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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Adaman, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. Tinytinker Augur

    If you were solution oriented, you would have offered advice. I don't see you suggesting where the OP can level, what guilds he can join that might have a lot of grouping going on, what quests he might enjoy working on while he levels. You say that you had fun completing a bunch of small goals, but I don't see you sharing with us what those goals are. Instead it feels like you are trying to force the OP to change and talking down to him.

    i.e. "turn that frown upside down" "change of mindset".
  2. Kutsuu Augur

    Yes, I'm using my immense power as a random forum poster to FORCE them to do something. You got me.
  3. Silinius Augur

    In all seriousness, I agree with this statement. But I also enjoy giving Gremin as much grief as I can :)
  4. Dilf Augur

    What do kronos sell for on RF and LJ? My interest is piqued to give one of those two a shot again, despite the lower overall populations. Phinny is cool n' all, but there is only 1 guild on the server that somewhat raids during the time I can be online, so my focus has to shift to just enjoying the game at my own pace and expectations. I dabble on the Live servers too, but I would like to continue on a TLP path.
  5. AgentofChange Augur

    About 30k, compared to the 4.5k on phinny... A lot more mega farmers on Ragefire & Lockjaw plus both servers got impacted by a huge platinum dupe that pretty much ruined the economy.
  6. Dilf Augur

    Thanks for the info. I may sell a couple of krono there to gear up a duo and give it a fair shot again.
  7. Semah Augur

    There are a lot of factors that influence krono price and the purchasing power of platinum. I regularly buy and sell things on Ragefire, and I don't see a "pretty much ruined" economy. High prices are a mixed bag---in some ways they don't impact us at all, and in others they actually negatively impact botters.

    The sky is not falling. The biggest economic problem Ragefire has right now isn't excess plat from a dupe or high krono prices (or other conspiracy theories like how Draught of Fire can't melt mithril beams). It's loss of player/consumer confidence paired with the inter-expansion lull.
  8. Jaime Lannister Augur

    6+ month expansions has more to do with prices of Krono on RF than the plat exploit that was around for a bit, though it didn't help. The longer expansions last the more plat gets pulled into the game, the more plat gets pulled into the game the less plat is worth etc etc.

    You can spend a day farming Chardok and make a Krono easy.

    Though 7 months into velious, the market isn't hot right now for regular items. Everyone already has 4 level 60's at this point who are like fully group geared.

    It is probably hard to find lower level groups i'd imagine right now. If that's what you really want, try again when luclin is released and there are a slew of new tiger characters.

    After that AA's will keep groups going. There really isn't much to do on the server until Luclin.
  9. Draekony Lorekeeper

    What jaime is saying is that he will be coming over to phinigel and you shouldnt go to ragefire!
  10. Semah Augur

    Another thing to keep in mind is: :Luclin contains two quite significant plat sinks: horses and the casino.

    (1) The amount of plat you need to buy a horse or a casino spin is fixed, and doesn't depend on server prices. This is good for a new player (and indeed, the higher price of krono will mean that it's easier to get, say, a starter horse on Ragefire than on Phinny!)

    (2) Platinum reserves will be significantly reduced by the sinks. This might not impact the market value of platinum much (since hoarded currency has little effect on its value) but it will decrease the amount of platinum remaining in the system.

    Wise cheaters (and even legitimate hoarders) may remember the cautionary tale in The Twenty-One Balloons, and realize that while releasing platinum into the wider market will reduce the value of their holdings, spending it on NPC plat sinks will not. (How many krono will elder holgresh beads go for? I'm curious to find out...)

    All that on top of the increase in player-retention brought by AAs.

    In short, Luclin promises to be great for the Ragefire/Lockjaw economy.
  11. Skipper Augur

    Yep, we don't understand it and DBG refuses to listen. The XP is absolutely awful on Phinny.
  12. Ladysoth Augur

    Yes, you do.

    Because some people (like me) have a lot more fun raiding and playing the game at max level and don't enjoy the leveling process as much. Anything that keeps me away from getting to the part of the game I enjoy the most is something I want as little of as possible.

    The only reason you'd say this is to stroke that age-old need people have had since time immemorial, to feel like you're superior to others. You know perfectly well why some people like to level faster.

    Just like when Phinigel started and this whole conversation happened about a dozen times a day, it's one thing to suggest some things to someone who hates the grind to help them keep going, something like Kutsuu suggested, "focus on X spell next level, not max level" or "focus on when you can get to the next zone, not getting 30 more levels" etc, but it's another thing entirely to insinuate that someone else's way of enjoying the game is bad, wrong, or something that can't be understood. It's like if you went into a new coffee shop and you asked for a coffee with cream and sugar, and being told "We don't have cream and sugar here" and some of the regulars piped up with "Just drink it black, dude, you don't need cream and sugar" and started to tell you you're not a "real" coffee drinker because you want that in it. Wouldn't you look at the guy saying that like he was out of his mind, like it's his business how you want to enjoy your coffee? The same thing applies here.
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  13. Draekony Lorekeeper

    Yeah for me leveling is the hurdle and end game is the fun. Can't have fun until I hit max
  14. zarkolov Lorekeeper

    what if you only play for the roleplay and your on the raiding server would it not make sense to tell people that you dont enjoy there way of playing?
  15. Kwami New Member

    If you have the machines, I would suggest running a 3-4 man team to get you up to 50+ on Phinny, but control them all with 1 mouse/keyboard/monitor to make it simpler.

    I play on my own time and can jump into the action immediately. About 6-7 days played now over a month and a half and I'm 1 yellow away from 53.

    As long as I have every machine hardwired using cat5e or higher, Remote Desktop + AutoHotKey (for swapping windows with whatever key combo I want) has made it virtually no different from boxing on ragefire/lockjaw. Tried with wireless though and it's just not fast enough.

    I pretty much avoided Phinny until I had the idea to try this last month. My play times are just too weird, for sometimes way too short, and I planned on playing the warrior as my main (much much much easier to start out with a nekkid tank when controlling most of the group).

    PM me if you are interested/need help getting it setup. The RDP + AutoHotKey is stupid easy, the only hard part is getting the machines all on the same router or hub using at least cat5e+.
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