Norrath
    DoDh = Depths of Darkhollow
    PoR = Prophecy of Ro
    TSS = The Serpent's Spine
    TBS = The Buried Sea
    SoF = Secrets of Faydwer
    SoD = Seeds of Destruction
    UF = Underfoot
    HoT = House of Thule (2010)
    VoA = Veil of Alaris (2011)
    RoF = Rain of Fear (2012)
    CotF = Call of the Forsaken (2013)
    TDS = The Darkened Sea (2014)
    TBM = The Broken Mirror (2015)
    EoK = Empires of Kunark (2016)
    RoS = Ring of Scale (2017)
    TBL = The Burning Lands
    TOV = Torment of Velious
    COV = Claws of Veeshan
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  12. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    When you do heroic characters, you need to do some work to aug then out, and you need to learn their abilities. When you level naturally, you get those years worth of augs and clickies and learn new abilities as they come out.

    There are some quests in feerott for augs that can only be used by heroic characters, which are clones of ones you can get from the prior couple expansions, that is a great place to start. Especially important for tanks.
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