Level 100 Heroic Characters Are Almost Here!

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  1. Nightmares Augur

    From what I've been reading here, and the Q&A that's gone on, I'd like to commend the work and communication that the Devs are putting forth with this. It's very nice to see such a proactive approach. The Q and A here has actually answered just about all of my questions and concerns that I originally had when they first posted this topic earlier in the year. Though, can you give us a heads up of what type of gear they'll start out with?
    There are multiple expansions tied to lv 100. Now Shard's Landing is RoF, but Tier 1 RoF was lv 92 gear. CotF was lv 98/100 gear, and TDS was Lv 100 gear. Not to mention TBM had the aug slot gear that worked just as good at 75 as it did 105.
    The previous Heroic characters, at 85 were given lv 80, tier 1 house gear equivalent, though those were not upgradeable through House armor system.
    With these examples, just curious what state the new characters will be in.
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  2. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    well they did say:

    What happens if I upgrade a paid (not free/trial) level 85 Heroic Character to level 100?
    A: You'll get refunded a Level 85 Heroic Character (without the consumable pack).

    But that apparently would only be for purchased ones and most everyone has the free 85's.

    This sounds like if you purchased an 85 and then use it on a character and then upgraded to 100 then they would refund the cost of the 85. Its a $10 difference. They are not saying they would just charge you $10 to upgrade to a 100 which is how it should be.

    I think they have not got everything ironed out yet. Considering at least 75% of the 85 heroic's were free then its going to cause a lot of confusion.
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  3. Qwalla Developer

    I would love to get you a clear answer on this. I'll tap Mrtyu on the shoulder tomorrow so I get the facts straight. He's the items guy around here and can give a much better answer than I can! :)
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  4. Supermoist New Member

    Right, I read that, and that makes me think my 4 (PAID FOR) 85 heroic boosts that I have.....if I have to buy a 4000 dbc lvl 100 boost, does that then give me 3500 dbc back which was the original cost of the lvl 85 boost?

    I have 4 heroic lvl 85 slots. 3 are being used and will never need to be worried about again as they're already lvl 120. But I do have 1 more lvl 85 slot avail that I used to boost a paladin. He's now 89, but I want to use this 4th slot to reset him and boost to 100 but it sounds like I'll have to buy another 100 boost for 4000dbc

    So we know a brand new lvl 100 boost is 4000 dbc, but I'm just not sure how I would upgrade my lvl 85 boost to the 100 boost. I'm assuming I could just pay 500 dbc.
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  5. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Why would they come with vigilant armor? its recommended 105 geez u ppl want everything with heroics.
  6. Beepboopbopbeep New Member

    How many heroic AA do they get? Like heroic fortitude and all that.
  7. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    My guess is none. The new heroic chars seems to be intended as a beginning point in RoF, and the first heroic AA's came with CotF.

    Imho, the level 100 heroic chars doesn't seem like a good deal to me. You pay an extra month's worth of DBC to skip (at most) a week of level grinding, compared to the level 85 heroics...
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  8. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    I don't want anything to come with a Heroic since I would never buy one. But thank you for assuming that I was one of "those" people. I actually identify as antagonist. :D
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  9. Aenvar Augur

    Looks good to me, pretty much what I was expecting though I appreciate we got this post explaining things in detail. The mount, bags, mercenary slot, bayle marks & tradeskills make it an attractive boost for many characters.

    Thanks for the clarification !
  10. Laurana Augur

    That amount of platinum is not enough. I'd suggest adding a zero and make it 250,000. Looking at a few classes of spells at level 101, it's going to cost a player 10-13k plat to buy spells/discs. That's half their starting amount of 25k plat for a level 100 heroic. Add in merc costs, bazaar purchases, etc., that plat is not really doing much to help a starting player. 250k is not game-breaking--we've had lots of in-game inflation since the last heroics were released.
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  11. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Adding more plat into the server economy will just further increase inflation.

