Level 70 (XI) potions impossible to create on progression?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Ryak, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Ryak Augur

    I believe the reason level 70 potions aren't available is because they require a drop which doesn't appear to exist in game yet:

    Lucidem (http://www.eqtraders.com/items/show_item.php?item=28792)

    Doing a little research, it seems like level 70 potions start using items which were only added in Secrets of Faydwer, while the lower level potions all used pre-existing drops. (I base this on the comments on the zam page dating back to Nov 2007, the EXACT month SoF was released)

    Is the fact that it appears we will not be able to make level 70 potions until the level cap is 80 intentional?

    For reference, we were able to make level 65 potions as early as Kunark, and use them as soon as PoP came out.
  2. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    The fact that Distillate potions can even be used at this point is a mistake. They weren't added until PoR introduced an Alchemy overhaul.

    They totally trivialized certain PoP AE heavy fights like Quarm or Bertox when every single member of your raid can pop a 600 HP HoT for 30s on a 2min cooldown... when in era you couldn't even have more than 15 Buffs and Songs combined, Celestial Regen was a single target ability, etc. For reference this is what Alchemy looked like during OoW:

    OoW Era Alchemy

    PoR Updated:

    In summary - Remove all distillate potions from TLPs and disable their creation until the proper era that included the Alchemy revamp (Prophecy of Ro).
  3. Ryak Augur

    I don't remember exactly where i read it, maybe in the FAQ, but they specifically stated that things like Research and Alchemy had been irreversably altered and they were not restoring the "classic" recipes on purpose.

    From the second link in your own post:
    The key words there being all old recipes no longer exist. I can't speak for the devs, but your interpretation seems very draconian and also against the behavior we have seen thus-far on the TLPs.

    Personally, I'm only asking for them to be consistent in what they make available.
  4. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    They said the same thing about the original JC combines.

    The only recipes they removed were the 5 and 10 dose potions. The Blood of the Wolf potions (SoW) for example still work and stack to 10. Effectively the same functionality. Just a little more convenient for storage since you don't need to hold onto 9 unstackable one dose potions before merging into 10.

    But on the other hand everyone having the ability to click a 600 HP HoT, KEI quality mana regen and SD quality mana regen potions on hand for little cost at all, is absurdly powerful and cheapens the TLP experience. There are plenty of other ways the servers are made easier, the loss of this would just make players a bit more reliant on one another which is the point of Truebox after all.
  5. Ryak Augur

    Regardless, Prophesy of Ro is several expansions before Secrets of Faydwer which is when the Lucidem ingredient apparently first appeared, so this can't possibly even address the original question.

    There's plenty of things that are in the game that they intentionally left in on TLPs and we don't have any reason to believe this isn't one of them.

    You know what else is overpowered for fighting Quarm? Melees getting an AA to increase their base damage by almost half. Mount buffs. Probably 20 other things I could list as well.

    Bottom line: If you want to complain about potions not being "classic" start your own thread. This one is about missing trade-skill ingredients.
  6. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    The basics are:
    • I no longer remember my intentions... sorry! As an educated guess, including the quote above, it should open, BUT I may be very wrong and they are too powerful.
    • There is a bug here.
    • Fixing the bug is a rabbit hole of research that will take days to fix properly and not just knee-jerk that might cause other unforeseen issues. (See other posts in this thread)
    • We need to push this as currently, priorities we have don't allow for a multi-day bug fix.
    Could someone do us a favor and create an issue in the issue tracker for this? https://dgcissuetracker.com/secure/Dashboard.jspa?selectPageId=11500
    The answer may be that drops for the other potions should not have existed, or it may be that drops for this should exist.
  7. Ryak Augur

    I can do it. Thanks for the answer.

    EDIT: EQ-1706 - Unable to make level 70 distillate potions in OoW era
  8. Bobbybick Augur

    Thanks in advance for getting heal pots removed. Catashe is that you posting under an alias??

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  9. Finchy Augur

    no it's cloudburst's alt, he isn't stopping with SoT!! :eek:
  10. Religious Elder

    You need to stop throwing me under the boss like that, bro.
  11. Punchu Augur

    This is why we can't have nice things.
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  12. Mwapo Augur

    You will be missed, healing pots. Our love was strong.
  13. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Good. Learn to love your group Shaman for more than just their 2.0 click, as Tribunal intended.

    Hopefully Agnarr will experience some of the AE heavy PoP fights in a little more of a classic light when their entire raid doesn't have instant click HoT pots to fall back on.
  14. Dailor Journeyman

    Boo this man.
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  15. Qelyn1 Journeyman

    I bet you were that kid in class that reminded the teacher that they didn't give anyone homework on Friday afternoon.
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  16. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Nah. Just would prefer the TLP experience to not simply be a faceroll is all.

    I'm not gonna raise a stink about people having illusion or familiar key rings. Whatever. This has almost zero impact on the game.

    But being able to have potions to replace very nearly Clarity and Spiritual lines of buffs and being able to throw on an instant 600 HP HoT to counteract damn near every AE in this era for its duration... That is stupid easy mode, and I hope they get removed. Especially in the earlier eras of the game that Phinigel just left, Ragefire/Lockjaw are in and Agnarr is approaching.
  17. Dailor Journeyman

    Darchon --> Ted Cruz --> The Zodiac Killer.

    I am calling the police.
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  18. Ryak Augur

    I expect we can count on Ngreth to not make a knee jerk reaction and determine a reasonable, consistent answer without regards to mr "teacher you forgot your homework"'s opinion.

    Besides, i'm 99% sure Mr. Darchon is actually wrong. Potion belt was added in Dragons of Norrath. Are you telling me we didn't have any potions to put in our potion belt in that era? From memory, I recall healing/buff pots being a thing once potion belt came around.

    Having a quote that says they added new potions in PoR without mentioning distillates once isn't exactly solid evidence of anything.
  19. Voss Lorekeeper

    I seem to recall a vendor in pok near the pool where everyone skillsup swimming that sold the heal/haste/clarity potions

    I remember spending a lot of plat on them.
  20. taliefer Augur

    Oh potion my potion
    you kept me alive.
    oh potion my potion
    and not just in Time

    oh potion my potion
    you made soloing a breeze.
    oh potion my potion
    without you i shall grieve.
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