Launchpad immediately crashing after signing in

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Motpop, Nov 22, 2019.

  1. Motpop New Member

    Hello all,

    After this latest windows update (this morning 11/22/19) my launchpad crashes immediately on boot up and remains running in Processes. I run everything as admin, have firewall allowances set up. The few times I was able to get the launcher not to crash immediately I was getting an error 4-404 unable to connect.

    I've grabbed a completely fresh install, the issue persists. I've cleared the cache every time I try and boot up another time. I am at a bit of a loss here, hoping someone a bit more savvy might have some suggestions?


  2. niente Developer

    Can you log into EQ by bypassing the patcher?

    1. Start > run cmd
    2. Navigate to your EQ folder (i.e. cd C:\Users\Public\Daybreak Game Company\Installed Games\EverQuest\)
    3. eqgame.exe patchme
  3. Motpop New Member

    I am not even able to install the files since the patcher itself will not run, so I currently do not have eqgame.exe

    However before uninstalling and trying to get a fresh install, I did try that, and it did nothing

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