Let's take a serious look at being a PvP server

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Hateseeker, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. Hateseeker Augur

    There might have been threads asking to do PvP before, but I don't think there have been since the No Instancing announcement by Daybreak. We're now forced to look at other options.

    So, I can't think of any better solution than PvP. Combined with my memories of being on Rallos in 1999, as well as the fact I was looking over some old threads this morning, I remember that Rallos had a surprisingly good atmosphere for raiding. Guilds behaved better than you might think, as they knew you can't successfully raid while being attacked in PvP.

    Rallos developed quite interestingly. Instead of being one big constant PvP battle, it actually developed into a situation where more than half the players were anti-PKs - meaning once you got recognized as a PK, you were locked into a disadvantage. You couldn't get into raids, etc.

    Also, some unique factors different from Rallos would make PvP more viable:
    • If there are no corpse runs, you cannot be corpse camped and lose your gear
    • We all know better how to play the game and should be able to manage PvP more effectively this time and/or even if you weren't a PvPer back then
    • Presumably we're all in this to progress with teamwork; yes solo-heavy players will get mauled but most of us, I imagine, will be grouping up with others that will complement our own class. Paladins alone, for example, will get stomped, but in a group, stunning an enemy caster will get that caster killed by your own casters quick.
    So how about it? Let's campaign for either the server to be PvP or for there to be two and one of them PvP?

    I would propose a 4 level difference, just like Rallos had - this means level 50 will not be camping newbie zones. (Felt that needed to be mentioned since many games with PvP servers don't have that)
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  2. Mezrah Augur


    I would certainly be in favour of a totally separate progression PvP server.
  3. MaestroM Augur

    This. I do not want PvP. People always talk about how PvP lets you settle your disputes with others easily. How do you settle a dispute against a 5 SK bot army? Or any bot army? PvP is great for some people and if there are resources available then I think DBG should do it. But that's not my style.
  4. Vaclav Augur

    Restricted PVP (like raid areas only) I might try, unrestricted I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole.
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  5. Hateseeker Augur

    I could actually see some people playing on both...especially given the guaranteed long times between expansion unlocks we're going to have. Of course, the people who do play on both are likely to have their PvP character be a PK, lol....

    Either way, raiding on the PvP server will no longer be an issue of competition, as the competition will be fair. No corpse runs means no corpse camping, no item loot (which no doubt prevented a few people from playing RZ back in the day), all improvements.

    That's definitely a variation to consider, but do you think there could be issues with the inability to take the fight to your attackers outside the raid zone? Could people make anonymous PK characters that they play just to attack raids (blasting a cleric or two might be all it takes), knowing they can't be fought outside raid areas?

    At the same time, being able to be attacked anywhere wasn't as bad as it seems. Especially now that there aren't corpse runs and presumably we would not have item loot, either.

    What if all the cities were non-pvp but all the travel and dungeon zones were? (Since it won't be until PoP that we have PoK as a safezone, or Luclin for Nexus)
  6. Vaclav Augur

    Well, I meant "raid areas" to mean "raid zones", sorry - so yes, even in the case of like Sol B and Perma - I'd keep them PvP even in the XP sections. There wouldn't be any "hiding just outside" nonsense besides zoning which is always going to be a PVP issue.

    I'd only bother if PvP was a means to contend for raid content, I'd get upset quickly if it was in XP content. (Not that it would influenced me too much, since so much of my own XP path is within cities, safe zones under that concept - but the idea just isn't palatable regardless)
  7. Kelltic New Member

    I thought the vote was in and it was by far a slow TLP. So why bother with this non-sense and talk a bout how we can best tweek the server that is actually going to happen
  8. Hateseeker Augur

    PvP can be progression; just because one has never been done doesn't mean it can't. The vote we had targeted VERY specific issues, and can't be used as an answer to issues it didn't touch on.
  9. Vaclav Augur

    PVP wasn't an option and it's none of the choices make it exclusive. PVP is a flag that can be added to any of the items including the winning one.

    I think it's a bad option to add, and I'd vote No if it was asked - but he's got merit in musing it, it's far less impossible than other muses still occurring. (including the occasional instancing person - /mourn instancing)
  10. Mezrah Augur


    Yes the vote is in, but as others have stated, PvP was not one of the options. I have already stated I would like a totally separate PvP server. Doing that would have no impact on the new TLP that is due to arrive in the summer. What it would do, is allow those of us that enjoy PvP, to have a totally fresh start on a dedicated PvP server. It might not appeal to you, but it would appeal to others.
  11. Hateseeker Augur

    It was often said that Rallos siphoned off some of the more toxic players, back in the day. I'm sure that was true; and most of them ended up irrelevant random PKs (some more relevant random PKs depending on their success).

    That became less true after a few years because it was just too hard for new players to start out on matured PvP servers; as you'd get stomped due to gear differences.

    However, since this is a fresh start, making a separate PvP server could, at least for the first year or so, have that effect for us again.
  12. taliefer Augur

    i dont think thats true. im convinced the reason some(not all, but at least some) people love "contested" content, is it gives them an excuse to act like an absolute Dbag with little to no consequence. a pvp server would allow added consequences so they would still roll on pve.
  13. Ziggy Augur

    Hmm .. isn't serious look at PvP on everquest an oxymoron?
  14. Ozni Elder

    I think a new second PVP server would be a hilarious mess and a lot of fun, I'd be in favor of it for sure. However, in order for this to happen I think the devs would have to care about PVP at least enough to create said server, which from what I've seen they really, really don't.
  15. Stewgottz Augur

    This is the server made to be locked at PoP..

    Free one way transfers to Zek.
    You can get your epic done, some raid gearz, and when you're bored land on Zek in decent shape.

    I've posted in the past that PvP solves a lot of issues. It does. One issue it won't solve is you getting harm touched like Trak.
  16. Machen Augur

    PVP on everquest is broken. There's a reason Zek has no population.

    I'd be all for it if they did it well, but they won't.
  17. Hateseeker Augur

    Zek's population now just can't be used that way...in a game like this, gear and level is everything (and AAs). You just can't start a new character on a mature PvP server and expect it to be fair, and so people don't. That's actually similar to the reason I don't want to go back even to a PvE Live server - even with a Heroic character, I'd be nobody until I get to what, 105 is it now? And I'd still be nobody trying to break back into the raiding scene with the gear difference. That's why I'm interested in Progression - a fresh start.

    A more fair comparison would have been Rallos Zek's population in 1999 through 2002, compared to PvE servers in the same time. I remember having more than enough people to play with back then.

    And yes, EQ PVP is not balanced, and never was, but the issue is more for solo players.
  18. liveitup1216 Augur

    PvP would be interesting, but none of that kiddie marshmellow Rallos/Tallon/Vallon nonsense. Sullon Zek deity teams or bust.
  19. Machen Augur

    I played on the pvp servers when they were healthy, and I played on them when they ran into population problems due to all the broken pvp mechanics and lack of attention by SOE staff. It absolutely can be used that way, because there are reasons it is the way that it is.
  20. Stewgottz Augur

    Seasonal server, PvP server with alternating rule sets each season. Make it a feeder for Zek since Zek FFA.

    If its a bust, reset the server, OK next season is No pvp or if it was a success, change the rules from Vallon to Tallon. Have a poll.

    I wonder how many people would actually play on it though except the 12 of us who post here every day haha..
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