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  1. Chanaluss Can spell Doljonijiarnimorinar, Iqthinxa Karnkvi

    one of the oft-missed components of the Sense Heading thread is the comment that LDoN will get its own 84 day cycle after PoP. Would love to get some additional feedback about this. This thread will (hopefully) be used to discuss the merits and detriments of that idea.

    Lets start from the top: This is the first time LDoN has been offered its own cycle among any of the Progression servers that have been made. Prior progression servers included it as part of Planes of Power after a set period of time, usually 6 weeks-ish, a few weeks after LoY unlocked. This includes Ragefire and Lockjaw.
    So Its never been done before. As such, we dont know what kind of effect having 3 months of PoP, followed by 3 months of LDoN would have on the server population.

    conversely, one could argue that the dungeoneering and augmentations of LDoN justify a cycle of its own, and that it would allow a good gap for everyone to have the opportunity to fully explore everything before Gates (or combined gates/omens) dropped.

    What do you think? Great idea? Worst idea since <insert class nerf>?
  2. Cainen Augur

    I like the idea for a couple reasons.

    First it gives more people time to complete POP content. While not everyone is going to need or want the extra time some guilds will be able to get further into time and farm more gear in preparation for GOD. There is a lot of good content in POP and more time to complete the group content is always good.

    Secondly, with the conversion of heroic stats on gear instead of some secondary stats, LDON raid augs will be a LOT more attractive now. Old avoidance or DS augs will now be Heroic Sta and Heroic Str augs, making the raids that drop these farm more desirable even for fully time geared guilds.
  3. Ryak Augur

    I think it is fine. Basically what Cainen said.

    I also tend to think they should stop messing with a nice simple successful formula. 3 months per expansion. Time should be spent proportional to how it was spent on live (divided by 4 give or take) and we spent years in these expansions at level 65.

    I would even advocate making LoY a full 3 month expansion, although I expect that opinion would be unpopular.
  4. Adonhiram Augur

    LoY was cool though, I remember solo AAxping there for weeks (in Torgadin Mines basement). But it's not a raid expansion of course.
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