Lag is back. DDoS

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Zeklia, Jun 13, 2016.

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  1. Neyi New Member

    same lag on Xegony.
  2. Stephen51 Augur

    I logged in about 30 mins ago, (9:30 am PST?) logged out to character screen, and when I tried to log back in it kicked me. Now I cant log in to EQ or LoN. Anyone else?
  3. Sepulch New Member

    Yes, but that does not excuse the lack of communication other than generic messages with no connection, pun intended, to the players.
  4. Mazeron New Member

    You of course realize that the TOS explicitly says the service may not be available all the time?

    And of course you are blaming the victim instead of the criminal?
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  5. KC13 Augur

    Same here on Tunare. Kept rubber banding back up the tunnel trying to zone into Old Sebilis.
  6. Panadin New Member

    bro theres the victim day 1... day 3 figure out
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  7. Bozone New Member

    To many people crying about 50 cents. Lets say server's are down for four hours . You lost 8 cents of your money..... if you are that poor that you are going to get upset over 8 cents then you should not be playing you should be finding a job or a 2nd job or a 3rd job if 8 cents is make or brake you.
  8. Mighty midget New Member

    Im curious... ive been having a hard time getting rezzes in the last 2 days because of this lag, and was wondering if DBG could replace the xp lost?
  9. Mazeron New Member

    DBG servers are apparently under a DOS attack over an upset player of H1Z1. Since the account servers are hit every time you log in/zone, and are interconnected with all of DBG's games... all of them are sporadic at best right now.
  10. Malbro Augur

    I doubt it.
  11. Gilad Journeyman

    Oh I agree 100%. Just saying in response to people who think it's an easy fix on Daybreak's side. The transparency is abysmal and there is a ton they can do better on their side that is relatively easy compared to fixing the DDOS.
  12. Bjornulf Apprentice

  13. FiveHour Journeyman

    Bozone, take this downtime to pull out a dictionary and work on leveling your spelling.
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  14. Warpeace Augur

    The response will be ....

    Feel free to reacquire your missing experience through further game play (When the servers become available again).
  15. FiveHour Journeyman

  16. Nightmares Augur

    DDOS attack on all DBG servers atm, same thing that started 2 days ago. Some kid pissed about Shotguns in Skirmishes on H1Z1. All login are affected. If you are in a game on any toon, if you want to stay in, don't try to change toons or zone or anything. But then again, nothing to do cause you're stuck then... /sighs
  17. Sepulch New Member

    Well they can at least compensate with a double xp event.
    Just got off work and again I cannot log into the game.
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  18. Blackjaw_SolRo Lorekeeper

    AB also not responding, at first server select was simply empty, and then simple black screens or straight disconnects after a minute.

    Interestingly, on their Server Status page, only the H1Z1 servers are still responding...
  19. OHBoy(theRanger) Journeyman

    I get it it's tough to stop a DDOS attck but are you even trying? think about all the damn money eq players have sunk in this game can't you use any ANY of it to protect against this . There's all kinds of programs out there these days that stop this childish act and yet you're twidling your thumbs...... Furthermore this may be a little tougher then it sounds but since people can't get the on why don't you try finding the guy by tracing his account...... Check accounts for who was on before this started and after the shotguns were introduced..... from there look into those accounts for people who keep trying to access the servers (check ping rates and attempts) you numbers will get smaller and smaller till your at a point where you see players that haven't tried to get back on at all. in that collection of names/accounts you will Find your perp. Further narrowing of this search is ignoring accounts that haven't been on and PLAYED skirmish, list becomes even shorter. Lastly check K/D ratios and look for some who died a load of times to a shotgun but barley got a damn kill themselves this is where the list should be the shortest it can't be that many people who even played the damn matched since the guy started DDOSing shortly after the gun was introduced.
    Check birthdays this guy is obviously withing his late 20 to early 30's and lives in his mothers basement. sorry to you folks who actually care about the player base but this is ridiculous we should be getting some kinda compensation after all this credit everyone some kronos or something this is nuts.
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  20. FiveHour Journeyman

    OhBoy, they spent all of their (our) damn money on the EQ Next failure. That's why they can't give refunds for the founder's pack that some of us sunk money on.
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