    Merc-cost is already covered by the bayle-marks. At least there is plenty of item-drops(and lots of diamonds) in shards landing, maybe they will be cheap in baz too. The bazaar sellers will just have to lower their prices instead.
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  12. Meeko Developer(Code)

    To clarify, the refund referenced here is a refund of the feature, not DBC. After upgrading, the level 85 Heroic feature is refunded and you would be able to use it on a different character.

    There's not currently a way of upgrading an unused level 85 Heroic feature to a level 100 Heroic feature at a discounted cost.
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  13. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Since the level 85 HCs are basically useless now, I hope you guys reconsider this and implement some sort of "trade-in" feature where we can give back unused 85's and just pay the difference to get the 100's.

    Also, forcing new Heroic Characters to automatically have 150 in tradeskills is sort of a screw job on the trophies. At least give the characters the choice of starting at zero skill to get the easier quests or starting at 150 with all of the skill appropriate trophies.
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  14. Bernel Augur

    Although I don't think EQ has any obligation to upgrade the 85 heroics, I think it would be a good gesture towards their customers. I don't know that anyone would quit over not being able to upgrade, but it's small annoyance to deal with. Lots of small annoyances and people get frustrated. Perhaps have a special deal for the next couple of months to upgrade unused 85 heroics to 100's for 1000 DBC or something. Perhaps limit it to just 1 upgrade per account. This way the people who have old 85's can upgrade them and get some use out of them.

    Companies do something like this for old tech. My old GPS recently went out of support for maps. The company offers trade-in deals where you can get a new GPS at a discount if you trade in your old GPS. They don't have to do this, but it keeps their customers happy and continuing to use their product. With the small customer base of EQ, a simple gesture like this would go a long way to keeping those customers happy.
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  15. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    I suspect Darkpaw would offer an upgrade option (for paid HCs) if they could do so safely and efficiently.

    However, it is likely that the current shop system at least no longer runs checks for account entitlements. (The claim window is a sort of static and not dynamic grant). Case-in-point: They removed the Battle Cat Statuette for those who purchased the TDS Collector Edition. This kind of "dynamic check" probably adds to lag or poses a threat of breaking the game (server crashes, etc).

    Could Customer Service offer DBC refunds? Possibly, but they would set a cut-off at like 30-90 days. Someone who purchased a Heroic Character and sat on it for years really shouldn't expect a refund.
  16. Tarvas Augur

    Companies are not offering you a trade-in deal to keep you happy though if you think so that is your certainly your outlook. They take that piece of hardware you turned in, refurbish it, and then sale it. The total transaction more than makes up for the discount you got on your new device and the cost of refurbishing the old one.

    DPG gets nothing in return for allowing player to upgrade 85 HCs to 100 for a discount.
  17. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    They get people who might not be purchasing a level 100 heroic character to get one at a slightly discounted price if they have a level 85 one. There is a benefit for it they just have to decide if it is worth doing or not.
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  18. Slasher Augur

    a 100 heroic aint worth it. They really dropped the ball on this one and it shows a lack of understanding the population and where the game is at right now. No ones doing 100 content and ROF aint solo content. The heroic should be the same as EQ2 5-10 levels below the cap with gear/augs/spells. It should be level 110 with ROS Conf gear with TBM or TBL equivalent augs. What are you getting for $40 now ? They need to look at what other mmos offer in character boost and learn something from it.
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  19. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    It isn't worth it to you but that isn't true for everyone. There are some that are perfectly happy and some that would spend a little to upgrade a level 85 heroic to a level 100.

    Really your complaint about the level 100 not being worth $40 can be said for the level 85 not being worth $35. And I am not commenting on the value being worth it or not just that they would get some people to spend a smaller fee if they could upgrade a level 85 to 100 for cheaper.
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  20. jimbo4170 New Member

    So, the day before this was announced I decided to get back into this wonderful game and purchased 5 heroic characters and 5 full access accounts to begin playing. Is there anything about maybe upgrading recently purchased lvl 85 heroics? Maybe with a discounted price or something. I wish I would have known a day sooner I would have waited.