Let's talk about the Gate AA failure chance

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  1. Koutarou_E'ci Elder

    At the point in the game when you have the AA you've got many better options to use when the SHtF and are never going to be using it in an in-combat situation, so what's the purpose in keeping it just to annoy players when it randomly adds a minute extra to whatever they're doing?
  2. Brickhaus Augur

    Gate, succor, evac spells have a 2% chance of failure baked into the code of the game. According to the devs at several points over EQ history, this code would be very difficult to modify without possibly wrecking other things, including gating and evacs. So they have chosen to not do anything about it.

    What would be nice is that they could change the refresh on the aa to make failures less important. But they have also chosen not to do that as well.
  3. Drencrom Beimeith's Supervisor

    There is absolutely no way the AA gate is 2% failure rate. It fails about 1 in 5 uses for me, across all caster alts. 2% is 1 in 50. If it was that low, I'd practically never see a fail. Thankfully I mostly use it when being lazy, not wanting to run back from GH/GL to PoK for example. Then it fails and I just end up using the stein like everyone else. The stein is also the go-to for non wiz/dru when things get too hot, since it is faster than AA gate and never fails. A quested item that takes 5 minutes to obtain should never be better than an AA ability.
  4. Loup Garou De loop de loop

    Your getting a bad RNG - it is mentioned frequently over the years that the fail rate is 2%. And the answer is always to get the Stein. But the stein does have a cool down

    Most items in game are now better than the original and that AA ability was original. So the stein can be one of the work around and players don't have to use that AA. Just like Throne of Hero's which is given at level 1 and does not require a quest that is only available once a year.

    Bottom line is why does op want to get rid of it? If your not happy with how it functions then use the alternatives. Its not like the bible where your right eye offends thee so pluck it out. Just leave it alone lol.
  5. Drencrom Beimeith's Supervisor

    The fail rate is not 2%. It's at least 10%. I have been using it for almost a decade. Once again, if it was 1 in 50, I wouldn't even think about it because it would be so rare. At some point, after thousands of uses where it seems to fail at least once a day, with less than 10 uses per day, you can't blame RNG anymore. I can't count how many times the given values for some ability ended up being wrong when tested in game. You can't just assume the devs did a perfect job, maybe they missed something in the code.

    Bottom line is why do you want people to not talk about it? If you're* not happy with how the forums function then use the alternatives.

    You and so many others on the forums seem to think that the purpose of the forum is for you to get upset that people have opinions, and attempt to shoo those people away. Saying your piece is the purpose of the forums, telling people not to post about things that upset you is the opposite of the purpose for the forums.

    Go play in the street, kiddo.
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  6. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Actually, the purpose of this forum, is to discuss technical difficulties, troubleshooting and workarounds.

    Complaints about game-mechanics goes to the Veterans' Lounge(or possible the TLP section, in special cases).

    At least that's how it used to be.
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  7. Laurana Augur

    I logged a test to see what values I came up with after noticing high failure rates on my own Gate.

    Level: 120
    Class: Wizard
    Gate III AA (recast 60 seconds)

    Total Casts: 691
    Total Success: 667
    Total Unstable: 24
    Percent Success: 96.53%
    Percent Unstable: 3.47%
    Unstable Ratio: 1:28.79

    Sample size isn't the largest, but definitely trending higher than a supposed 2% per Devs but nowhere near 10% as stated above.
  8. Bernel Augur

    I don't necessarily mind the failure chance all that much, but the cooldown time of the AA is what frustrates me. The normal gate spell has an 8 second cooldown, but the AA is 60 seconds. The AA should have a similar cooldown to the spell. That way a gate AA failure would be similar to a gate spell failure. It's not like it really matters all that much if the AA cooldown was also 8 seconds. There can't be that many overpowering issues from a shorter gate AA cooldown when someone could just use the gate spell every 8 seconds if they needed to repeatedly gate quickly.
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