Lay the Trap

Discussion in 'Zones and Quest Discussion' started by Firedemon93, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. Firedemon93 Journeyman

    There are no Objective instructions for this quest. please update.
  2. Absor Developer

    Should be fixed soon.
  3. Firedemon93 Journeyman

    Final step seems very vague, It points us to stop Venril in Sathir's Tomb, Though if you intend for us to clear the room like we had to in Howling stones, Which would be near impossible unless you have top end DPS. There is no way for this quest to go to Live if it requires a full room clear as there is an average of 20 mobs in the room, each mob managing about 15-20 million HP per, not counting for any possible named spawn. it would require for everyone to be 110, as well as have at least EoK raid quality gear, Mobs hit for an average of 55k and can quad. Which would melt many in a normal situation, Seems like you might want to iron out the details with how this quest would function in a practical live server.
  4. Orbital101 Augur

    We kept half the zone clear for almost 2 hrs as a group last night then split off trying multiple things with the Sarcophagus, the Skeletons on the ground. Repeating some phrases that the Ghost of Rile Sathir says to spawn Drusella Sathir but nothing worked. The quest is missing infomations which lead to think that its not finished yet but was pushed as far as possible on friday to keep us busy over the weekend.

    Absor did say soon and dint confirm fixed :p
  5. Axxius Augur

    Now there are 2 Drusellas and 2 Venrils up. Rile doesn't come to summon her, I assume because she's up.
  6. Firedemon93 Journeyman

    Unfortunately, This quest still seems to have its bugs. Now when starting a fresh attempt at this quest it causes 3 copies of the Adds to spawn as well as 3 Drusilla's, 3 Venril Sathir's and 2 Ghosts of Rile. On top of that, The task no longer updates after beating the kill section of the quest, The third section also never spawned. Upon clearing the entire zone room by room. There was no spawn of Venril and Drusilla. Hopefully, Absor will take a look at this quest soon....
  7. Absor Developer

    This should work now. The last step was broken AND had the wrong zone listed.
  8. Tour Augur

    works perfectly now, thank you
  9. Aikharos Journeyman

    A few of us spent about three hours last night clearing zone and never saw her, nor Venril, nor A Ghost of Rile. Was this quest intended to take so long to complete the first step?
  10. Firedemon93 Journeyman

    Entire mission took roughly 15 mins in total. You may not have been paying attention to the text that was given by the quest giver.
  11. Axxius Augur

    Clearing what? All you need to do is get to Drusella's room. You can invis/IVU there without killing almost anything.
  12. Firedemon93 Journeyman

    Was trying to avoid giving away the quest details and make them think rather than hand them the information.
  13. Aikharos Journeyman

    A reply such as, "She definitely is in the castle somewhere" would have been sufficient. Also, I do of course pay attention to the text, which states, "Meet Drusella where she usually resides." Well, unless you have prior knowledge of this 'where,' then you must logically clear every room until you find her (assuming that she does reside in one of the rooms). As I said, we cleared half the castle and never found her, which I think warrants a comment considering the prevalence of bugs in a beta. No biggie, will go back and look again.

    By the way, the text of the quest giver Praetor Noctis Trayer, mentions "a cult of weirdoes." I believe the correct and/or most common spelling is 'weirdos.' Reminded me of Dan Quayle telling the kid to put an 'e' on the end of potato.
  14. Drakara New Member

    Why would you not want to give useful information to someone who obviously has tried to figure it out?We are all here for two reasons. First, we are in love with Everquest, and we spend a lot of time together doing something we all have in common. Second, we are here to help test the beta. If someone is stuck on a quest or needs more information, which you have, share it with them. If EQ ever gets cancelled, it will likely be due to these pompous and pretentious attitudes resulting in an exodus of casual players who are ignored. By the way, telling someone, "Just get to Drusella's room" doesn't help. Imagine that you're visiting a foreign country and you need a bathroom. You ask a passerby and she tells you, "Why that's simple, it's in the chef's house.". You then ask people where the chef's house is, but everyone ignores you. I really hope you can be useful to someone someday.
  15. Drogba Augur

    Some players prefer hints to solving puzzles in games, rather than answers. For some games I use the old UHS 'universal hint system' to check for clues, instead of looking up walkthroughs for direct answers (Depends on the game for me). Maybe you're right, I just think it's a bit cynical to assume all that of him.
  16. Firedemon93 Journeyman

    While you consider this to be as though we are keeping it a secret from the others.. that is where you are wrong, the purpose of being here is to solve the quests, Not have the information handed out to people. If it was simply to just do the task. you would be provided a walkthrough, its to try and solve the quests given the information provided. without added assistance. Your tangent about asking someone for help is ridiculous, There has been plenty of people to ask including myself. Just because they don't give you the answer you seek, doesn't mean they didn't help you. How about rather then looking to blame someone because you don't like the answer. Ask someone for help or try changing your question....
  17. Aikharos Journeyman

    It's all good, I like figuring things out. Can someone please confirm that it's still not bugged like before though, because I'm on day three and have yet to see her. Can someone also confirm Axxius' comment that you don't in fact need to clear anything, but simply make it to a specific room? Send me an in-game tell if you could. Thanks.
  18. Drogba Augur

    the room with 6 golems, near the end of the east wing
  19. Firedemon93 Journeyman

    Alas, you do have to clear the entire room for Dru to spawn, its a tough room to pull, so bring a bard, necro, or monk to ease your path...
  20. Orbital101 Augur with a search for Drusella would have been your best friend.

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