Last of the Storm Boars

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Gundolin, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. Gundolin Augur

    Any idea how to get the first update? We keep killing the orc, and getting the note, but no update on the first stage.

    The quest says to go to the giant fort and find where the storm boars are. We go inside and spawn the orc, get the note, but then no update. I've done this section multiple times.
  2. Riou Augur

    Are you using a merc tank or pet tank, cause those bug it atm and don't update prob until january patch
  3. Vumad Augur

    It seems like pet tanks are not working in most of ToV. The warrior went down in Kael hero last night and the mobs seem hard coded to ignore the pet for player characters. Not sure if this is by design (I sure hope not after leveling a mage box to tank) or a bug.

    But I can also support based on talking to one of our mage mains that mage pets are causing Storm Boars to bug.
  4. Petalonyx Augur

    Named in TBL trials and all TOV mission have old school aggro rules and target players first.

    If you can keep the mob at range it works just fine. We beat Kael mission pet tanking the Avatar, for example.

    Incidentally, rogues, berzerkers, and monks and undergeared tanks end up unable to contribute in many of these encounters when pets tank since they can't take the hits.
  5. Stephen51 Augur

    Based on some information here and around the web I've found the following works. As a disclaimer some of these hoops may not required, but when your 3 or 4th step fails you stop taking chances.

    1. Have your task leader be the person to trigger the spawn of the mob(s) at each step.
    2. Have your task leader be the person to engage the mob(s).
    3. Have your task leader be the person to get the killshot on each of the quest mobs. Our strat for this was, no dots after 20% health, pets/players back off at 5% but depending on your dps you may want to re-jig this.
  6. Gundolin Augur

    Thanks all, we did finally beat it using a real tank instead of pet tanks. Still had one hiccup in step two when 3 Orcs spawned. Then they just kept spawning, not sure what we did but ended up spawning 5 sets of 3 for a total of 15 orcs. /shrug
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  7. svann Augur

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  8. Eaiana Augur

    Just failed this tonight. Killed wolves and giants, giants didn't drop the insignia. Will have to try again.
  9. Nylrem Augur

    Cannot get the very first location update for this at all.

    First attempt was with magician/group/task leader trying to get the location update. Orc spawned, and dropped note after killing, but never could get location update.

    Dropped, tried again, same.

    Read this thread. Dropped task, druid solo got task, to attempt to get /loc update then do task then taskadd everyone else. No location update, and no orc spawn.

    Druid and cleric grouped, attempted to get location update. No location update, no orc spawn.

    Dropped task, regot with cleric and druid together, tried to get location update, no update, no orc spawn.

    I give up until fixed, or if someone can tell me a way to get the update with 4 mag/dru/clr box crew...
  10. Mazame Augur

    With your group make up you need to ask a tank for help.

    The bug is if a NPC (pets and or Merc's )is on the top of the hate list when the mobs die then no update.

    I tanked it as a bst. As you have a cleric and a druid you should be able to keep any tank up. Just ask in /gen for help I am sure some one would be willing to help. If your on Xeg then you can send me a tell and I would be happy to tank it for you.
  11. Natal Augur

    That would make sense, since the update goes primarily to the person at the top of the hate list, and if it is a pet or merc then it does not have the task, hence no update.

    I had no issues with this task, other than stuff despawning due to taking too long in killing as a result of adds (I suggest you preclear the wandering skels around the last step location before triggering the mobs - they have a huge agro range and WILL p*ss on you when it is least convenient).
  12. Mazame Augur

    Ok with out a map or the loc I will do my best to explain. The two giants spawn under the ice bridge. South of them is the 2 wolves (3rd wolf is up on the hill side). South of that spot is an Ice cubby. From the cubby you can look north and see one wolf and 2 giants. you can pacify pull everything into the cubby as single ( they are not aggro linked.) if you group stay in the cubby you will not get attacked by the skels.

    Hint Pacify works on the 1st stage as well. (giants are not mez-able) but with pacify you can get them single and clear out the hut and then get the orc single.

    The 2nd phase with the 3 orc they are mez-able or if you can't mez then you can pet off tank them or punt root them south to cc them. all in all each step of this task you can fight single mobs if you plan it right.
  13. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    I 3boxed this the other day. War / Shm / Zerker… no issues whatsoever. everything is rootable.. you can clear the entire building/area before spawning the quest mob(s). the suggestion of clearing the skeletons / giants before spawning the quest mobs is a good one, but even without you can easily clear them before stuff despawns.
  14. Velisaris_MS Augur

    The only problem with paci pulling is the time...take too long to split the mobs and they despawn. We even had some that were mezzed depop on us. And then there's nothing to do but drop the task and redo it.
  15. OlavSkullcrusher Elder

    I've failed the last three times I've tried it because the giants depopped. This is ridiculous. The dps of my 3-box team is probably fairly low (WAR/WIZ/RNG - lvl 111), but why do they have to depop so fast that you need 'good' dps to kill everything in time? This is getting really frustrating.
  16. Moege Augur

    First time through not a problem, second time took me 5 tries to get it done. Everything up to the bridge worked, wolves/giants spawned, kill 1 wolf next to the bridge then the 2 downstairs then the giants. No task update 4 time!

    Finally got it by aggroing all 3 wolves at the same time.....
  17. Rexa New Member

    Here are my thoughts and suggestions on this task.

    I box with my enchanter, SK, mage and druid. This particular task stumped me for a few hours (and after numerous re-gets of the task) until I realized my mage was mainly bugging it out with petst. I was doing it when all my toons were 112 so I heavily relied on my mage pets to off-tank or pre-engage. After realizing what the issue was I did the following:

    1. In the giant fort, if you have a giant add, make sure you aggro and damage with a real player the orc first no matter what. You can then put any pets on the giant add. If you don't have a real tank, then get an enchanter or some caster to just nuke/dot the orc first before sending any pets in.

    2. When you go to the bridge to spawn the three orcs, be IVU'd. Walk over to the area spawn them, and then use a chanter to AE mez them (can do so from a safe distance). You can either have the chanter peel them off one by one with a dot/nuke, then engage with pet. Or engage directly with a real player tank.

    3. Creep slowly to the area with the wolves/giants. I advise to not spawn them just yet and clear the area first of skellies/undead. After you do that, walk further in to spawn the last part. The wolves can be single-pulled (again, if you have just casters/pet-classes, make sure you nuke or dot first). The two giants at this point will go active, and they must both be engaged and damaged by a real player first. A mistake I made once was single-pulling one of the giants with my SK. They both despawned after about 20 seconds in combat, bugging my task and forcing me to re-get it once again.

    Maybe the issue was something else, but I still believe it's pet-related. I basically would avoid sending any pets on any of the task mobs until their health is maybe 98% or lower. Hope this helps.
  18. svann Augur

    You can fight the wolves right where the giants stand because they dont become active until the wolves are dead. That keeps skellies from pathing into you.
  19. Ibudin Augur

    Its buggy as hell, needs to be fixed. I've beat it, and failed it many times doing it the same way we beat it the first time.
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  20. Benito Augur

    This task needs a major overhaul. I've failed updates and skipped it until a fix goes in.

    To name a few additional QoL improvements:
    • Increase despawn timer.
    • Fix task update for pet tanking.
    • Allow giants to be mezzed.

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