Level 50 Heroic Characters are almost here!

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  1. Burdi Augur

    Great addition!
    ideally i wish We could have heroic characters at 60 65 70 75 ..: 100.
    So you can be wherever you want to be.
  2. Cidran Augur

    Great idea ! Thank you for bringing that up;)
  3. Allayna Augur

    Who asked for this?

    As another cash grab, you could just open account to account transfers and make a killing.
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  4. CdeezNotes Augur

    I mean...they are perfect for skipping the early eras of TLPs, which are infamously toxic and overly crowded. I made a decision long ago the next TLP I join won't be until it's in at least POP era. This implementation makes that decision exponentially easier.
    There is a significant portion of the population that isn't exclusively on live servers. This is very nice for people who want to create characters on TLPs in the 65-75 eras. They just need to create another one now for when people are the in 80-90 eras (a level 70 or 75).
  5. Yoda Journeyman

    Glad to see this added!
  6. Slasher Augur

    We want a 110 or 115 heroic not 50. You wasted resources making the 100 heroic that is useless and 15 levels away from where majority of the players are.
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  7. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    TLPs make more money. They need to keep milking. Personas plus the Level 50 heroics will get more cash than Live heroics.
  8. Anguisette Chaotic Evil

    I see people inquiring all the time about how to catch up to their friends quickly when coming back and needing something to help catapult in levels. Something lower level than 85 is a great spot for this for some of the new TLPs. Just because it is not something you asked for, or that you would use does not negate the fact that it is something others wanted or appreciate.

    The hyperbole of 'no one asked for this' (which is egregiously wrong) and the belief of some thinking their opinion of what's important supersedes what the company opts to do (which is laughable at best and sad at worst) is exhausting at times.

    And finally, of course this is a paid service, which makes sense in my opinion. Using it means bypassing gameplay, leveling, and time sinks and obtaining free gear and items to assist at that new level without needing to hunt for it. Why shouldn't it be a paid service?
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  9. Ferledon Agnarr Loyalist

    These will be great. Shortly after Pop/Ldon is when most TLP's start to fall off, so this will be a decent catch up for people who are left behind, get them into that level range to group up w/the 65/70 crowd of friends, and not have to struggle trough the old world solo.

    For Agnarr, this will be a great way for people to get into the game w/us too. I'll most likely use this on my Rog persona, so I don't have to struggle trough that rough leveling patch.
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  10. Appren Gnomercy

    Seems like a great way to catch up to the level where the PL teams start? Plane of innovation is ready for you after spending 2500 DBC!
  11. Agrippa Augur

    I'd likely be willing to pay the same amount, if not more, as they charge for this 50th heroic boost for an optional toggle to turn off leveling experience prior to 51st level. Every time that I'm "forced" to delevel an overleveled character, I summon all of the corpses into the guild lobby to demonstrate how stupid it is that we don't already have this option.
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  12. Gemino New Member

    Will the items you receive with the lvl 50 heroic toon be redeemable at server start on Teek? Mainly curious about the bags and plat
  13. Risiko Augur

    It's an interesting idea, but it also leaves me scratching my head.

    The good
    • Allows you to catch up to friends instead of having to play alone for 50 levels
    • 2500 DBC is basically 5 months of collecting your 500 monthly DBC, so you can do it twice a year if you want for what ever reason
    • Getting the spells and gear at level will help with those people coming to a server to play with their friends in the Planes of Power expansion
    • It's not available until Planes of Power expansion opens which means there still is reason to play on a new TLP and level up the regular way. If this was available on day one of a TLP server, I would probably never play a new TLP ever again because it would negate the whole experience

    The bad
    • If the server is more than a couple expansions beyond Planes of Power, this is almost useless as a catchup mechanic due to the fact that you can use a mercenary to power level yourself to 70 easily when mercenaries are unlocked in Seeds of Destruction
    • It does nothing to detract from using power leveling services because the people that use them to catch up to their friends tend to do this during the original, Ruins of Kunark, and Scars of Velious eras. By the time this feature is unlocked (in Planes of Power), most people that would have used a power leveling service have already done so

    It's really a double edged sword. If you make it available early on to compete with the power levelers, then you negate the whole reason to play on a new start server in the first place. If you make it available too late, then the number of people that will find benefit in it will be much lower.

    I really don't see a neutral ground on this feature. People are going to be upset with it no matter how they implement it.

    I'd almost rather they take the Oakwynd features and make them as purchasable character upgrades instead. Let me decide to unlock "10% per level 50 character" if I want for 500DBC (and don't take the benefit away from me when the max level increases). That way, I still get the pleasure of leveling up my own character while making it not take as long as normal.
  14. Installing Updates Lorekeeper

    Nobody knew these were coming, so how could there be Frequently Asked Questions? I hate fake FAQ's.
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  15. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Why would they be, they are not usable until PoP unlocks.
  16. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    While I agree fake faq's are teh lame, I'm sure Daybreak gathered questions from Community Round Table members that may have been allowed to ask their guilds for questions depending on how they used NDA for this.
  17. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    The FAQ is a generic template used in the past (since 2014) for all the Heroics. The level and dates and other specific info is changed to reflect whichever they are talking about

    Other than that they have all said the same thing.
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  18. Captain Video Augur

    Not everything that happens in this game is about you. The sole audience for level 50 Heroics is TLP. Right now it's anyone's guess what the actual demand will be, in sales figures, but it is something that has been discussed on the TLP side before.

    Since they unlock at PoP, don't expect them to come with any Defiant gear. There was a lot of pushback over the decision to allow some Defiant gear to drop in TSS on a TLP; many achievement rewards giving low-level Defiant pieces remain locked until SoD (for no obvious reason). There was also some pushback for allowing Crude Defiant stats on gear in the GoD tutorial. I'm guessing it will all be Luclin group gear. If they wanted to be aggressive about it, could include a token for an Epic 1.0 of your choice, non-Heirloom, but I won't hold my breath on that, since it wasn't mentioned in the announcement. Mount and bags will be enough for some people. If anyone remembers what the starting gear was on the old Quarm 51/50 event server, it will be close to that, if not identical. It would have taken negligible dev time to recreate that.
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  19. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    None of the other heroics include epics, so I very much doubt this one would.

    My guess would be a set of gear from Umbril planes. Though luclin had a lot of gear choices.
  20. Zygone Lorekeeper

    I would like to know what the crafting skills will be set to?