Learned recipes not matching skill over 300

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Epos, Jan 5, 2021.

  1. Epos New Member

    My current number of learned recipes for blacksmithing and tailoring are 1075 and 1544, respectively. My current blacksmithing skill is 318, and tailoring is 315. I submitted a petition and the gm told me to submit a bug report in game, which I have done, and I thought I would post here as well. The affected character is level 115 with all tradeskill aa's purchased. I have successfully maxed pottery, fishing, baking, and brewing to 350 without any apparent issue.
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  2. Soulbanshee Augur

    A fix was pushed in October, learn some more recipes to correct your skills, it may take 40+/- to gain a point for it to recalculate..
  3. Epos New Member

    I have earned 1-2 points in each since that patch, but it only took my skill up by that much and did not correct it to what it should be.
  4. Eyashusa Lorekeeper

    Your numbers appear to include the recipes from all the Trade Skill books (Some people calculate without all of them). Based on your numbers, your skill level looks to be correct.

    1939 Blacksmithing recipes required.
    Alt#1 313 skill 951 recipes known. 988 recipes left for 37 skill ups = 26.7 recipes per skill up
    Alt#2 332 skill 1470 recipes known. 469 recipes left for 18 skill ups = 26.1 recipes per skill up
    You 318 skill 1075 recipes known. 864 recipes left for 32 skill ups = 27.0 recipes per skill up

    2078 Tailoring recipes required.
    Alt#1 312 skill 1451 recipes known. 627 recipes left for 38 skill ups = 16.5 recipes per skill up
    Alt#2 323 skill 1672 recipes known. 406 recipes left for 27 skill ups = 15.0 recipes per skill up
    You 315 skill 1544 recipes known. 534 recipes left for 35 skill ups = 15.3 recipes per skill up

    I am sure there is some rounding here, depending on where you are compared to next skill up. If you get to 319 & 316 and give that exact count, I will skill up the lower alt for comparison.

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  5. Soulbanshee Augur

    Your math seems off on that, and if your alts are looking the same then the skill cap bug that was fixed in October affected them too.

    1939 recipes required / 50 points = average 38.78 recipes per point, 1075 recipes learned / 1939 recipes required = 55% of the required recipes learned
    2078 recipes required / 50 points = average 41.56 recipes per point, 1544 recipes learned / 2078 recipes required = 74% of the required recipes learned
    My understanding is it is supposed to take more recipes per point as you get closer to 350 than it does at 300, but none of those numbers make sense to be only 15 points in. Also originally (except for research) each tradeskill was set so you had to learn approximately 95% of the available recipes I believe. With all the recipes added since introduction, this is now down to needing to learn approximately 90% of the available recipes.

    My character was not affected by the skill cap bug and I am at 1683 recipes learned of 1939 recipes needed with 340/350 skill for blacksmithing and 1934 recipes learned of 2078 recipes needed with 340/350 skill for tailoring.

    I had someone email me their outputfile recipes to make sure my parser was calculating correctly, and it had about the same number of recipes learned as Eya does, and they appeared to have been cap bugged at 315 also. The output file is the dump of recipes learned that count towards 350 skill cap, so it was not a manual count through the UI.
  6. Duder Augur

    It'd make sense to divide the total needed recipes by 50 skillups needed, however, it doesn't work out to those numbers, ever. I have 3 chars with 350 Tailoring and Smithing and it never took 38 recipes per skill up for smithing nor 41 per skill up for tailoring.
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  7. Eyashusa Lorekeeper

    This is EQ Baby and yes the math does not work in a linear fashion. For all the toons I have taken to 350, buy all your books get it to the next skill level, then start counting. You will then see a pattern of how many recipes it takes per skill up. It will stay consistent or go +1 recipe per skill up.

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  8. Kianara Lorekeeper

    It does not take noticeably more to level from, for example, 349-350 than it does from 320-321 (with a variance of 1 recipe due to how averages work). On all of my TS that are 350, it took basically the same exact amount of recipes to go from 349-350 as it did to go from 320-321.
    The only way the numbers per skillup actually wold have increased was when more recipes were added in CoV (since skillups are based on the % of total recipes in that particular TS, and not a set # of recipes needed .. each TS requires roughly 98-99% of recipes to be known). The TS that would have seen the biggest difference are smithing, fletching, tailoring, and research since they had the most added to it, but overall at most it would have increased each TS by 1 recipe per skillup.
  9. Jokskilove Palzerker

    I think the issue with blacksmithing in particular is that a lot of the (already known) recipes reported by various parsers don't actually count against the cap - which is why you're apparently more than half way through the number of recipes, but have not yet reached skill level 325. My observations are consistent with other posters that you need a fixed number of recipes per skill-up (only variation caused by rounding errors)
  10. Eyashusa Lorekeeper

    The amount of recipes required for 350 skill, did not change with more recipes being added.
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  11. Duder Augur

    Exactly. The recipe count to get to 350 across 3 characters in 3 different expansions has been exactly the same for each and in every tradeskill. And each time I did a new character I learned the new recipes that the previous character didn't have available.