Level 100 Heroic Characters Are Almost Here!

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  1. Harvas New Member

    I think the armor setting is too low though, not that it matters at this point. RoF T1 at level 100 is going to let them cruise around Shards Landing and associated zones, but it going to be tough sledging if they don't know any better jumping to EWK without augs.
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  2. Chorus Augur

    Oh jeez. At no point in the game have I ever bothered getting augs and I haven't had any issues completing content. You guys put WAY too much emphasis on augs in the group game. They're 100% unnecessary and always have been. Nice to have? Yep. Some sort of requirement as you guys keep stating? Nope. I happen to play a warrior for my tank, for what its worth.
  3. Benito Sword of Truth Bombs

    You are correct for RoF to EoK. I vaguely recall boxing characters with hardly an augs. Although one would try to min-max a main. I suspect that they could put CoTF currency on the loyalty merchant in order to buy VOA augs.

    Once you get to EoK, Type 5 augments (specifically loading up on Heroic Stamina or Heroic Agility) changes survivability.

    I would not support the sale of Heroic Characters preloaded with Type 5 augments at this time. It would come off as selling power.
  4. Rooboy New Member

    I wish there was a way to spend maybe 1000 DB bucks to upgrade a lvl 85 token to a level 100 token before using them. I have multiple 85 tokens I've bought but would love to boost their token level to 100 before using them.
  5. Cerryn New Member

    I respect people not getting or caring about augs. Everyone plays the game the way they enjoy.

    But EQ has always been a game of all the little things adding up. Augs very definitely make a difference.

    My 120 group-geared SK main has augs which add up to the following:
    Type>   7      5      18    All
    AC    1629      0    622    2251
    HP    14045      0   5430  19475
    hDex    559   1619    114    2292
    hSta    428    612     81    1121
    hAgi    392    844     93    1329
    Spell  1339      0    344    1683
    Heal  1326      0    344  1670
    hStr    173    844    61    1078
    Just the Type 7's add up to 50% more than his ToL T3 (highest non-raid) breastplate.
    Saying it another way, all of those augs together add up to wearing two MORE breastplates.

    And The +Spell, +Heal (especially on an SK) give a boost.

    Plus, over these many years, finding, prioritizing, farming the best augs for him has been a great amount of entertainment and challenge.

    People definitely don't have to care or use them. I'm just sensitive to exaggerations of lack-of-usability.
  6. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    Could you add a bit more space between the columns of information, make it easier to read? /s:)
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  7. demi Augur

    the only downside to the 100 heroics is the TS trophy quests .. IF i buy a 100 heroic i'll prolly make my toon first play it for a day and get all the beginner trophy quests then upgrade (which takes some pre-planning) compared to a lvl 85 that when i create a toon i just hit the make heroic button ..

    I will say this though , the mount plus 2 40 slot bags & the 1 extra merc slot (hero barracks AA) are well worth the $40 price tag imho .. and a bonus you get the portals all activated also so dont have to go running around all day ..

    I will be buying a few of these , maybe not today but defenitely will eventually ..
  8. Mennegroth New Member

    Will the level 100 Heroic Characters come with full PoP Flags? The Level 85's did not.

    My main toon (Level 120 Mage) is working on his Artisan's Prize and is stuck on the PoP flagging. I leveled him up from 1 but I made him heroic later for the extra's. I'm not getting any traction with customer service or the devs with a bug report because apparently no one else is having the same issue. I'd pay the money just to get the flag at this point so I could continue the quest.

    (My issue is The Planar Progression is not spawning for the middle Zek brother in either the live zone or the Expedition)
  9. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    Sorry if I missed the answer..
    Question: if I am 120, can I buy the 100 Heroic on my 120 toon, us it on my 120 toon for the perks.
  10. Meeko Developer

    You're forgiven for not having read all 7 pages of the thread. ;)

  11. Glutton New Member

    The merc with the 100 heroic upgrade was unable to perform in house of Thule - the grounds. Three level 100 freshly minted mercs, tank, rogue, healer were able to live through a fight with 2 level 87 cubes, they were unable to deal with 4 of the mobs at once when one was a snake. not sure how that is going to work out in shards landing
  12. CatsPaws I post to encourage others to post

    That is odd. Did you by chance not hire the journeyman merc? Cause paid accounts have the choice between Journeyman and Apprentice and when you open the window to buy the merc it is set to apprentice. You have to click to journeyman.

    Free accounts have no choice - they just get Apprentices

    The merc is the same level as the character so all were level 100. So your characters could not take out the level 87 cubes either?

    Might be something they want to look into. /shrug
  13. Benito Sword of Truth Bombs

    Someone mentioned that Shard's Landing contains 'weak' con mobs. They tend to be more doable.

    Interestingly, the level 85 Heroic Characters were designed with a devoted starting area. I doubt a level 105-115 start would be any easier and even a Lceanium start (which I think is the "easiest" of modern zones) would be extremely difficult.
  14. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Were the mercs definitely journeyman and geared with all level appropriate AAs? Were you just letting the mercs do everything or were your toons actively helping? And what classes are the actual toons?
  15. Glutton New Member

    They are paid accounts with J5 mercs. The level 100 heroic character mercs do not come with AAs or Gear. I was not sure if 'todays' mercs were any tougher than when they originally came out. I had not played much since the broken mirror came out, I came back and started a new class with the level 100 heroic feature. I was worried about the mercs being able to contribute in Shards landing being blank slates. So i took them back to the grounds, a entry zone when the level cap was 90. Will have to grind out merc aas to make them useful. harder to do at 100 then 85. The new experience meter with numbers shows .001 to merc exp killing in the grounds at level 100. 3 cheers for overseer.
  16. Tarvas Augur

    You must have been doing something wrong. I just took my 93 group geared beast to SL and was able to kill a snake molo. I also killed Raze in the Grounds.
  17. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Make sure you're using Overseer to help gain merc AA.

    At 100, I'm not sure which gives more merc AA xp, the character xp option or the straight merc AA option. You'd have to check each to figure out which is best. At 111, do the Research and 12 hour tasks (assuming you've maxxed them out), choose the character XP option and watch the merc AA roll in.
  18. Loup Garou De loop de loop

    Agree with this. The set up the poster mentioned should have been able to kill regardless of the merc's AA or armor. If you are a level 100 and fighting in a 90 zone and not able to kill then its a you problem, not a merc problem. I mean that nicely.
  19. Glutton New Member

    I appreciate the help in the responses. i must have not have been clear, its not that i could not fight in the grounds, I did the first progression quest in the zone while killing named and looking for scuffed bags, that was at 85 between knocking out bard epic and waiting on the lvl 100 heroic release, i did not want to waste level exp that was going to be overwritten with the heroic 100 upgrade, so i applied all exp i got to the merc and AA lines, about 18 aa and 2 merc AA.
    When the 100 update came out I upgraded 3 characters a bard rogue and druid, after noting the heroic gear given was modded level 90 required era items and the mercs did not get gear i was concerned about running level 100 era zones with them. I tried to test if they were going to be viable with out pre-grinding while running shards or tainted wk to advance. I expected the 3 level 100 mercs set up with the holy trinity classes to manage level 85 mobs. They did not perform as i would have liked. So grind out 100 merc AAs first it is. Again, i Do appreciate the help.
  20. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    Made my first berserker, yay! Thank you.