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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by ARCHIVED-boxinguru, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-boxinguru Guest

    I am coming from WoW and after playing the underdog class (shaman) I was wondering what the equivalint is in EQ? What I mean is what would be the least played class in the game?
    Also, I have about 95k I recieved from my brother to twink my character, should I bother? Or should I save it and use it later on when I am a higher level?
    Thank you
  2. ARCHIVED-Borek-VS Guest

    Least played class is berserker - simply because it is the class most recently introduced.
    Underdog class is beastlord, it's the class most overdue for a major upgrade, probably followed by paladin.
    You need to buy a J1 tank merc as soon as possible after you start your character - that's free sub level 10 (or so). Then wear what drops for you until about 59 (Elegant Defiant); although melee classes can spend a little on weapon upgrades. You can also consider buying gear upgrades at 65 (SoF drops from Bazaar), 71 (Othni/Athlai), or current cultural gear (75 for Sublime).
    Basically, there's not a lot that you need to spend on below 60, and various money sinks between 70 and 80.
  3. ARCHIVED-boxinguru Guest

    Borek-VS wrote:
    ok thank you very much, I have decided I am going bard. It seems to be the closest to what I enjoy playing.
  4. ARCHIVED-wutfor Guest

    Ya, get that tank mercenary.
    And why berzerkers are played little, I have no idea, but it is so. However, at the moment I would be willing to bet rogues might be the least played.
    Rogues have great backstabs and such, but they aren't overly happy, I think. But yes, the beastlord is certainly the underdog at the moment.
    As for the money to twink, I would suggest you use it sparingly to maybe buy an elaborate head piece and chest piece when you hit level 59. Until then you can just make do with whatever elaborate pieces drop, or if something cheap strikes your fancy.
    Good luck, and good hunting.
  5. ARCHIVED-wutfor Guest

    By the way, the elaborate head piece and chest pieces should be pretty cheap. I think I saw them for 500pp and 2500pp, respectively, lately in the bazaar.
    You should save the money, likely, for a mount. There are lots of ways to get one, but I had to buy one in the bazaar, for about 100,000 pp.
  6. ARCHIVED-Borek-VS Guest

    If you're buying a mount, the best choices are either a) for casters/priests use a /claim mount or a 10kpp mount for medding; or buy the full 100kpp mount for travel speed.
    Don't forget the Gift of Legacies Lost claim items - a couple of potions, 2/3 armor pieces and a weapon, all Defiant, once per character.

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