Discussion in 'Player Support' started by smash, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. oldandnasty Elder

    DeyBroke it again. Good thing they had maintenance yesterday.
  2. moogs Augur

    Launchpad is broken so hard right now. Takes about 10 attempts to log in. It was fine for me yesterday.
  3. Moonrae New Member

    I'm having issues trying to get in game (eq1) cant get past login servers
  4. Malbro Augur

    Log in server is currently unavailable and EQ2 is the same. This is crap!
  5. RadarX Community Relations

    All game servers are up but we are still addressing an issue with logins. We really do appreciate the patience!
  6. Moak Journeyman

    I believe I speak for many players in saying that we would appreciate this finally getting fixed and not repeating itself on a weekly basis
  7. Imminent New Member

    Radar X - Any chance of an update please. Change the information post on the forums?? ETA etc.....

    Thank you.
  8. Lorai New Member

    I've been having same login problems for last few hours, but I just logged in successfully to EQ1 on Bertoxxulous. Hopefully these problems are resolved completely before raids tonight.

    And I'm happy to see the term "potential issue" has been removed from the big red text announcement when I come here :p
  9. Fuel Journeyman

    Is this BS resolved yet! Come on!
  10. Necrodamus New Member

    I went back in time for my fix to this problem. Ran the test patcher and it downloaded whatever DX9 file and eqgame.exe. No issues even popped into test just to have a look see. Exited and reran the launchpad and set the version back to live. Tried the normal un test patcher on another machine, No go and now running the test patcher to replace files.

    Just finished on the second machine. Huge success.

    This is way to similar to the old days of having to patch this way.
  11. Warpeace Augur

    Still Broken.
  12. Dragon Jockey New Member

    Yep...can't log in this morning. Keep getting
    There was an error completing your request. Please try again.
  13. Davenburg New Member

    24 hours later Radar... still ongoing.
  14. noclue Elder

    2/5/2015, Launchpad not working again x 2 accounts this time.
    "There was an error completing your request. Please try again later"
    When I retry the Launchpad it asks for Account Login info even though "Remember me" is always checked. When I retype the info I get "There was an error completing your request. Please try again later" again.
  15. Sticky Fangahs New Member

    I love the way DB works on things that are not broken and completely ignores things that have been broken for years. Thanks for screwing up the only guilty pleasure I have you bunch of asshats o_O
  16. aLostBoy New Member

    here we go again. 1 in and 1 out. Only way in was to bypass launcher.
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  17. Dragon Jockey New Member

    Had to look up how to bypass the everquest laucher on the web, but that got me in. Thanks aLostBoy.
  18. Conark New Member

    Wow I couldn't even log into forums just now to say my login to game wasn't working also lol.
  19. Anlak New Member

    can we get a fix plz !!
  20. SilentEss New Member

    I've been locked out all morning and I have a sub....fix the launcher already plz

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