Launch the truebox server now and aradune later?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Jontrann, Mar 20, 2020.

  1. Jontrann Augur

    You guys should really at the bare minimum launch the truebox server now while you work on aradune as there are a TON of people stuck at home wanting to play on a new tlp. I would make a promise to spend $100 on the cash shop if you guys launched a tlp this month. People are literally wanting to give you their money they just don't want to waste their time playing on a current tlp that will likely die in 2-3 months.

    We know it doesn't take a lot of work to launch a copy pasta server so what's the downside to launching rizona now? are there not enough people in the office to keep the server stable for the first 3 days of launch?

    TLDR: Launch Rizona now and Aradune later.
  2. Logisticz New Member

    That's what I'm saying. I'm stuck home in quarantine for the foreseeable future so I'd love to have new TLP to play with all this free time. Oh well I guess I'll just keep playing league until the end of days lmao
  3. PVPlulz Lorekeeper

    This is literally impossible.
  4. Jontrann Augur

    How so? anyone who has ever dabbled in EQ code can tell you that its extremely easy to launch a standard ruleset server. The only reason they won't do it now is because A: they want mangler to progress further or B: they dont have the staff on hand to handle the launch due to the corona virus.
  5. code-zero Augur

    c: they don't intend to launch another vanilla truebox server
  6. Jontrann Augur

    Did u even read my original post? i said they should launch rizona now not aradune, and rizona is starting in classic.
  7. PVPlulz Lorekeeper

    Because he wants the True Box server released now and there is literally no True Box server to launch.

    Rizona isn't True Box.
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  8. Jontrann Augur


    Launching aradune now isnt even an option as it has more rulesets that havent been configured BUT rizona is a copy pasta server which takes very little work to get up and running.
  9. Jaenisch Elder

    I thought Aradune was the true box.
  10. Jontrann Augur

    Who is saying they should launch a truebox server? aradune is truebox, they do not NEED to launch a truebox server now.
  11. Jontrann Augur

    My bad, i ment launch rizona now instead of truebox in the title.
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  12. Reht The Dude abides...

  13. Jontrann Augur

    Yeah i ment rizona in the title, not truebox, its early lol. Everyone knows aradune is the truebox server and that wasn't the point of this thread. The point was about how they should launch rizona now since its a copy pasta server.

    If i could change the title of the thread i would. The whole thread is ruined because i put truebox in instead of rizona
  14. Jaenisch Elder

    They should have launched a non true box server for the anniversary.
  15. PirateLordCarroll Journeyman

    I agree there is no reason to not launch the non true box server, if it a carbon copy of say like mangler but just not enforcing true box. Maybe it is not a copy of mangler though, maybe it is a copy of the new audrian server, but aurdrian will be true box and the other one non.
  16. Korea numbah3 Elder

    Releasing early will just guarantee a basic tlp clone. They've said there is more info to come on the rule-sets, so I'd assume they haven't even finalized them yet internally. While it wouldn't be a bad idea with the talk of one or 2 checks coming for US folks in the next couple months, we've all seen what happens when they rush it.
  17. Jontrann Augur

    Rizlona has been finalized, its mangler 2.0 with boxing. Aradune has not been finalized. Which means that they could launch rizona at any time with little effort.
  18. Iove Elder

    I promise to spend more if it will have FV-loot! :)
    Not much coding need to add free-trade loot, them do it few times.
  19. Aiona Augur

    Just woke up and noticed y'all butchering the hell out of the server names. Hahaha.
    I love this forum.

    I am excited as can be right now but trying to remain patient.

    I saw a report from Verizon yesterday about their increased usage due to COVID. Gaming on their network is up like 75% right now.

    Comcast in Seattle a few days ago, said "traffic is up about 40% and nighttime troughs are now above levels seen in January during the day." Some of that is due to work from home, social apps, web surfing etc. HD streaming of videos is causing some stress but not nearly as much as gaming is.

    Korea has had a 30% increase, Italy a 70% increase, France a 30% increase... this was before the EU asked Netflix to limit HD streaming.

    All I know is that even if the new EQ TLP servers do not have a dramatic increase in new and returning players, there will be a lot of players keeping the servers very active, day and night.

    D&D Online and Lord of the Rings online have gone free to play until April 30, to help provide some entertainment to gamers.

    Just a few things I found while catching up on game related news this morning.
  20. sumnayin Augur

    This is what I love, somehow:

    "Yeah, we got that. We are incredibly excited to announce the names and general rule set info for the TWO new TLP servers we will be launching in the coming months. Please put your hands, paws, and claws together for Aradune and Rizlona! Aradune is a new concept for our Truebox server rule set. It's going to have similarities to Mangler's rule set in terms of XP, era locking, and a lot more. Rizlona will also share the Mangler rule set and be our first boxing progression server in a long time. More specific rule sets and how they will function differently than the current TLPs will be shared in the coming weeks!"

    This gets turned into "rulesets haven't been configured yet" have NO clue and you're just making stuff up. This is why I call people out for what they say on the internet.

    Also, Aradune is clearly the Truebox server.
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