Laurion Inn not flipping mobs

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Fenthen, Jan 1, 2024.

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    A wave of change sweeps through the area. You sense uncertainly flicker around you for just a moment.

    In pickzones the mobs do not rotate as they should. The zone will commonly stay on the same mob type and does not flip to the alternate set. Occasionally it will flip briefly (for example, brownies spawning instead of leeches) and then flips right back and spawns more leeches. This causes the brood queen to spawn instead of the owlbear.

    You can see the current timer on the zone via /uptime -- and based on the zone's timer for the "This zone has been running for" number, when it gets to the end of the hour, the emote goes off and the mobs should flip.

    I just witnessed, while we were in brownie mode, a leech elder spawn and then auto-die, a leech spawn and then auto-die, and then the brood queen which I pulled and killed. None of that should be happening, and it appears the script is failing to remember which state it should be in.
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    After spending many hours in this zone in one day, I noticed the zone actually flips every 2 hours, not every hour. This is probably not intended and still a bug.
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