Level 50 Heroic Characters are almost here!

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  1. javiere Journeyman

    Gear rewards didn't come in til SoD, that has nothing to do with defiant release, that started from TSS.

    There is already a historical precedent for defiant being grandfathered in - gloomingdeep armour is protodefiant (identical stats to crude, jsut without the focii), and is in tutorial from GoD (instead of the original gloomingiron etc garbage with no stats) when it is TSS grade, so them grandfathering in some flawed defiant 37-50 armour in pop isn't exactly THAT wierd.

    Really at this point, TLP is a known non-authentic representation of the era, i mean we all have 15 minute origins in classic from level 5 ... by PoP a set of flawed defiant is kinda good, but still a whole lot worse than what you can get out of PoP, so it's hardly a thing - some 12/21 weapons when you get get 1:1 ratio weapons in PoP, it really will jsut be for boosting up a persona or two.

    And SoD for mercs? On a TLP you are talking expac 4 to expac 15, that's a long wait.
  2. Meeko Developer(Code)

    Tradeskills will be set to 25.

    They won't come with an Epic weapon.
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  3. Noxious Journeyman

    they seem slightly out of touch. by the time PoP is around it isnt even the levels itself that take very long, can PL yourself with a single druid or bard fairly quickly, its those AAs.

    Edit-Would have been much better during Luclin launch.
  4. Shonsu02 New Member

    I just started playing on Agnarr so I am definitely looking forward to this. I'll be upgrading around 5 characters to start with.
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  5. Ardnahoy New Member

    L-O-V-E this!

    No more wasting krono have baby alts power leveled, and all for the price of a large bag from the marketplace.

    Power leveling toons to 50 with a pocket druid/bard still takes hours and hours, and you can't effectively level toons on the same account as the druid and bard. Plus, you still need to level and gear out your druid/bard first without any help.

    Don't see why anyone would complain about this.
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  6. Tachyon Augur

    cool! is it just PoP, tlps too once it has opened?
  7. Makta Elder

    Nothing wrong with the levels/spells/bags/mount. It's all expected for a TLP. That said, the gear included is a bad joke...I cant even fathom it. Quite literally getting as good or better in old world drops in your 20's than what was included here. Hell, /testbuff lvl 25 gear is as good as most of this.
  8. Adnachiel New Member

    So if you delete a heroic its refunded to your account? That is handy
  9. Puzzled Elder

    The 50 is way over priced for what you get. Not realy worth it.
  10. Arkonik New Member

    Yea the gear is lame the noobie glooming deep gear is better than the gear you get with this.
    don't look like 50 heroic gear to me. Its better to just powwr level your own alts cause of the gear. mount bah just a collector thing 1- 50 spells don't cost that much. Just not worth it.
  11. Skree New Member

    Looks like a great way for a casual player to have an alt on a TLP. I'll be glad to be able to get an alt within relevant level to content without the grind. I already have the Daybreak cash rotting on my account.