<Lemmings Reborn> - Mischief European Semi-Casual guild!

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    Who is Lemmings Reborn?
    Lemmings started as a small guild on Aradune and build up to clear all content in Classic/Kunark before merging with another guild in Velious. We bring a small core of members who are looking for new friends, to try this new TLP server launching in May.

    What is Semi-Casual?
    Semi-casual means that we want to clear content effectively and want to attract veterans, and new players alike, who aim to play with a certain level of skill. We are however not "try-hard" who will go for all OW targets and bolster at our own greatness with a "we so l33t" attitude.

    Most of us are "aging" family people, who love our dose of EQ a couple of times a week, but still have to manage our jobs, businesses, families and bar visits(soon!).

    So if you want to kill dragons in a mature and friendly environment, keep on reading!.

    Lemmings is all about a friendly and helpful atmosphere, where we have fun playing together. We do not force people, but we encourage a helpful attitude where you put the greater good of the guild, before your own personal gains and step up and help your guildmates, so that we grow stronger as a guild.

    Raiding Schedule!
    We will raid 3 times a week i.e. - Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 8pm CET to 11pm CET.

    We will use a payed DKP site. Specific rules will be set over the coming weeks.

    We will NOT require a raid attendance and restrict DKP on that, however we will distribute epic/quest/spells loots to those with the highest raid attendance first, for the greater good of the guild.

    We require that you use discord. Discord is our channel of information and you must be able to listen during raiding time. We do NOT require you to speak, only listen.

    Caught your attention?
    Then join our discord and come talk to us some more! https://discord.gg/ekGF27jgYP
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  2. Everhaste New Member

    Loved Lemmings in the past, excited to run with them again!
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  4. KRYGZ Journeyman

    I van never raid Thursdays, I really Hope a guild starts up Sun-Wed
  5. Portis Augur

    Good luck on the new server!
    <Rosengard> Aradune!
  6. Derpinator Journeyman

    Thank you mate!
  7. Kharneth New Member

    Loved this guild the first time around, excited to give it another spin!
  8. Kasya/Rasz New Member

    This is good news, loved Lemmings on Aradune
  9. Derpinator Journeyman

    Thank's for the kind words! Lemmings is looking forward for round 2 !
  10. Derpinator Journeyman

    Steadily growing! Join our discord and start the theory crafting with us! =)
  11. Everhaste New Member

    Continuing to grow, come check us out!
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  14. Ruban New Member

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  16. Everhaste New Member

    Lemmings community is growing!! Come join in on the fun!
  17. Crowfoot New Member

    Even better if you came join us Notadruid!!!! Im going druid this time could do with you there to train me! (Dotstoevsky)
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