Largest class die offs ever.

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  1. Cadira Augur

    Idk...Tonyy (necro in ms) pretty much topped all parses in group content in ros and tbl when I was with him. One group in ros we were even mostly pulling singles/doubles and he still was slightly ahead of the other dps. And these are raid geared ms mains. Sure sphere helps when your with an sk that is tanking an entire etw of current mobs, but I genuinely believe all those crying about necro group dps...probably just kind of suck, sorry :(

    But hey, these are just my anecdotes. Truth be told, necro need a serious dot revamp without any shadow of a doubt. But those who can't parse now...probably still won't parse after dot revamp.

    Ps, necro pets being barely better than sk and enchanter pets is pretty amazing, cause chanter pets and sk pets tank like a boss.
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  2. Natal Augur

    Every time some class has received some OP ability that is subsequently scaled back there are screams about how no one will play these classes any more and there is no point, people playing those classes will mass retire etc etc etc, wail wail wail.

    It has happened to pretty much every class, so, if the screamers are to be believed, no one plays the game any more. Look around you, is that true? The answer will be self evident.
  3. Lannin Elder

    God, what a painful set of posts to read. It's such a lopsidedly anti-healer view and in such direct conflict with expected outcomes... and if I had to guess, shared by at least 90% of eq players who never mained a cleric for long.

    Imagine that you are a cleric, and you log in. You need to do X. A group of your friends or guildmates is so happy to see you log in they have been bored for over an hour and just need a cleric. You join up. You want to do x, they want to do y. 5 of them to 1 of you, maybe 4:2 if you are really persuasive. You do Y. You log off that night, a champion of the nonhealers.

    You log in the next day looking to X. A group has been waiting for an hour to do Y and just needs a cleric. You decline and join the crew yesterday, you did Y maybe now you can do X? Nope, they want Z. You leave the group. You are a jerk. You join the other group of 5 that just need a cleric, and end up being talked into doing Y again, because you made a cleric so you probably aren't some type a person or you'd have made something else.

    Day 3. More groups need Y and Z, nobody wants to do X. You decline joining a group and instead ask if anyone is lfg and wants to join you. These groups scream in guildchat that they have a group and join them, but you know they won't do x.

    Day 4. You get a group to do X!

    Day 5. Hey, we helped you do X, you need to help us do...

    As a cleric, your options become to either:
    A) Join a group and try to get them to do what you need, even though they already formed with plans and will resent you manipulating.
    B) Form your own group and ignore the people who don't wanna join. This is what I would do personally, and it both creates a LOT of hostility like you describe, and also important to note, I don't think most "cleric players" overlap "group forming and leading" players much.
    C) ignore your own **** and help others, and end up getting less of your own needs met.
    D) quit or class change.

    This thread is about the biggest class dieoffs in eq. Cleric never really had one instance of it all at once like a nerf elicited, but I dare anyone to say they aren't the most noticeable for attrition through the life of eq. Guilds were begging for more clerics in the early days of posting dragon loot on gif-laden garbage websites and noows, currently shopping for good clerics even now and with the current crop of top guilds, constantly in need all in between from wow launch on, constantly in need on tlps...

    Maybe there was something foul in the social elements of eq that made people give up a supposedly beloved and desired class that was enjoyable? Something that didn't change at all even when ch chain gameplay got enlived. Maybe, just maybe, you accurately and very eloquently don't get me wrong have identified the issue responsible for by far the biggest die off in eq, clerics over time, but mistakenly blamed them for the issue without realizing just how awful it could be to play one OUTSIDE of raids because of those waiting 5 man "just need healer" trap groups. I prefer struggling to find a group because of too many box healers to that former meta of being a jerk if I didn't sacrifice all my own ambitions.

    I challenge anyone to name a class more consistently needing to be replaced or re recruited!

    Enchanter , that was easy !
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  4. Whulfgar Augur

    Well.. Well.. Well..

    Big ol post all I heard was put timer's on aura's.

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  6. yerm Augur

    Quoting seems hard.
  7. Ninelder Augur

    Reading Comprehension fail:

    One of those class changers is a dev. How much proof do you need in your pudding?
  8. Tucoh Augur

    As somebody looking at the healing power of a druid in a box team with 4 mages I was a little excited by seeing Ethereal Ways. Learning that the max hits is 48 outgoing hit successes is a pretty big disappointing. Pets are going to chew through those 48 hits in seconds and with a 100% proc rate that will never fire. I could hope they make the next expansion's spell to be 48 proc casts, which would be nice but not OP really, though it would make it more powerful than the cleric's Hand of Merciful Infusion, which is another spell I don't think anyone uses.
  9. Yimin Augur

    Mage class suffered the biggest die off !

  10. Bladderball New Member

    My first character back before Kunark was a wizard.

    I quit the game over this nerf...

    It was when they changed wizard nukes to break their own root spells.

    I always grouped but every time my wizard spell landed it would run at me. I'd get aggro. I'd always root the mob then nuke. That became pointless. Then I felt the only time I could cast is when I would land the killing blow. One nuke per mob. This was also back in the day where you had to watch your spell book to med and it obstructed the entire screen. I wasn't able to participate much in battle or even watch what was going on.

    I'm not sure how many people quit over that, as this was the first year of EQ... I also played on Rallos Zek, and most wizards who 'quit' joined the PK guilds and just ganked people while changing to an alt.
  11. Zunnoab Augur

    The developers have a very serious perception problem on their hands. People look to patches with skepticism. "What will be ruined/taken out now?"

    The hard nerfs shouldn't be as common as they are. Vainglorious Shout? Reducing the targets to 10 or something would have done the job to stop the kiting. Instead even less targets than that and double the cost was done. The mana abilities? They dramatically reduced their effectiveness and linked the timers and made the timers way longer. Dissonant Chord? The reuse time, after AAs, is ten times what it was pre-nerf. Let's hope they don't neglect the ability, again, this level cap increase.

    Here's the worst part: I'm afraid of publicly discussing strategies and techniques in fear that they will be targeted and ruined. The developers really should be concerned about that kind of perception. I've seen rangers quit over nerfs. I've seen necros quit over nerfs. These things are not done carefully. That is a huge problem.

    It honestly feels to me like through RoF or so there were a lot of fun new abilities and improvements, and then someone took charge that didn't like them and short of removing them has instead pushed to cripple them. I'm not saying that happened, but it sure feels like it sometimes.

    Regardless, perception is the important thing. The changes are too sudden and too severe. That should be rare, and not routine.
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  12. Voxynn Elder

    Add Sk's to this list.
  13. Warpeace Augur

    I don't know thats even possible with how OP they are. Devs try time and again to nerf them and they still walk away like a cockroach after nuclear war asking is that all you got?
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  14. Raccoo Augur

    That is very sad, but true.
  15. enclee Augur

    Truth, this post should be stickied to the top on its own.
  16. Ferriciean Lorekeeper

    I remember that one ... it was pretty catastrophic.

    The bard charm casting range nerf was pretty severe, too.
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