Leatherfoot Haversacks

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Darchias, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. Darchias Augur

    So.... I decided to make my first Haversack on Agnarr today. Got my 36 Tufts of Dire Wolf Fur, combined them into 4 Woven Dire Wolf Fur, made my three Infused Platinum Threads (failed one of the Blue Diamond Powder combines), put them all in my Vale Sewing Kit with an Acorn Oil...

    You cannot make this item because you fail to meet the requirements.

    What. What. This is a Velious era item. Why am I getting the out-of-era failure message. Please. Give me my bags...
  2. Grebhiker Lorekeeper

    Just to verify, you are a halfling right?

    This combine did work in Velious on Lockjaw as a reference.
  3. Bobbybick Augur

    It got changed to Luclin at some point in the past year. They were also craftable in Velious era on Phinny but it got changed late in the expansion to Luclin.
  4. Darchias Augur

    If I wasn't, I wouldn't be able to make the components either. Acorn Oil is the only one of those that doesn't require you to be a Halfling.
    RIP. Why. No seriously why? They're bags. We're not talking about Imbued Fire Opal Rings, that have really good stats here. They're just bags.
  5. Bobbybick Augur

  6. Darchias Augur

    *reads thread* Oh... Celestial Temper was released in Luclin? How strange. I could have sworn they were available in era back in 2000...

    Well, if they genuinely were not a Velious recipe, far be it from me to complain. My bad, my memory must be faulty. It does annoy me that the components (Celestial Temper itself, Imbued Platinum Thread) are still craftable though. Made me waste a bunch of money trying the combine. In the end it's not a huge amount of loss, but it's still quite annoying...
  7. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Celestial Essences are a Luclin combine. That is the prime issue.

    The reason they're available on TLPs is the spell research revamp. Without those spell research vendors selling Celestial Solvents you couldn't find any merchant to sell them until Luclin.

    If they correctly flag those for Luclin you solve a lot of early Tradeskill Items made out of era.
  8. Darchias Augur

    You're mixing up Celestial Essence, used in many combines and made with merchant bought materials in a no-fail 15 trivial Mixing Bowl combine, and Celestial Temper, which is made with Blue Diamond Powder and Purified Water in a 136 Brew Barrel combine.
  9. Shaantara Elder

    What is used to make purified water?
  10. Sumonerr_Tunare Augur

    Brewing Components: Purification Tablet, Water Reed
    In: Tracker's Water Extractor
    Yield: 3
    No Fail Combine

    Brewing Components: Moss Root, Purification Tablet
    In: Tracker's Water Extractor
    Yield: 3
    No Fail Combine

    Brewing Components: Lichenclover, Purification Tablet
    In: Tracker's Water Extractor
    Yield: 3
    No Fail Combine

    Brewing Components: Frost Crystal, Purification Tablet
    In: Tracker's Water Extractor
    Yield: 3
    No Fail Combine

    Brewing Components: Purification Tablet, Sop Bark
    In: Tracker's Water Extractor
    Yield: 3
    No Fail Combine

    Those don't include celestial essence. Maybe not the most efficient way but it is possible then.
    Source: http://www.eqtraders.com/items/show_item.php?item=1191
  11. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    And pray tell, how are you going to make the Woven Dire Wolf Furs without an Embroidering Needle?

    Celestial Solvents/Essences did not exist before Luclin. Go to Eqtraders and look at all the vendors that sell solvents. It's Sanctus Seru, Shadowhaven, Bazaar, PoK, Abysmal Sea and a bunch of spell research vendors in classic cities.

    Unfortunately researching doesn't work on TLPs without Celestial Solvents. But they could flag Celestial Essence combines to be Luclin to fix it such that we don't have access to Luclin era Tradeskill items and skill up paths.
  12. Ryak Augur

    They already effectively removed research, anyways. Might as well just go the rest of the way at this point. :p
  13. Bewts Augur

    For the record, it was much simpler to just restrict the final combine instead of all the subcombines plus the final combine.

    I experienced the same problem on Lockjaw where I could make all of the brellium subcombines for Plate cultural, but received the same message you did for the final combine.

    Best bet is to forage a massive amount of tufts in your non-raid downtime in preparation to be the first to market and with the biggest supply. That way you can control the market price until enough people enter that it’s no longer worth the price war race to the bottom. Then you just play the role of China, flood the market with cheap goods and leave the market to die a slow death while you other things with your currency.
  14. Darchias Augur

    I... completely forgot that an embroidering needle required a celestial essence to make. My bad.
  15. Shaantara Elder

  16. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Indeed. So Celestial Essence combines should all be flagged Luclin and then all will be right in the world. At this point though it's probably too late for any current TLP to be impacted, just future ones.

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