Lag is back. DDoS

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Zeklia, Jun 13, 2016.

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  1. Gerhard New Member

    Well at least you got the Bozo part of your name right...
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  2. Essarsin82 New Member

    Go beta test games for a little while. you'll come back to EQ after a few days of having to deal with that BS. It's not forever... take a break and do something else..
  3. Seraphim Augur

    Can we please have like a 15min rollback
  4. Brightize New Member

    Why on earth would Db allow this to happen, you think they did this. Yes I'm sure it's their fault. I
    m sure they enjoy people complaining and blaming them, they love the rants and raves of naïve people blaming DB. THEY WOULD NOT ALLOW THIS IF THEY COULD STOP IT THEY WOULD. GET OFF THEIR BACK. The issues are not DB's fault. They will fix it as soon as they figure it out. I just look at this downtime as a chance to do the things in my house that I choose not to do and instead play eq. So forced downtime (NOT DBS FAULT) is a good thing, instead of staying in here complaining and pointing fingers, go mow your lawn, do those dishes, spend some time with your kids or pets. I choose to use the downtime as a little blessing that GOD put into place to make me aware that there is life outside of EQ. No refund is due us, maybe they will throw in a bonus weekend or some special sale in the market. BUT THEY ABSOLUTELY DO NOT OWE US any of those things. Get on a soapbox about something any of us can change not things shoved down DB'S throat and since you are taking this personally, your throat included. Good Luck DB, you'll figure it out and then fix it. Thank you for all your support and the almost continuous play time.
  5. Pythlen82 Lorekeeper

  6. Bozone New Member

    Fix it before you could post but even if i cant spell I'm not balling my eyes out over 8 cents.
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  7. Bardie New Member

    In fact years ago both Verant and Sony at times would bring GM's in and 100% rez people when this stuff happened.

    It is 100% possible for them to do so, it's more a matter that they probably won't not that they can't.
  8. Essarsin82 New Member

    Dude... antagonizing the developers isn't going to get you anywhere. Relax.. go bump Mendacium's guild recruitment posts or something.
  9. Mighty midget New Member

    im on phinigal... they dont do xp bonus... this sucks, i spent a long time the other day putting a great group together and 5 min in the lag hit, i was the only one that didnt go LD and died... then again in velks just now
  10. Mighty midget New Member

    atleast put enough plat on my ranger to pay for ports/rez
  11. FiveHour Journeyman

    Im not trying to get anywhere with these posts....posting on these forums is a worthless attempt to get anything done.
  12. Sepulch New Member

    No you choose to spend your time dictating what others can and cannot do, if others choose to complain, let them be equally free in their choices ok ?
  13. TMO Kurrie New Member

    30 hours of this, no fun. What a pita, if you can log in and get booted 5 mins later, hope DB finds the the kid behind this and spanks him hard.
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  14. Sepulch New Member

    Wut? Last bonus xp event end of may we received the 50% bonus experience just like any other server.
  15. Bozone New Member

    Yeah you didnt get any of your name right nothing hard about you. Should ask for a name change to gersoft or gercry or gerpoor.
  16. Bardie New Member

    The other issue is, if you are in instances and over primary instance, many folks corpses are not even there to rez...

    Poof not even a chance to get one
  17. Luthanius New Member

    He said "I Choose". Nothing about you not having equal rights to choose something different. :)
  18. Pythlen82 Lorekeeper

    I hope they make that kid learn Safety Dance backwards
  19. Leitai New Member

    Have to laugh at people starting fights with one another on the forums.. Supposed to be taking it out on this kid who has blocked us from game.. now play nice girls!
  20. Ratheden New Member

    Lagging badly on both Rathe and Luclin. Lost exp last night due to deaths with no ability to rez. Started again 30 or so minutes ago all of a sudden. Daybreak, can we please do something substantive? Should not be so hard to find cause and/or reboot servers. Cause could be external attack related to, but my lag meter is either at 100.00% or runs between 98-100 when working, latency is not being affected, as its probably local to me.
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