Lag is back. DDoS

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Zeklia, Jun 13, 2016.

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  1. Mighty midget New Member

    crap... died in velks 3..... bye bye 46
  2. OHBoy(theRanger) Journeyman

  3. malatraxx New Member

    I just cancelled my 2 accounts and going back to WoW where they know how to run a game
  4. Canikbik New Member

  5. Brightize New Member

    My point is to just get off DBs back its not their fault. They will fix it ASAP what is the point in blaming them. That is just ridiculous

    But I guess if they just choose to complain that is their right as well. I agree and apologize for my directing of them and their time. Have a good break
  6. Catmandu New Member

    Yes, we all know the "rumors" of the hack-attacks, conductivity issues and authentication server issues; however nothing has been truly disclosed, in detail, to all the paying subscribers. I maintain two (2) active paying accounts. As a customer, I think it is time that Daybreak make a serious effort to provide us, the customers, with valid and honest information of what happens when a server (or all servers go down).
    1. Reflecting all servers are "up" and running on your (Daybreak) sever is an "insult" and inappropriate to all the customers when a server (or all servers) have been down for hours.
    It shows that the need to keep us, the customers, informed of what is happening, is not a priority at all. In fact, it reflects an ignoring of the reality of the situation(s).
    2. Giving us a "canned" tiny paragraph (that has not changed in moons) that says you are investigating a "alleged" conductivity issue is even more than an issue. The reality of the situation of that you (Daybreak) knows that there IS a definite issue.
    Try being honest with us. Tell us the facts and take the time to update us, at a minimum, at least once an hour. Does it take that much time to post on your website and forums what IS going on? Do you realize how many customers "would appreciate" such communications from you directly, rather than conjecture, rumors and speculation winding it's way through the community?
    3. It would be nice to know what steps you are taking to increase the security on the servers as well as bettering the "performance" of your servers, rather than not say anything.
    Silence is deadly and can only build distrust and continued negative opinions of Daybreak.
    It is a matter of figuring that we will put up with "anything" including chronic server down-time so as not to lose our characters that we have put so much work into?
    There DOES reach a point where it just is not worth the hassle and drama where subscribers will just leave, rather than deal with the headaches.
    That is a reality.
    4. Why does Daybreak treat customer support as only the inquiries and submissions of player issues, rather than also realize that customer support INCLUDES the day-to-day operating functionality of your servers?
    If we, as players, submitted tickets every time there is a lagging issue or a failure to log, you would be overwhelmed. So wouldn't it be logical to communicate with us WHEN it happens? Let us know WHAT is going on and WHAT steps are being taken to remedy the problems/issues?
    5. Why does Daybreak NOT have the qualified and/or necessary personnel in their/your IT department on the WEEKENDS and EVENINGS? The periods of the most important game play is usually in the evenings, when many of us raid, and DEFINITELY on weekends, where the access to personal game play is most available (in most cases). Pleas for assistance in the forums go unanswered. Your website reflects servers are UP which is an allusion when you post, after hours, that you are looking into a "alleged problem". Why cannot Daybreak STOP using technobabble comments and explanations that are designed NOT to take responsibility, such as "alleged" problems? Alleged? When servers are down for hours it is not an "alleged" problem.
    How about really making a change that would help your company, Daybreak, gain better respect and a reputation that would be better than a "D-" even with the Better Business Bureau (unfortunately that is the truth of the matter) by being more interactive, by communicating HONESTLY and OPENLY with its subscribers? I would see a company making such an effort to do so in a much better limelight.
    If there is a Cyber-Attack against Daybreak, SAY SO.
    If there is an equipment failure, SAY SO.
    If there is a conductivity problem, SAY SO.
    Tell us, your paying customers, many of us loyal going back to 1999, the TRUTH, the FACTS and what you are DOING ABOUT PROBLEMS.
    Think how many complaints WOULDN'T be posted.
    Instead of rumors, speculation and conjecture, an OPEN POLICY would be a "MASSIVE" improvement from what has existed in Sony's era, and what you (Daybreak) could change NOW.
  7. FiveHour Journeyman

    Catmandu for prez.
  8. Crabbus New Member

    To the DDoS-er,

    I have terminal cancer. Can you please wait a few weeks to DDoS? I imagine I'll be dead by then. All I wanted to do was explore the jungles of Kunark and the frozen wastelands of Velious one last time. Its not much, but its all I have.
  9. Essarsin82 New Member

    ~~ BUMP~~ READ ^^^^^
  10. VZRetro Lorekeeper

    Boo hoo... You folks who are complaining really need to give em a break. Unless of course YOU can design and run an MMO that has zero problems and runs perfectly 24/7, then you have no room to complain. Maybe try blaming the ones responsible for the attack rather than blaming DBG. They're working to fix it whether you believe it or not...

    Games are always gonna have problems arise, there is no such thing as a perfect online game. Give the company some credit and go have a coke and a smile and shut the eff up.
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  11. Mazeron New Member

    So you know how to prevent this type of attack? Do tell... there are governments worldwide along with worldwide companies who would love to hear how this is preventable.

    Doing a google search yields only companies selling DDoS protection claiming that these style of attacks are preventable. How ever folks who are not selling snakeoil say the best you can do it mitigate the attacks, not outright block or prevent them.

    Upon farther research, there are many forms of DDoS attacks, with services for hire to attack anyone you want.

    At the end of the day though, whose at fault... the victim for being attacked by something most experts agree is not preventable, or the person(s) doing the criminal activity?

    Historically speaking SOE and then DBG have credited everyone's accounts for lost time, plus tossed in some sweetners, after such incidents have occurred. So while the denial of service the CRIMINALS are performing sucks for the customers, and the company of course needs to do a better job of PRing, what else do you expect the company to do? Are you willing to pony up higher subs for DDoS protection services, that may or may not help?
  12. Lovelysatin New Member

    I agree this needs fixed and am very tired of being ran out of game due to lag but does no good to get irriatable about I am just gunna hope they are doing their best to resolve this situation as quickly as possible. As I to pay to get to play but I am not going to spend my time griping that is not going to make them get it fixed any faster.
  13. FiveHour Journeyman

    Daybreak didn't design EQ...and they sure as hell can't run it.
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  14. puggi New Member

    --Bump-- Please READ and respond Daybreak
  15. Gromph Elder

    Man, I am sure it felt good to type all that, but the only person who reads these posts is other players and maybe RADAR, but we all know the only thing radar does is pull down relevant posts where a debate begins or makes stupid comments.
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  16. Mimmie Journeyman


    We have identified another network issue and are continuing to resolve it. We again want to thank everyone for their patience.
    • 12 hrs ago. dunno if same or what.
  17. Foxblade New Member

    I was trying to do my epic weapon but i cant even open a door. Very frustrating
  18. Dilquan Elder

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  19. vaio007 Elder

    I hope that all made you feel better. Because if the purpose was to actually provoke some kind of action, serious waste of time there...

    It seems to me the best solution would be to de-centralize the login process so that a DDoS on one game doesn't necessarily cripple every other game.
  20. Progress Augur

    In case DBG doesn't know that there is protection against DDoS attacks :

    This was used by Nostalrius servers for the vanilla WoW client. This server was probably hosting more individual connections than all the EQ servers combined, and even though they were constantly attacked the game was not affected.
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