LDoN Raids should give adv points? - Thoughts

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Pimento, Aug 11, 2021.

  1. Pimento New Member

    Title covers it
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  2. Machen New Member

    This idea has been posted dozens of times and I've never seen anyone argue against it. It's one of the few things that just about everyone is on board with. They still probably won't do it.
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  3. Vulken9 New Member

    Of course. But, if I had a choice, I think I’d rather have the recruiter port you directly to ZI for adventures. Add another TLer at adventure ZI to send you back to camp.

    Way too much game time is wasted just running to/from the adventures. It’s simply unnecessary.
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  4. Machen New Member

    Eh, it's annoying but not that annoying. Have a caster bind in the camp you are running, and gate and request the next adventure while the rest of the group runs out of the old zone. If you've got a bard to give him selo's, or a selos mount he'll be back within 2-3 minutes even in Mistmoore. Meanwhile the rest of the group can zone in and start killing without him.
  5. Tweakfour17 Augur

    I'm meh to points but count as wins towards aug would help.
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  6. Machen New Member

    Yeah same. I'd rather the wins than the points, by far.
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  7. Foaming I Drank Bleach IRL Once

    I want points and wins counting towards aug. With everything else accelerated on a TLP this seems like a fair change.
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  8. Machen New Member

    And then we'd have a good reason to do all 13 raids every week!
  9. Viceversa Elder

    I don't think this would be a good enough change to do all 13 raids per week. Most guilds/players don't find ldon worth it at all. it would be nice for the select few who do take ldon seriously but I highly doubt guilds will pick up a extra night of raiding for this considering you would get more points/completions just running group ldons.

    Tbh I think ldon is a pretty simple fix, Put all the raid augs/loot on a vendor and gain points for raids. (separate from the group ldon points) put a second aug in that is designed for raids/completions and let it have some heroic stats.

    group ldons need a exp reward for completion and the amount of ldons needed to finish the group aug reduced by half, at least.

    granted this might be more complex changes then what they are willing to do but this would take ldon from one of the worst to best expansions.
  10. Vicus Augur

    This is a QoL that just needs to be changed. If the plan is to pump out 2-3 TLP's a year (currently a strong financial plan) and LDON only lasting for 2 months, adding raids to the total number completed needs to be a thing. This also doesn't just help during era but also for the next 2+ expansions as people go back with 1-2 groups of friends to farm this for the augs. This will also help people catch up easier (like new zerkers) and new raid members who want to get the charm aug.

    Personally I think the Aug requirement needs to be cut in half. 68-72 adventures x5 is just insane for any MMO. On average if you push for 10-12 hours you can complete 20-25 missions. Looking at 2 weeks of devoted 10 hour gaming sessions. This does NOTHING to help player retention. Needs to be streamlined and even with EQ coding, this is not a large timesink for work hours.
  11. Montag Augur

    LDoN needs this. It literally sucks. Even on Agnarr where the server is perma locked in LDoN no one wants to do LDoNs cause it's suck a giant slog.
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  12. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    Well... I could see it being done, that would be between 31% and 88% completion from raids alone.

    3 Guk
    3 Miragul
    3 RH
    3 Tak
    2 MM

    Roughly 20 weeks active (Ragefire-type TLP unlock)
    60 Guk
    60 Miragul
    60 RH
    60 Tak
    40 MM

    Roughly 12 weeks active (Time-based TLP unlock)
    36 Guk
    36 Miragul
    36 RH
    36 Tak
    24 MM

    The biggest problem with LDoN.. is the loot isn't really worthwhile. You have the PoTime loot pinata going full force for 1 night, but there's not a whole lot else going on. Where LDoN could have stepped in and provided better alternatives, it is much much more difficult to kit out a raid force in LDoN upgrades, especially in 12-20 weeks (depending on TLP rules and unlock speed).

    The "build your own armor" model, for raid gear, has always seemed to be a horrible choice in MMO's. While I've only seen it in action three times, it was always an absolute failure and best left to crafted gear and maybe some group content. The loot distribution for LDoN would require some form of loot council to ensure people got completed gear that was also an upgrade to the previous gear. It could be managed by some priority list, but that adds in extra drama as well.

    What I experienced, on TLP's, was a focus on a handful of the LDoN raids for specific aug drops. Notably:
    LDoN Raid: Deepest Guk: Ritualist of Hate
    LDoN Raid: Miragul's Menagerie: Frozen Nightmare
    LDoN Raid: Rujarkian Hills: Prison Break
    LDoN Raid: Rujarkian Hills: Hidden Vale of Deceit
    LDoN Raid: Mistmoore Catacombs: Struggles within the Progeny
    LDoN Raid: Takish-Hiz: Within the Compact

    These were mostly for weapon damage augs, AC augs, 15% spec augs and the haste (meh but still) augs.
  13. Machen New Member

    I was being sarcastic. Foaming is in my guild and I know how much we all love doing ldon raids.
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  14. Viceversa Elder

    the point isnt that it would help complete the point was the 8 extra ldons have 0 loot worth farming and you can get group ldons done much faster, also you forget the herioc augs from the other 7 which are pretty big imo.
  15. Machen New Member

    This is exactly the same list we use. We do Folly of Miragul's Ambition, Rituialist of Hate, Within the Compact occasionally as well, but the above six are the priority. LDON raids really aren't for gear. They are valuable for the augs that will remain bis for 10-12 expansions. The both good news and bad news is that while you probably won't get anywhere near all the augs you need, people can come back and single group them in just a few expansions when the augs are still bis and very relevant still.
  16. Boze TLP complaint factory

    This would give me even more of a reason to not grind LDoNs.

    The whole expansion is just super grindy in every way: do the same barely-different dungeons hundreds of times, get enough points for maybe 1/10 of an aug each run, raids have tons of trash and backtracking, non-aug raid drops require grinding group content or other LDoN raid drops to get the type 3s or 8s to make them worth using, super minor gains on 99% of the gear, and almost all the loot is irrelevant within an expansion or two.

    See y'all in GoD.
  17. Machen New Member

    Yeah, but then they throw in the rare aug that is BIS for the next 10-12 expansions. Including the charm aug. If it weren't for those, I'd join you in just skipping the whole thing.
  18. Tritonia Journeyman

    Not even a mention of king ldon Scion Lair of Fury with the luxurious and mandatory 25ac chain only aug that fits in type 11. You add some retroactive ldon raid wins to these and I'm in the 20s on scion lairs alone.

    Completion credit would be cool. I don't need points for ldon raids but it would be nice to get a win tick for the appropriate theme when going back and farming all the augs most players seem happy to leave on the table as soon as gates launches.
  19. Jhinx Whimsical Chinchilla

    • The loot has ever been sub par.
    • The missions are a long and monotonous repetitive snooze and we typically stay awake simply by training ourselves.
    • The xp is horribad.
    • The ridiculous amount of missions to max the the aug only speak to the people that think maxxing the Tears of Alaris is a hoot.
    • Cut the number of wins to max the aug massively.
    • Raise the xp big time.
    • Put some sought after drops, perhaps clickies or illusions to make people excited about opening chests.
    • Switch the reward points to a tradeable currency (one for group missions and another for raid missions like in Katta) and have the LDoN drops like pet foci or the AC aug be buyable on a merchant you need faction with or something.
    • Make it so a single person can pop a mission.
  20. Womble New Member

    Second this - been the dullest expansion hands down.Would have been cool if there were separate raid vs group points with corresponding item pools. Only a month till next expansion thank GoD.
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