Legacy Character System is Underutilized

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  1. GugokSkulkraker Lorekeeper

    As many people have pointed out, the 10% EXP bonus for alts is rather anemic and I would love to see an actual incentive behind raising alts if that is the focus of Oakwynd. I would propose increasing the systems that legacy characters touch. Why do the alts not offer additional bonus coin loot, faction, AA EXP, skill modifier increases, etc? Just look at the list of server bonuses and start going down the list to make people really want to keep playing and creating alts.

    As the system currently stands, as soon as a level limit is raised, all of your previous work is reset until you bring the characters to the new max level. I would love to see you keep the previous bonus for a short time after each expansion unlocks so that you can benefit on your main character and not just your alternate characters. Again this would incentivize people to keep grouping and playing when they might otherwise just raid log when waiting for the next expansion to drop.

    I know the focus has been mostly on FTE, but I really like this new system and hope they consider expanding on it!
  2. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    We already have a lot of problems with inflation due to the amount of currency coming into the game, allowing it to increase anymore will just make matters worse
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  3. SoandsoForumUser Augur

    Changing the bonus to count all toons within one expansion of level cap would be far better.
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  4. Everhaste33 New Member

    Absolutely love this idea, losing that exp boost every time the level cap goes up seems miserable.
  5. Velisaris_MS Augur

    The system is backwards. If you have at least one max level toon, then if you start a new toon, it should start out with a 100% xp bonus that decays as you get closer to max level. Once a toon gets within 10 (maybe 5) levels of max, then the bonus should be 0. And just get rid of the "multiple max level toons" requirement because it's silly...you should only need one at max level.
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  6. Jontrann Augur

    or you know, just increase the exp modifier on the server so people can level characters faster. Not sure why they don't utilize the "legacy" system with a huge server xp modifier.
  7. Doze Augur

    The Legacy bonus idea is a fine one, but it needs to be revised slightly and expanded upon.
    First then the bonuses given by and for each character on the account that meets the requirements should be permanent and not be reset when new bonuses become available.
    Second then there should be some more varied rewards tied to each expansion that is relevant to the current and adjoining expansions. They could be as follows:

    Classic (lvl50 reached):
    +10% level XP for all characters lvl1-50
    Kunark (lvl60 reached):
    +10% level XP for all characters lvl51-60
    Velious (max ally reached with either Coldain, Kael or CoV faction):
    +10% faction gained from all sources within all Classic to PoP zones for all characters.
    Luclin (150 AAs earned)
    +10% AA XP for all characters up to lvl60.
    PoP (lvl65 reached):
    +10% level XP for all characters lvl61-65
    LoY (Signets of the Councilman quest completed):
    +1% to all tradeskills
    LDoN (Adventurer's Stone maxed out):
    +10% additional Adventure Points per completed mission for all characters.
    GoD (300 AAs earned):
    +10% AA XP for all characters lvl61-65.
    OoW (lvl70 reached):
    +10% level XP for all characters lvl66-70
    DoN (max faction reached with either Norrath's Keepers or Dark Reign):
    +10% faction gained from all sources within all GoD to DoDH zones for all characters.
    DoDH (600 AAs earned):
    +10% AA XP for all characters lvl66-70.
    PoR (quest for Access to the Theatre of Blood/Plane of Music completed):
    +10% faction gained from all sources within all PoR to TBS zones for all characters.
    TSS (lvl75 reached):
    +10% level XP for all characters lvl71-75
    TBS (1000 AAs earned):
    +10% AA XP for all characters lvl71-75.


    EDIT: added bonus suggestions for LoY+PoR and fixed the bonus descriptions to be more clear
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  8. TLP Addict Augur

    Nah suck it up and grind all of 5 levels on your alts every 3 months, if you can't handle that you don't deserve a bonus.
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  9. GugokSkulkraker Lorekeeper

    I don't believe the rewards need to tie to this server (Oakwynd) ruleset. The reason being that Legacy Characters are likely to be brought into additional TLPs or even live servers down the line. It should be rules agnostic and something that is significant enough to make a player want to level additional characters to keep people in the leveling treadmill. This would also help new players joining the server as you would have more players just leveling up alts and the grouping game might keep players engaged a little longer and not just raid logging.
  10. Koniku Elder

    Legacy characters would be a great system to have on a no box server
  11. Runes Augur

    They reset the xp bonus at each expansion level cap bump to foster buying pots and paying subs longer so you level all your alts up, nothing wrong with this that I can see, more revenues for company , longer doors stay open on this game
  12. Ulrin New Member

    I agree this would be better for me, the player. But I get the feeling that the Legacy Character system is aimed at increasing the length of time that people spend actively leveling characters, gearing, and gaining AA within the first few weeks of any expansion launch - all of which are significantly better for the overall health of the server. When the majority of the server's population starts raidlogging, it's REALLY hard to catch up from an absence.

    Having 5-6-7 characters on one account who all can share raid dropped equipment between them and each need their own AAs might/should/could(?) generate a pretty similar grouping game to having 3-4x the number of active toons running around.
  13. Bewts Augur

    Legacy character XP is just a beta test on TLP instead of test. It’s either truly intended for live servers or is grossly overestimating it’s actual value on TLP.

    You simply don’t have much incentive to level alts on the same account and a significant part of the population simply isn’t going to keep up with this for a benefit unless it lasts through the high demand periods for XP (which it doesn’t except for expansions without a level increase).
  14. Laronk Augur

    The bonus is more insignificant for live then tlp. On live if you do all the content in an expansion it’s easy to have max aa and be max level and it would be really a lot of work for pretty much anyone. You would have to gear other characters unless they did the heirloom thing on all servers. There is so much to catch up on in live.

    All for a paltry prize of 100% bonus exp?

    I think they’re testing this but the reward will end up changing.
  15. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Honestly, if they just made all gear heirloom (excpet for things like epics some of the other gear that's still "no trade" on the free trade servers), that alone would make it worth it to put it on Live servers. The bonus xp for the account would be nice, but I could live without it.
  16. Weverley Augur

    I think it's a difference between casual and boxer. Among casual over the years on tlp i saw very frequently people with 5-8 characters on same account. I agree with that among boxers and raiders it would be the opposite many account with very few characters on each.