Fixed Launchpad broken. Cannot enter game today

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Sheebea, Nov 29, 2023.

  1. Sheebea Augur

  2. Tyranthraxus Grognard

    Same issue, something changed in the launcher and its calling for a kernel32 file that doesn't exist on windows 7 pc's
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  3. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    Does not look good if it only win 7 cause this is how they phased out XP.

    It worked fine and then one month after a patch the launcher would not load and after a lot of posts about it the devs said We quit supporting XP 3 months ago but looks like we forgot to mention it.

    And then changed the system requirements to show that. Not that I don't trust them and I truly hope it is fixable.
  4. Rezod21 New Member

    I logged in fine this morning, then logged out for lunch and cannot get back in. I have 3 accounts broken...
  5. Sam Hyde I'm a monster but not an NPC

    Is it crazy to notice that it happened right at the time they posted the update about DX11? I got the discord notification and then boom, broken launcher.
  6. Tyranthraxus Grognard

    I haven't logged out, just set pc to never sleep mode, maybe I can ride it out till a dev reads this lol
  7. Burro New Member

    Same problem here. Worked fine yesterday, not so much today. Hope they fix this issue soon.
  8. Sam Hyde I'm a monster but not an NPC

    Set body/brain to never sleep mode too
  9. Nekk Augur

    Have you tried bypassing the patcher?
  10. Sheebea Augur

    Well, this is the death of EQ for me then. I paused over buying LS expansion due to DX11 proposed release. After reading that it was being postponed, I pre-ordered LS. Guess I still have time to petition a refund.
  11. Sam Hyde I'm a monster but not an NPC

    The game runs with -patchme, yes. But I have a bit of a problem.
    I changed the PW to my box accounts a few years back and apparently didn't write one of the PW's down correctly, so now I can't log in that character without the patcher. The email it's linked to is gone due to being so old and not on a mainstream mail service.
  12. Tyranthraxus Grognard

    how would that work? the launcher won't even try to open
  13. Sam Hyde I'm a monster but not an NPC

    Make a shortcut for eqgame.exe and add:
    in this box after the link:
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  14. Sam Hyde I'm a monster but not an NPC

    I can't explain how I wrote my PW down wrong. The email is gone and I cannot login to one account without the launcher. I don't even have a way to tell if someone hacked the email and reset the PW. So yes, I need the launcher.
  15. Nekk Augur

    If your pw is saved in the launcher then you can unhide the password and show it to you.
  16. Nekk Augur

    And when you skip the patcher all you need is your account name i believe.
  17. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casualâ„¢

    Support for WIn7 ended almost four years ago. Stop playing trying to play on potatoes. You can buy a cheap mini-PC for less than $200 bucks that will likely play the game better than your current spud.

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  18. Tyranthraxus Grognard

    Thanks this may be a temporary solution for raid tomorrow. If I crash somehow.

    It would be nice to know if this is intended, and we have to begin upgrades to stay online?
  19. Tyranthraxus Grognard

    My Pc came with 10, I downgraded it on purpose for reasons ;p
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  20. Sam Hyde I'm a monster but not an NPC

    Nope to both, unfortunately